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Timeline of Wars – Major Battles Summary – Fought Between

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Timeline of Wars gives us an overview of the significant wars. We know war is an intense armed battle between states, governments, societies, or paramilitary teams equivalent to mercenaries, insurgents, and militias. It is usually characterized by excessive violence, aggression, destruction, and mortality, utilizing regular or irregular navy forces, in the timeline of Wars.

Warfare refers back to the frequent activities and traits of sorts of conflict, or of wars basically. Total conflict is warfare that’s not restricted to purely authentic navy targets and can lead to large civilian or different non-combatant struggling and casualties in the timeline of Wars.


  1. Asymmetric warfare is a battle between belligerents of drastically completely different ranges of navy functionality or size.
  2. Biological warfare, or germ warfare, is the usage of weaponized organic toxins or infectious brokers equivalent to micro organism, viruses, and fungi.
  3. Chemical warfare includes the usage of weaponized chemical substances in combat. Poison fuel as a chemical weapon was principally used throughout World War I, and resulted in over a million estimated casualties, together with more than 100,000 civilians.
  4. Cold warfare is an intense worldwide rivalry without direct navy battle, however with a sustained risk of it, together with high ranges of navy preparations, expenditures, and improvement, and will contain energetic conflicts by oblique means, equivalent to economic warfare, political warfare, covert operations, espionage, cyber warfare, or proxy wars.
  5. Conventional warfare is said war between states during which nuclear, organic, or chemical weapons usually are not used or see restricted deployment.
  6. Cyberwarfare includes the actions by a nation-state or worldwide organization to assault and try to break one other nation’s information techniques.
  7. Insurgency is a rise up towards authority when these collaborating within the rise up usually are not acknowledged as belligerents (lawful combatants). An insurgency might be fought by way of counter-insurgency warfare, and can also be opposed by measures to guard the inhabitants, and by political and economic actions of assorted sorts aimed toward undermining the insurgents’ claims towards the incumbent regime.
  8. Information warfare is the applying of harmful power on a big scale towards information property and techniques, towards the computer systems and networks that help the 4 important infrastructures (the ability grid, communications, financial, and transportation).
  9. Nuclear warfare is warfare during which nuclear weapons are the first or a significant, technique of reaching capitulation.
  10. Total conflict is warfare by any means possible, disregarding the legal guidelines of conflict, putting no limits on authentic navy targets, utilizing weapons and techniques leading to important civilian casualties, or demanding a conflict effort requiring important sacrifices by the pleasant civilian inhabitants.
  11. Unconventional warfare, the alternative of standard warfare, is an try to attain navy victory by means of acquiescence, capitulation, or clandestine help for one aspect of an existing conflict.


Entities intentionally considering going to conflict and entities contemplating whether or not to end a conflict could formulate conflict goals as an analysis/propaganda tool. War goals could stand as a proxy for national-military resolve according to the timeline of Wars.

