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facts about dublin

30 Interesting Facts About Dublin, Ireland

(Last Updated On: April 16, 2021)

Knowing about Dublin is always awesome. There are many facts about Dublin, Ireland you should know. Liffey stands firmly on the east coast of Dublin Ireland on the banks of the river. Despite the long and sometimes tragic history of invasion and resistance, the capital of this thriving business has poetry, music, and literature.

Facts about Dublin, Ireland

This article will give an overview of 30 facts about Dublin.

It is the city of Temple Bar, where locals and tourists have been meeting for many years. The capital city is a living museum of its history, painted in very vivid colors.

Beyond an impressive collection of museums and galleries, it is a place of multicultural and transit history. Dublin is the country of Guinness, miles of stout beer you can smell miles away.

Every mile in the city there is a disciplined pub and restaurant. It’s time for you to explore some interesting and little-known facts about “The Lynn Lynn” The Fair City.

1. The Irish word ‘duh lin’

The name Dublin comes from the Irish word dub-lin, which is one of the interesting facts about Dublin.

This translates to “black pool”. Dub Lynn is a lake that the Vikings used to bind their merchant ships.

2. Way to say Dublin’s Shut Up!

Dublin’s unique way of telling someone to shut up is to say “five lamps” Well, no one really knows how this story originated in history.

The lamps here are in the North Strand area of ​​Dublin at the intersection of Five Streets, which is one of the interesting facts about Dublin.

3. The name Dublin comes from an old Irish Celtic title meaning “Black Pool”

Dublin’s unique title was “dubh Linn”. It means Black Pool in previous Irish Celtic and was referring to a deep and soiled pool situated in Dublin Fortress. That is the place the Poddle stream meets the river Liffey and the place the Vikings would depart their ships.

4. The Clarence Resort is owned by U2 lead singer, Bono

Situated in Temple Bar, the Clarence Resort was acquired by Bono in 1992. As a matter of truth, he additionally owns one other few buildings in Temple Bar.

5. Dublin is residence to the beer model Guinness

Guinness has been created by Arthur Guinness in his brewery at St James Gate in 1759.

Guinness remains to be produced there at the present time. If you will Dublin, you’ll be able to go to the Guinness Storehouse. It’s the most effective issue to do in Dublin.

6. Guinness has a 9000 lease at £45 every year

Arthur Guinness signed the lease in 1759 for the unused brewery. It’s now the brewery and the Guinness Storehouse. At present, the Guinness household nonetheless owns 51% of it.

7. Dublin was a very powerful Viking city in Eire

Dublin has been based twice by the Vikings. The primary time in 841 AD and the second time in 917.

It then grew to become a really rich settlement and developed into the Metropolis of Dublin. These days, Dublin is the largest metropolis in Eire and on the island of Eire (Belfast, capital of Northern Eire is the second largest on the island).

8. The series “Vikings” has been partially filmed close to Dublin

Have you ever ever watched the TV Present Vikings on Historical past channel? Then it’s possible you’ll keep in mind that the start of the fifth season options the Battle of Clontarf.

This battle really occurred on the 23rd of April 1014. The present’s manufacturing selected the Wicklow mountains to the movie, which is only a brief drive south of Dublin.

9. Dublin is residence to the widest avenue in Europe

O’Connell Avenue is the widest avenue in Europe. It measures 49m in width.

Though that is fairly an attention-grabbing truth about Dublin, you might need to be thought that it was the Champs Elysees in Paris. This isn’t utterly unsuitable. The Champs Elysees is widest Avenue in Europe. O’Connell Avenue is the widest avenue in Europe.

10. Dublin has given the world wonderful bands reminiscent of U2, The Dubliners, Kodaline, The Script, and plenty of extras!

The Irish have an ardor for music and one of the vital well-known Dublin bands of all time can be U2. The rock band was fashioned in 1976. They bought greater than 170 million information worldwide. Their songs at all times have been very politically and socially oriented with an emphasis on their Irish tradition reminiscent of “Sunday Bloody Sunday”.

