October 4, 2023
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100 Top Interesting Facts About South Korea for Beginners

(Last Updated On: April 16, 2021)

As much as you will be knowing the interesting facts about South Korea, you will be astonished to learn about this enriched nation. Advanced technology runs in tandem with its old customs and traditions; The rich cultural heritage is a fast-growing economy with an abundance of fascinating and fascinating history that is one of South Korea’s most popular tourist destinations.

In this article, I am going to talk about a bunch of interesting facts about South Korea. Not only Korea’s popular K-pop culture but its constant attitude towards food, development, and unique attraction that has forced people to naturally risk themselves in this great country. Here are some facts about South Korea that may surprise your brain: South Korea

Interesting facts about South Korea

Men in South Korea should enroll in compulsory military service between the ages of 21-28 for at least 21-24 months. Women do not need to do this but they can perform it willingly, this is really one of the cool things about South Korea.

It is considered perfectly normal for a person to ask a blood group in Korea. Koreans believe that your blood type contributes to your personality. They ask to check if you will be compatible with them. This usually happens when making friends or starting a relationship.

The parasite was the first South Korean movie to be nominated for the Oscars, which is one of the interesting facts about South Korea.

South Koreans prime listing worldwide by way of arduous liquor consumption, and Jinro Soju, Korean distilled rice liquor, is the best-selling liquor on the earth for the 11th year in a row. It outsold Smirnoff Vodka, which got here in second by 37.48 million instances. It must be recorded in the top 3 interesting facts about South Korea.

South Korean girls are good at golf. Thirty-eight of the highest 100 feminine golfers on the earth, and 9 of the present top 25, are South Korean. I must be added to the top 10 interesting facts about Korea.

The most typical family names in South Korea are Kim, Lee (additionally spelled Yi/Ree), and Park (Pak). More than 20% of South Koreans have the final title Kim, is this not one of South Korea amazing facts?

The then Secretary-General of the United Nations is Ban Ki-Moon. In 2013, Forbes journal listed him 32nd on its listing of strongest folks on the earth, this must be incorporated into 5 interesting facts about South Korea.

Both the tiger and rabbit are vital Korean people symbols. Some Koreans say the Korean Peninsula is formed like a tiger and others, a rabbit. Both animals are present in Korean folktales and folk artwork.

The Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) was constructed on prime of the demolished village of Panmunjom throughout the Korean War. It divides North and South Korea and is likely one of the most closely militarized borders on the earth. It is 2.5 miles (4 km) broad and stretches 152 miles (245 km) from the East Sea to the Yellow Sea.

If you see a lady with lengthy hair, she is single; one with a brief lower has lately gotten married, and older girls put on perms.

South Korea is a mountainous nation, which is one of the interesting facts about South Korea.

South Korea has 3 main rivers.

As of 2013, 78.5% of the South Korean inhabitants had a smartphone, the very best proportion on the earth. Among 18- to 24-year-olds, 97.7% have a smartphone.

For the busy morning commute in Seoul, the town has employed skilled “Subway Pushers” who put on uniforms and white gloves and actually pack as many individuals as potential onto the subway trains.

Koreans, each North, and South, converse and write the Hangeul or Hangul language. It consists of 14 consonants and 10 vowels, and the alphabet may be mixed into numerous syllables. It is taken into account one of many commonplace scientific writing techniques.

It is obligatory for all South Korean males to endure army service.

South Korea shares a Mutual Defense Treaty with the United States.

Figure skater Yuna Kim was the first Korean winner of any Olympic to determine skating self-discipline.

Yuna Kim’s mixed scores earned an entry within the Guinness World Records.

All locals converse the South Korean language.

One of the nicknames for the South Korean folks is “People Who Wear White, which got here from the sleek, white hanboks that commoners wore throughout the early kingdoms. The hanbok remains to be worn at this time, primarily ceremonially, and is honored as a cultural treasure.

South Korea is dwelling to Cheomseongdae Observatory, the world’s first astronomical laboratory, constructed throughout the mid-600s at Gyeongju.

About 2.1 million South Koreans reside in U.S. cities comparable to New York, Chicago, and Seattle. The first started immigrating in 1903 and so they lived on the Hawaiian Islands engaged in sugar and pineapple plantations.

Jinro Soju, Korean distilled rice liquor, is the best-selling liquor on the earth.