Timeline of Wars

The following table describes the Timeline of major Wars

Date War Fought between
1600 BCE Battle of Mingtiao Tang of Shang defeated Jie of Xia. Shang dynasty began in China
1500 BCE Battle of the Ten Kings King Sudas defeated the Ten Kings in the Punjab region (India)
1184 BCE Battle of Troy Troy descended after the ten-year Trojan War
1046 BCE Battle of Muye Zhou Dynasty defeated the Shang Dynasty
925 BCE Battle of Bitter Lakes Shoshenq I of Egypt defeated a Bedouin incursion
707 BCE Battle of Ruge The Zheng general Zhu Dan defeated the king Huan of Zhou (China)
693 BCE Battle of Diyala River King Sennacherib of Assyria defeated the Elamites of Southern Iran
616 BCE Battle of Arrapha King Nabopolassar (of Babylonians) defeated the Assyrians
546 BCE Battle of Thymbra Cyrus the Great of Persia defeated Croesus of Lydia
545 BCE Battle of The 300 Champions The Spartans defeated the Argives
539-38 BCE Battle of Opis Cyrus the Great defeated Nabonidus
490 BCE Battle of Marathon Miltiades (of Athens) defeated Darius I of Persia and Artaphernes
432 BCE Battle of Potidaea Athens defeated Sparta
429 BCE Battle of Spartolos Chalcidians (with their allies) defeated Athens
411 BCE Battle of Eretria Spartans defeated the Athenian fleet
334 BCE Battle of the Granicus Alexander the Great defeated the Persian army
331 BCE Battle of Gaugamela Alexander the Great defeated Darius III in Mesopotamia and conquered Persia
326 BCE Battle of the Hydaspes Alexander the Great defeated the Indian King Porus
281 BCE Battle of Corupedium Seleucus defeated and killed Lysimachus
101 BCE Battle of Vercellae Marius (the Roman) defeated the Cimbri
67 BCE Battle of Jushi Han troops defeated the Xiongnu
66 BCE Battle of the Lycus Pompey the Great defeated Mithridates VI
58 BCE Battle of the Arar Caesar defeated the migrating Helvetii
47 BCE Battle of the Nile Caesar defeated Ptolemy XIII (the Egyptian king)
36 BCE Battle of Zhizhi Han forces defeated Xiongnu
Timeline of Wars Common Era (CE)
84 CE Battle of Mons Graupius Agricola (the Roman) defeated the Caledonians
208 CE Battle of Red Cliffs War of Three Kingdoms (of China)
312 CE Battle of Milvian Bridge Constantine defeated Maxentius and took control of Italy
547 CE Battle of Marta Tripolitanian Moors defeated John Troglita
630 CE Conquest of Mecca Muhammad conquered Mecca without any bloodshed
838 CE Battle of Anzen Abbasids (modern Turkey) defeated Theophilus
972 CE Battle of Cedynia Mieszko I (of Poland) defeated Hodon (of Germany)
1054 CE Battle of Dunsinane Malcolm defeated Macbeth
1057 CE Battle of Lumphanan Malcolm defeated Macbeth. In this battle, Macbeth was killed
1179 CE Battle of Jacob’s Ford Saladin defeats the Kingdom of Jerusalem
1215 CE Battle of Zhongdu Genghis Khan in cooperation with the Mongols defeated the Jin dynasty and seized Zhongdu (present-day Beijing)
1361 CE Battle of Wisby Denmark defeated Sweden
1362-63 CE Battle of Blue Waters Pagan Lithuanians defeated the Islamic Tatar Forces
1370 CE Battle of Pontvallain France defeated England
1402 CE Battle of Angora / Battle of Ankara Timur defeated Ottoman sultan Bayezid I in Anatolia (Turkey)
1448 CE Battle of Kosovo Turkish and Orthodox forces defeated Roman Catholic
1533 CE Battle of Cuzco Spanish defeated the Inca Empire
1597 CE Battle of Chilchonryang Japanese Navy defeated Korean Navy
1597 CE Battle of Myeongnyang Korean Navy defeated Japanese Navy
1607 CE Battle of Gibraltar Dutch defeated Spanish (fleet)
1656 CE First Battle of Warsaw Poland seized its capital from Sweden
1656 CE Second Battle of Warsaw Sweden defeated Poland
1676 CE Battle of Lund Sweden defeat Denmark
1694 CE Battle of Torroella The French Navy defeated Spain
1710 CE Battle of Prut Ottoman Turks defeated Russia
1729 CE Battle of Damghan Nader Shah defeated the Afghans
1779 CE Battle of Baton Rouge Spanish captured the city Baton Rouge
1796 CE Battle of Lodi General Napoleon Bonaparte (French Army) defeated Austria
1797 CE Battle of Rivoli Napoleon Bonaparte defeated Austria
1798 CE Battle of the Pyramids Napoleon defeated Mameluks (in Egypt)
1798 CE Battle of Ballinamuck British forces defeated Ireland and France
1799 Battle of Abukir Napoleon and Joachim Murat defeated the Turks
1805 CE Battle of Austerlitz Napoléon Bonaparte defeated Russian
1813 CE Battle of Leipzig The coalition armies of Russia, Prussia, Austria, and Sweden defeated by Napoleon I (the Emperor of the French)
1815 CE Battle of Waterloo Wellington, Prussians, Dutch, and German (collectively) forces defeated Napoleon
1904 CE Battle of Yalu River Japan defeated Russia
1914 to 1918 CE World War I Allied Powers (France, UK, Russia, Serbia, Belgium, Italy, Japan, USA, etc.) defeated Central Powers (Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire, Bulgaria, etc.)
1917 CE Battle of Jerusalem British forces defeated Ottoman Empire and seized Jerusalem
1939 to 1945 CE World War II Allies Powers (France, UK, Russia, China, Poland, Canada, Australia, USA, etc.) defeated Axis Powers (Germany, Italy, Japan, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, etc.)
1947 CE Indo-Pakistani War The war ended with the division of territory (Jammu & Kashmir)
1965 CE Second Indo-Pakistan War The war resulted in a stalemate
1990 CE Gulf War US and allied forces defeated Iraq
1995 CE First battle of Grozny Russian Army captured Grozny
1999 CE Kargil War Pakistani infiltrators returned to status quo antebellum
2001 CE Battle of Kabul US forces attacked Kabul and seized it from the Taliban
2001 CE Battle of Kandahar US and allied forces seized the last remaining city from the Taliban
2001 CE Battle of Tora Bora US and allied forces besieged AlQaida, but Osama bin Laden was escaped
2003 CE Battle of Baghdad (Gulf War II) US forces captured the Iraqi capital from Saddam Hussein’s forces
Jan 2011 CE First Battle of Benghazi Libyan rebel forces freed the city from Colonel Gaddafi’s rule
March 2011 CE Battle of Bin Jawad Gaddafi forces recaptured the city
August 2011 CE Battle of Tripoli Tripoli is seized by rebel forces and the Gaddafi Government collapsed
Source of the article on the timeline of Wars: Wikipedia

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