11. There is no catholic cathedral in Dublin

In case you are acquainted with Irish historical past and notably the Troubles, it’s possible you’ll know that Eire is a catholic nation, in contrast to the UK that’s protestant. Catholicism was launched by Saint Patrick, patron saint of Ireland.

Regardless that Eire is a catholic nation, there isn’t any Catholic cathedral in Dublin. There was once one however it was modified by English sovereigns and have become protestant.

Eire is an impartial nation these days so we might look forward to finding a catholic cathedral in Dublin however but it wasn’t reconverted. A part of the historical past I suppose.

12. Arthur and Olivia Guinness had 21 children

Though solely 6 sons and four daughters survived, the creators of Guinness had in 21 kids altogether. That is the price being talked about as within the late 1700s, surviving 21 childbirths was extraordinary. It could really nonetheless be these days!

13. Queen Elizabeth first go to in Ireland was in 2011

Queen Elizabeth visited just about every nation on this planet however but had not stepped a foot in Eire till 2011. On account of this chaotic historical past between Eire and the UK, it took a really very long time for the sovereign to go to Eire. In 2011, the president of Eire, Mary McAleese invited the queen to Dublin.

The queen and her husband, the Duke of York, made their ever first state go to Eire on the 17 of Might 2011. The Queen was sporting an inexperienced outfit and began her speech in Irish. This was a really emotional second for the entire Irish inhabitants.

There may be a lot of historical past between Eire and the UK. This state goes to open up the two international locations to knew horizons which make it one of the vital superior info about Dublin!

14. Dublin is Europe’s Silicon Valley

Within the final 20 years, Dublin grew to become an expertise hub. All tech giants were reminiscent of Google, Fb, Etsy… have based mostly their European headquarters in Dublin.

That is primarily resulting from the truth that Eire provided very advantageous tax schemes for firms.

15. The relics of Saint Valentine are in Dublin

Have you ever surprise the place Valentine’s day got here from and who was Saint Valentine? He’s the Saint Patron of lovers. He was born and died in Italy however was buried in Eire.

16. The relics of Saint Valentine’s relaxation in Whitefriar Avenue Church in Dublin.

Gaelic soccer and hurling are the most well-liked sports activities in Dublin

Hurling is a historic outside sport with Irish and Gaelic origins. It’s thought of being the quickest sport on earth. Gaelic soccer is the Irish model of soccer. It’s performed with two groups of 15.

These two sports activities are from far the most well-liked in Dublin and Eire usually. All the metropolis goes loopy on match days. The Irish are very hooked up to those sports activities and assist the gamers greater than they might for anything.

You will need to observe that skilled Gaelic soccer and hurling gamers should not be paid for doing that.

17. The O’Connell Bridge is wider than it’s lengthy!

Fairly often described as sq., the O’Connell Bridge is definitely wider than it’s lengthy. That is fairly a novel truth about Dublin as it’s the sole bridge in Europe with this particularity.

The O’Connell Bridge can also be one in every of Dublin’s hottest landmark. You may take it to cross the river Liffey. It marks the restriction between Dublin North (working-class district) and Dublin South (rich a part of the town).

18. Dublin is residence to the oldest pub in Eire

It’s known as the Brazen Head. It has been operating since 1198! If you wish to go there. Right here is the deal with 20 Decrease Bridge St, Usher’s Quay, Dublin, D08 WC64, Eire

There is numerous extra historic info about Dublin. Tradition is throughout in Eire and if you wish to study extra about this superior capital metropolis

19. Over 10 million pints of Guinness are drunk per day

Guinness is a very fashionable beer. In common, there are over 10 million pints of Guinness consumed per day.

20. Temple Bar was once a sandbank

Bar means “financial institution” in previous English. The realm by the river belongs to the Temple household. That’s how the title Temple bar was invented. It had nothing to do with the pubs and it wasn’t a really good place at the time. However as Dublin grew, South Dublin grew to become wealthier and Temple bar grew to become that very hype district that we all know immediately.