Hyundai KIA automotive group is South Korea’s largest automaker and the 2nd largest in Asia.
In 2013, it ranked because the fifth largest automaker on the earth, manufacturing some 7.5 million new vehicles and vans. It can be a chaebol, a business dynasty, or a conglomerate.

According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), South Koreans have one of many highest IQ on Earth.

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) declared that South Korea is the nation with the very best estimated nationwide IQ on Earth.

The common South Korean works 55 hours every week, or 2,316 hours a year, in comparison with the 40-hour week of the common manufacturing facility employee within the United States.

Kite flying is a well-liked pastime in South Korea, and on the final day of the brand new moon throughout the Lunar New Year, folks historically let go of their kites hoping their unhealthy luck will float away with them.

In South Korea, the Korean script known as Hangul.

The correct phrase for the Korean wave is ‘Hallyu.’

South Koreans are critical about blood types, which is one of the interesting facts about South Korea.

Robots are in all places, so South Korea has many interesting places with this amazing stuff!

The South Korean authorities have the State Council as the very best govt body.

South Korea observes a multiparty system.

They Say Kimchi not Cheese, is this not one of the amazing facts about Korea?

The name “Korea” comes from Goryeo, which was the title given to the dynasty established by General Wang Geon in AD 918. Goryeo means “high and clear.” Some poetic interpretations of the title Korea are “Land of High Mountains and Sparkling Streams” and “Land of the Morning Calm.”

Most eating places, together with McDonald’s, will ship meals straight to properties in South Korea.
South Koreans are obsessive about feces, and all the things from turd-shaped cookies, phone charms, and a complete museum dedicated to poop may be discovered within the nation. Toilets throughout the nation additionally function nice flushing sounds, background music, and colored water.

In Korea, infants are thought-about one year old at delivery.

South Korea considers videogames as a correct sport.

Kimjang is standard kimchi apply in South Korea.

Parks filled with Sexual Statues, which is one of the interesting facts about South Korea.

Taekwondo is 100% South Korean

In South Korea, Valentine’s Day is for males.

March 14 is White Day in South Korea.

Almost every 14th of the month in South Korea has a corresponding romantic-themed vacation.

South Korea celebrates the Harvest Moon Festival.

South Koreans should use Internet Explorer. Both solely and by legislation since 1999.

The Boryeong Mud Festival in South Korea attracts tens of millions of foreigners yearly.

South Korea is dwelling to quite a few UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Children age another year when the following Lunar New Year happens. So, though you might have a few of the identical delivery statistics, generally South Koreans are as much as two years older than you might be.

Only 3.2% of South Koreans are obese, which ties the nation of Japan for the bottom proportion on the earth.

South Korea has no nationwide faith and constitutionally ensures freedom of faith.

South Korea sometimes experiences chilly, dry winters and scorching, humid summers, this must be recorded in the top 10 interesting facts about South Korea.

The East coast, significantly Taegu, is the driest area whereas the south coast is the wettest.

The most vital crop in South Korea is rice.

South Korea is understood for the superior-quality ginseng that it exports.

In South Korea, a reputation written in pink ink signifies that the individual goes to die or already lifeless.

According to legends, a descendant of Heaven established Korea in 2333 BCE.

Babies in South Korea are routinely 1 year old upon delivery.

South Korea tied with Japan for the bottom proportion of obese folks.

Men in South Korea additionally use make-up with practically 20% reported utilizing often.

South Korean firm Samsung produces the microchips utilized in Apple iPhones, which must be stuck to the interesting and inspiring facts about South Korea’s economy.

South Korea has the quickest wi-fi pace on the earth with a mean obtain pace of 33.5 Mbps, which should be one of the interesting things in Korea.

South Korean males love make-up, spending near US$900 million a year, or 1 / 4 of the world’s men’s cosmetics. Up to 20% of the male Korean inhabitants are reported to make use of make-up often.

South Korea is dwelling to Haesindang Park, which is filled with penis statues, and in addition to a penis-themed restaurant at Deulmusae, which is difficult to overlook due to the statues of jaji (penises) lining the trail to the restaurant, this is one of the unknown facts about South Korea to many.

In South Korea, it’s completely authorized to drink alcohol in public. People can carry open containers of their favorite alcoholic beverage and even take a drink or two.[20]
When a Korean’s title is written in pink ink, this means that that individual is about to die or is already lifeless.

South Korea is dwelling to the most important division retailer on the earth.

