March 25, 2023
louvre museum facts

15 Interesting Louvre Museum Facts to Know

(Last Updated On: April 16, 2021)

Many of us show curiosity and interest to know Louvre Museum facts. The Museum du Louvre is located in the Seine of Paris and has made it the second most visited museum after the Palace Museum in China, though it is still the largest. This article will give an overview of Louvre Museum facts.

Louvre Museum Facts 

The Louvre opened its doors to the public in August 1793. It contains many great paintings from Leonardo’s famous “Mona Lisa” to Caravaggio’s “The Death of the Virgin”. Here is some interesting information about the museum that many do not know about.

1. Not so big

The Mona Lisa painting is not as big as it seems. This is a bit more than the size of an A2 paper sheet. It is really a one of the interesting Louvre Museum facts.

2. All French

The museum, as we all know, is huge and there are plenty of paintings throughout Europe. What is interesting, however, is that 66% of the paintings are made by French painters. That’s a lot.

3. Transcript

The second Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi will open in late 2016 (the original year was 212, which was pushed into the late ’20s).

4. Napoleon nomenclature

As soon as Napoleon came to power, the complex was named after his honor, and the building soon became known as the Musée Napoleon. After its fall in 1814, the museum’s current name was found, which is one of the interesting Louvre Museum facts.

5. 100 days worth of a tour

It is estimated that the museum is so large that it will take about 100 days to cover each of the paintings. (Only if we spend 30 seconds each!)

6. The museum is not a museum

The Louvre was originally a fortress before it became a museum. It was transformed from a castle into a palace in the late 16th century.

7. Mona’s own

Mona Lisa’s painting has its own personal mailbox because of all the love letters it receives, which is one of the interesting Louvre Museum facts.

8. On the ghost side

Believing in ghosts is a personal choice. Although, believe it or not, the museum is reported to have been deceived by a mummy named Belfigo at night. The nearby Tuileries Garden is also believed to be ghostly.

9. Architectural Line

Ax Historic is a 5km architectural line of monuments running through central Paris to the west – the nucleus of the Louvre, in the middle of the Arc de Triomphe, the Grand Arch of La Defiance and the Obelisk of the Place de la Concorde.

louvre museum facts

10. 2014

This year, the museum has welcomed more than 9.3 million visitors – a number of people have welcomed it since its opening, is one of the interesting Louvre Museum facts.

11. Napoleon Era

When Napoleon Bonaparte came to power, Mona Lisa hung it on the wall of her bedroom. It was encouraged to protect in a secret location during the Franco-Prussian War and World War II.

12. WW2

When the original works were cleared, the museum turned into a storehouse for paintings by Nazi officials. It all happened during World War II, is one of the interesting Louvre Museum facts.

13. The Mona debate

The official word for the Louvre is the painting by Lisa Gherardini, the wife of a Florentine silk merchant, Francesco del Giocondo.

Other experts dispute this claim and feel that Lisa Gherardini was probably confused with Lisa Gherardini’s style, Lisa del Giocondo.

A new theory is that the woman in the picture is Pacifica Brandano, the mistress of Giuliano D’Medici, who gave birth to a son who became Cardinal Ippolito D ‘Medici. Which one do you believe?

14. When Lisa was stolen

Lisa was stolen (but not recovered) in 1911. Many visitors came to mourn over the empty wall where he was once hanged and reminiscent of notes, flowers and other memories, which must be considered as one of the interesting Louvre Museum facts.

15. Suspicious

The name Pablo Picasso is so famous that we have an application based on him, he suspected missing painting was, In fact, an employee of the Louvre, Vincenzo Perugia, was a criminal and Mona Lisa was caught trying to visit a Florence art dealer.

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