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List of Caribbean Countries in Alphabetical Order

List of Caribbean countries in alphabetical order: The Caribbean archipelago encompasses more than 7,000 particular person islands in a region of roughly 1 million sq. miles. There are 13 sovereign island nations and 12 dependent territories, with shut political ties all through the area to Europe and the United States.

The Caribbean also referred to as the Caribbean Sea, is an island group off Central America that stretches over 4,000 kilometers and separates the Atlantic from the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico. Geographically, the Caribbean belongs to North America, and the archipelago encompasses 15 nations and seven territories belonging to different nations.

The Caribbean consists of over 7,000 islands, rocky outcrops, and inserts – some are inhabited however many lack full settlement. Many of the islands are of volcanic origin and include mountainous landscapes with lively or inactive volcanoes.

This applies to Haiti, Saint Lucia, and Puerto Rico. Others, just like the Bahamas, Aruba, and the Cayman Islands, are flat coral islands. The underwater lifetime of a lot of the islands consists of coral reefs, fish in all colors of the rainbow in addition to small and enormous turtles.

The Caribbean is among the world’s prime yachting locales, providing variety, heat climate, and tremendous surroundings. The many small islands and comparatively calm cruising waters make this area great to discover by sea.


The history of the Caribbean islands modified abruptly in 1492 when a sailor named Christofer Columbus added to the Bahamas island of San Salvador within the perception that he had come to India.

Thereafter, a tour of the area was begun, which was later named the Caribbean. Although the first Spanish explorers didn’t keep very long within the varied islands, this nonetheless meant the start of the great colonial journey of the Europeans, in addition to the extinction of the islands’ authentic inhabitants of Arawak, Carib, and Taino Indians.

In the 18th century, when a lot of the Caribbean islands had turned into European colonies, just about all arable land was lined by sugar cane, coffee, tobacco, and different unique crops. Slaves from West Africa had been launched as labor, which resulted in over half of the Caribbean inhabitants right now being black or mulatto.

In the early 1800s, a wave of independence actions started to roll in over the Caribbean. Haiti was the first colony to have its personal flag and authority in 1804.

Then adopted the Dominican Republic and Cuba, and within the 20th century, many new small states had been shaped. However, particular person islands resembling Martinique and the British Virgin Islands are nonetheless subject to authorities on the opposite aspect of the Atlantic.


The fantastic nature can provide essentially the most refined Caribbean visitors cautious hopes of struggling shipwreck and be compelled into a lifetime of sand, water, and palm bushes.

A visit to the Caribbean means a relaxed life-enjoying ambiance, spicy Creole meals, pretty seashores, rum, cigars, and far more. Learn more about Swedish colonial history at St. Barthelemy.

Try to get a glimpse of the green shimmering monkeys in Barbados. Discover one waterfall after one other within the mountainous inside of the Dominican Republic. Enjoy the reggae rhythms together with a resting safari with long, thick dreadlocks in Jamaica.

Let yourself be swept by the colorful fish and coral reefs of Bonaire’s diving paradise. Rinse a baguette or croissant with unique drinks at Martinique. Enjoy the spice perfume within the markets of Grenada, the Caribbean’s spice heart.

The statistic exhibits the most important island nations and territories within the Caribbean, primarily based on land space. Cuba is the most important island nation within the Caribbean sea, with a total space of just about 111 thousand sq. kilometers, adopted by the Dominican Republic, with almost 49 thousand sq. kilometers.

List of Caribbean Countries in Alphabetical Order

The correct list of Caribbean countries in alphabetical order is as follows:

  1. Anguilla
  2. Antigua and Barbuda
  3. Aruba
  4. Bahamas
  5. Barbados
  6. British Virgin Islands
  7. Cayman Islands
  8. Cuba
  9. Dominica
  10. Dominican Republic
  11. Grenada
  12. Guadeloupe
  13. Haiti
  14. Jamaica
  15. Martinique
  16. Montserrat
  17. Navassa Island
  18. Netherlands Antilles
  19. Puerto Rico
  20. Saint Barthelemy
  21. Saint Kitts and Nevis
  22. Saint Lucia
  23. Saint Martin
  24. Saint Vincent and Grenadines
  25. Trinidad and Tobago
  26. Turks and Caicos Islands
  27. United States Virgin Islands

List of Caribbean countries and capitals in alphabetical order

Country Capital
Anguilla The Valley
Antigua And Barbuda Saint John’s
Aruba Oranjestad
Bahamas Nassau
Barbados Bridgetown
British Virgin Islands Road Town
Cayman Islands George Town
Cuba Havana
Curacao Willemstad
Dominica Roseau
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo
Grenada St. George’s
Guadeloupe Basse Terre
Haiti Port Au Prince
Jamaica Kingston
Martinique Fort De France
Montserrat Plymouth
Puerto Rico San Juan
Saint Barthélemy Gustavia
Saint Kitts And Nevis Basseterre
Saint Lucia Castries
Saint Martin Marigot
Saint Vincent And The Grenadines Kingstown
Sint Maarten Philipsburg
Trinidad And Tobago Port Of Spain
Turks And Caicos Islands Cockburn Town
United States Virgin Islands Charlotte Amalie

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