Jinro Soju has been the best-selling liquor on the earth for 11 consecutive years, which is one of the interesting facts about South Korea.

Hyundai KIA is the fifth largest automaker on the earth and 2nd largest in Asia, So, if you go there, you will have many interesting things to do in Korea.

South Koreans have the very best estimated IQ in the entire world.

Love motels are very fashionable in South Korea. They function as tiny, themed rooms with outrageous decorations the place a pair can hook up for in a single day. They may be present in nearly any part of massive cities and are so fashionable and clear that vacationers on a price range and enterprise folks on brief stays can test in for an evening. Love lodges additionally hire by the hour.

Instead of air heaters, Koreans have heated flooring. Called ondol (heat stone), the warmth is handed in pipes underneath the ground. This heating system goes again to the Koguryo (or Goguryeo) Dynasty (37–668 BC). In South Korea, greater than 90% of the homes have ondol, and folks eat, sleep, and watch TV on the nice and cozy ground.

South Korea handed a law in 1999 that requires all on-line procuring and banking to be accomplished utilizing Internet Explorer. It remains to be in place, which should be enlisted in one of the cool facts about Korea.

South Koreans love Honey Butter Chips, which are potato chips flavored with honey and butter from France. Because retailers run out of them so quickly, raffles are held for an opportunity to purchase a bag, and the chips can promote for as much as US$100 a bag on eBay. McDonald’s even bought honey butter-flavored French fries in South Korea for some time.

Dreaming of pigs is an efficient omen in South Korea, which is one of the interesting facts about South Korea.

In 2012, a jail within the South Korean metropolis of Pohang turned dwelling to the world’s first robotic jail guards. The nation additionally makes use of robots to protect the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) between North and South Korea and as lecturers.

South Koreans love procuring, and the nation has a few of the largest procuring malls on the earth. The shops are open till 4:00 within the morning, whereas most eating places, bars, and cafes are open solely till 11:00 p.m.

South Korea’s Yoido Full Gospel Church has the largest congregation on the earth. As of February 13, 2014, the Seoul-based Pentecostal Christian church had near 1 million members. On any given Sunday, 200,000 devoted will attend 1 of seven providers and an additional 200,000 to 300,000 will watch on TV and on satellite tv for pc church buildings.

South Koreans have a feces obsession, this is obviously one of the fun facts about Seoul.

The name ‘Korea’ originated from ‘Goryeo,’ which suggests ‘high and clear.’

South Korea occupies 45% of the southern area of the Korean peninsula, which is one of the interesting facts about South Korea.

South Korea is also called the “Land of High Mountains and Sparkling Streams” and “Land of the Morning Calm.”, these are really in the list of Korean interesting places.

South Korea covers a land space of 100,210 sq km, nearly the dimensions of Indiana state.

Over 51 million folks reside in South Korea.

Seoul features because of the cultural, financial, and political heart and capital of South Korea.

Sejong City is the executive capital of South Korea.

In Seoul, the common citizen clocks in lower than six hours of sleep per evening, which is one of the interesting facts about South Korea.

Eating rice truffles before an examination is a nice luck in South Korea, is this not one of the interesting facts about Korea.

Baseball in South Korea known as yagu, and groups are named after companies like Samsung and KIA. The Korean Baseball Organization was established in 1981 as a means for folks to let off steam by Dictator General Chun Doo Hwan, who tried to enhance his picture by throwing out the first pitch at each sport.

South Koreans are routinely categorized at delivery in line with their blood kind, which is a customized that originated in Japan however has change into essential in South Korean tradition and should even decide who will get to marry whom.

South Koreans love candy potatoes a lot that there’s each potential dish flavored with candy potato, together with predominant programs, desserts, chips, latte, bread, salads, and candy potato-topped pizza, one of the fun facts about Korea.

Taxis in South Korea are color-coded in line with the extent of service provided. A grey or white taxi is a fundamental automotive with a professional however probably the inexperienced driver, whereas the black cabs are luxurious vehicles with skilled drivers.

All South Korean roofs are curved on the ends giving the looks of a smile. This must be added to the top 25 interesting facts about Korea.

Eyelid surgical procedure is likely one of the most typical cosmetic surgery procedures carried out in South Korea. Most rich younger South Koreans obtain double-eyelid surgical procedures for his or her 16th birthday as a present to make their eyes seem more Western.