21. Dublin has its very personal model of Tom & Jerry

Within the 1860s, an enormous clear of the crypt of Christ Church Cathedral was ordered. Whereas cleansing the pipes, they discovered a superbly preserved solid of a cat chasing a rat. They determined to exhibit them in a glass and nicknamed them Tom and Jerry. Since then they grew to become a very fashionable attraction! You may nonetheless see them within the crypt of Christ Church Cathedral.

22. Trinity faculty boasts many well-known graduates reminiscent of Oscar Wilde, Jonathan Swift, Bram Stoker, and Jack Gleeson

Do you know that the authors of Dracula or Gulliver’s Travels have been college students at Trinity Faculty? Now you do! These folks have modified the world in their very own manner and prove how a lot of an excellent college Trinity Faculty is. Extra just lately, Jack Gleeson, higher recognized for his function as King Joffrey in Video games of Thrones, graduated from Trinity Faculty. He was additionally named a scholar.

23. The Guinness Book of Data is from Dublin

Now that everyone these Guinness info has been talked about, you might need already understood this truth about Dublin however nonetheless right here is the story behind it!

The Guinness Book of Data was an initiative from the Brewery’s managing director. It began in 1951 and was speculated to solely be an advertising and marketing giveaway. No-one might have foreseen how huge it could turn into however but it did!

24. Not so tall!

Another interesting information about Dublin is that none of the so-called Dublin Mountains is sufficient to meet the criteria required to claim mountain status. Even the tallest mountain climbs just 423 meters high.

25. Have you heard of George Bernard Shaw?

Nobel Laureate, George Bernard Shaw is a Dublin native to Ireland. George Bernard Shaw was an Irish playwright, critic, and playwright.

In 1920 he received the Nobel Prize for Literature, which is one of the interesting facts about Dublin.

26. Have you ever seen such a bridge?

The O’Connell Bridge in Dublin was initially built with rope and could carry only a man and an ass together. Later, in 1801, a wooden structure was offered. As long as this bridge is wide.

27. Perfect City for Celebrity Spotting!

You will find a lot of celebrities on the streets of Dublin, which is one of the interesting facts about Dublin.

28. Pubs, Pubs, and Pubs!

There are no less than 1,000 pubs in Dublin City. If you do not want to visit a small number, your travel to the ‘cities of the city’ will be incomplete. The famous pub in Dublin is The Oliver St John Gogarty’s Pub at Temple Bar ‘.

29. Find St. Valentine here

St. Valentine was buried in a church in Dublin. Every day, a large crowd gathers to light a candle in front of his idol, which is one of the interesting facts about Dublin.

30. The City of Oscar Wilde

Dublin is a town in Oscar Wilde, an Irish playwright, novelist, novelist, and poet, which is one of the interesting facts about Dublin.

After writing various forms throughout the 1880s, Oscar became one of London’s most popular playwrights in the early 1890s. Oscar is remembered for his epigram, his novel The Picture of Dorian Gray novel

31. Put the best beer anywhere!

Guinness is a beer brand in Ireland. Arthur Guinness (25 September 1525 – 25 January 1803) was the founder of Guinness Winemaking, which is one of the interesting facts about Dublin.

It is considered as one of the most successful beer brands worldwide. It is made in almost 50 countries and is available in over 120 countries.

32. Castle will never be missed

There are several signs of Dublin that are a few hundred years ago. One of the oldest is Dublin Castle, which is one of the interesting facts about Dublin.

The Castle was first established in 1204 as a major defensive work under the command of King John of England. Dub is one of the most visited sites in the city of Ireland.

facts about dublin

33. Many Dublin’s in the World

There are 12 in the United States, one in Dublin, six in Australia, and one in Canada, which is one of the interesting facts about Dublin.

34. The Mother of Irish Education: Trinity College

Trinity College is a renowned college in Ireland. It is a college at the University of Dublin. The college was established in 1592 as the “mother” of a new university, which is one of the interesting facts about Dublin. It was modeled after the universities of Oxford and Cambridge.

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