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us states facts

60 US States Interesting Fun Facts and Information

(Last Updated On: April 16, 2021)

US states have their own interesting facts. Every state in the U.S. is unique and different from others in many distinctive ways. America is a large county with many cultures, rules, systems, and minds.  By learning interesting US states facts, every American, as well as other nationalists, will be able to learn about those states.

The US states facts

Let’s find below some of the fun US states facts

Capital City State Interesting Fact
Albany New York Albany started as a fort in 1614 and is the oldest steady settlement within the U.S.
Annapolis Maryland At 6.7 sq. miles, Annapolis is the smallest U.S. capital by land size.
Atlanta Georgia Atlanta is the biggest capital of metropolitan inhabitants (5.9 million).
Augusta Maine Augusta is a residence of Fort Western, the oldest wood fort within the United States (built-in 1794).
Austin Texas Austin is the biggest U.S. city that doesn’t have a professional sports activities team.
Baton Rouge Louisiana At 450 feet tall, Baton Rouge’s capital constructing is the tallest within the nation.
Bismarck North Dakota Bismarck has the bottom average winter temperature of all state capitals (even Juneau).
Boise Idaho Boise is the residence of the biggest inhabitants of Basque Americans within the U.S. (15,000).
Boston Massachusetts Boston is a residence to the nation’s first public seaside (Revere Beach), first lighthouse (Little Brewster Lighthouse), first school (Harvard), and first subway (Tremont Street Subway).
Carson City Nevada Carson City is the smallest metropolitan statistical space (#366 out of 366) within the nation.
Charleston West Virginia The first U.S. museum (Charleston Museum, est. 1773) and theater (Dock Street Theatre, est. 1736) are situated in Charleston.
Cheyenne Wyoming Located solely eight miles north of the Colorado border, Cheyenne is among the furthest U.S. capitals from its personal state’s geographic heart.
Columbia South Carolina Columbia was the first U.S. city named after Christopher Columbus, and it was virtually named Washington as a substitute.
Columbus Ohio Nearly half of all Americans stay inside 500 miles of Columbus, together with these residing in Chicago, New York City, and Atlanta.
Concord New Hampshire Concord was named for the “concord,” or concord, after a boundary dispute between the neighboring cities Rumford and Bow.
Denver Colorado Although Denver is strictly one mile high, it’s not the U.S. capital with the best elevation. (Santa Fe and Cheyenne are higher.)
Des Moines Iowa Des Moines was initially named “Fort Raccoon” after the Raccoon River.
Dover Delaware Dover differed from the remainder of Kent County concerning slavery, and the city was an essential cease on the Underground Railroad.
Frankfort Kentucky Frankfort was the one Union capital that was overtaken and occupied by the Confederacy throughout the U.S. Civil War.
Harrisburg Pennsylvania Harrisburg is a residence to the Rockville Bridge, which was in-built 1902 and is the longest stone arch bridge on the earth.
Hartford Connecticut Teddy Roosevelt took the first presidential car experience in history on the streets of Hartford in 1902.
Helena Montana Helena was initially named “Last Chance Gulch” as a small mining city. It virtually grew to become “Crabtown” or “Pumpkinville” before being named after Saint Helena in Minnesota.
Honolulu Hawaii Honolulu has the best average annual temperature of any U.S. state capital.
Indianapolis Indiana Indianapolis is the biggest U.S. city that isn’t on a navigable river.
Jackson Mississippi Jackson is the one U.S. capital constructed on top of a volcano. The Jackson Volcano is situated below the Mississippi Coliseum.
Jefferson City Missouri Jefferson City was laid out by Daniel Morgan Boone, son of well-known pioneer Daniel Boone.
Juneau Alaska Geographically, Juneau is the biggest state capital at 2,716 sq. miles.
Lansing Michigan Lansing was the birthplace of Oldsmobile in 1897, eleven years before the Ford Motor Company created the Ford Model T.
Lincoln Nebraska Lincoln was named after President Abraham Lincoln in 1867, solely two years after he was assassinated.
Little Rock Arkansas The capital construction in Little Rock completed the building in 1842, making it the oldest capital constructing within the nation.
Madison Wisconsin Madison is the one U.S. state capital constructed on an isthmus.
Montgomery Alabama Montgomery was the first U.S. city with an electric streetcar system generally known as “the Lightning Route.”
Montpelier Vermont With inhabitants of seven,800, Montpelier is the least populated state capital.
Nashville Tennessee Nashville’s Centennial Park accommodates the one duplicate of the Greek Parthenon, which homes the tallest enclosed sculpture within the Western Hemisphere (Athena Parthenos)
Oklahoma City Oklahoma Oklahoma City is essentially the most not too long ago-based state capital (1910).
Olympia Washington Olympia is the northernmost state capital within the contiguous U.S.
Phoenix Arizona Phoenix is essentially the most populous state capital (1.6 million).
Pierre South Dakota Pierre is the one U.S. capital without access to an expressway.
Providence Rhode Island The first deliberate American act of the Revolutionary War occurred in Narragansett Bay in Providence.
Raleigh North Carolina Raleigh is the house of the first traditionally black college, Shaw University.
Richmond Virginia Richmond served because of the capital of the Confederacy throughout the Civil War.
Sacramento California Sacramento is the oldest integrated city within the state of California (1850).
Saint Paul Minnesota St. Paul has more shoreline alongside the Mississippi River (26 miles) than some other American city. St. Paul and Baton Rouge are the one U.S. capital on the river itself.
Salem Oregon Salem is the westernmost U.S. state capital.
Salt Lake City Utah Salt Lake City is the one U.S. capital with three phrases in its name.
Santa Fe New Mexico Santa Fe is the oldest state capital (based in 1610), and likewise the best U.S. capital at 7,000 feet above sea level.
Springfield Illinois Springfield grew to become the third capital of Illinois because of the work of Abraham Lincoln, who lived in Springfield from 1837 to 1861.
Tallahassee Florida Tallahassee was the one state capital of the Confederacy to not be captured or burned throughout the Civil War.
Topeka Kansas Topeka is the closest state capital to the geographic heart of the U.S. (which is 2 miles north of Lebanon, Kansas).
Trenton New Jersey Trenton should be named as the historical location of the first reading of the Declaration of Independence.

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More Interesting US states Facts

  1. There are 4 state capitals named after American presidents: Jackson (Mississippi), Jefferson City (Missouri), Lincoln (Nebraska), and Madison (Wisconsin).
  2. Alaska has more miles of shoreline than all different states mixed (6,640 miles).
  3. There are 24 state capitals west of the Mississippi River and 26 capitals east of the river.
  4. The 4 state capitals not served by the United States interstate highway system are Dover (Delaware), Jefferson City (Missouri), Juneau (Alaska), and Pierre (South Dakota). Even although Honolulu (Hawaii) will not be bodily linked to the continental freeway system, its interstate highways are constructed to identical requirements.
  5. The solely royal palace within the United States is in Honolulu, Hawaii.
  6. Even although Washington D.C. is the nation’s capital, it isn’t positioned in a state and isn’t represented by the U.S. Congress.

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