South Korea’s nationwide dish is kimchi, which is a mixture of greens and spices which were fermented underground for months. It is served with nearly all the things. The first written description of creating kimchi dates to about AD 1250 and there are about 170 forms of the dish.

‘Hanbok’ refers back to the conventional gown worn in South Korea.

Both women and men used to put on hanboks, which is one of the interesting facts about South Korea.

Group blind relationship is a part of the tradition of South Korea.

South Koreans seem to have hyperlinks to the folks of Central Asia.

For the Harvest Moon Festival, greater than 20 million South Koreans journey to their hometowns to go to the graves of their ancestors and convey presents comparable to positive meals to position on the graves.

South Korean wedding ceremony clothes are often pink, which is a logo of excellent fortune.

In conventional Korean medication, the gallbladder of the moon bear has nice therapeutic powers. Although there isn’t any fashionable medical proof that proves this treatment is true, some South

Koreans nonetheless eat the organ to deal with diabetes, coronary heart illness, and liver issues.

Former President Bill Clinton as soon referred to as the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) which separates North and South Korea from the “scariest place on Earth.”

When taking a photograph, South Koreans say “kimchi” as an alternative to “cheese.”

Over 78% of the South Korean inhabitants own a smartphone

In South Korea, there’s a color code for taxis.

South Korea’s inhabitants are homogenous.

There are 2 conventional sorts of marriage in South Korea.

The authorized age in South Korea is 19.

Over 20% of the inhabitants of South Korea have Kim as their final title.

The dog is a dish that’s truly served in Korean eating places and in avenue markets. Dog meat has been eaten in South Korea for hundreds of years, however has change into fairly controversial amongst different Asian nations.

Few South Koreans select to not marry, and a single individual is known as a “Big Baby” in Korean slang. There are two sorts of marriage in South Korea: yonae (love marriage) and chungmae (organized marriage).

In South Korea, same-sex touching is customary amongst associates.

South Korea is the cosmetic surgery capital of the world, which is one of the interesting facts about South Korea.

You’ll be hard-pressed to discover a Four in an elevator, and should you’re on the lookout for a spot to reside that has a Four in it, not solely will you be urgent your luck, however, the property worth of your house would possibly even be decrease

South Koreans who reside to be 60 years old are sometimes thrown a lavish get together referred to as hwangap. It began previously when only a few folks lived to that age. It can be a big birthday as a result of the standard Korean calendar is predicated on a 60-year cycle.

Called “Queen Yuna,” South Korean determine skater Yuna Kim is likely one of the brightest stars in Korean sports activities. She gained the gold medal in February 2010 at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada, changing into the primary Korean to medal in any Olympic determine skating self-discipline.

Christmas is an official vacation in South Korea, with nearly 1/Three of South Koreans being Christians. Santa Claus could also be carrying a blue, somewhat than pink, swimsuit in South Korea, and he’s also called Santa Kulloso (Grandfather Santa).

Haesindang Park in South Korea is filled with penis statues.

Love motels do exist

Jeju is the most important island in South Korea.

The nationwide flower of South Korea is the Mugunghwa or Rose of Sharon.

The crane is an efficient fortune image in South Korea.

A single individual is known as a “Big Baby” in Korean slang. which is one of the interesting facts about South Korea.

South Korea harvests greater than 90% of the world’s seaweed consumption.

South Koreans are the world’s largest customers of bank cards since 2011, making 129.7 transactions per person that year, in contrast with 77.9 transactions per American.

Interesting Facts About South Korea

Hallyu (Korean Wave) is the phrase for the South Korean wave of well-liked tradition. President Obama even referred to it throughout March 2012 go to South Korea.

The South Korean persons are some of the uniform populations on the earth. They are associated with the Mongoloid racial teams, together with the Chinese, which on whole make up around 70% of the world’s inhabitants.

The Mugunghwa (Rose of Sharon) is South Korea’s nationwide flower. It is a sort of hibiscus and is represented within the nationwide anthem. It is a logo to the Koreans of the glories and adversities of their previous.

The microchips for Apple’s iPhones are made by the South Korean firm Samsung, this is one of the interesting things about South Korea.

On Jeju, South Korea’s largest island, large stone statues generally known as dol hareubang (old grandfather) may be discovered alongside the seashores. Newlywed girls imagine that in the event that they contact the statues’ lengthy, broad, phallic-looking noses, they are going to be blessed with fertility.

South Koreans contemplate the quantity Four as unfortunate, and it’s related to dying. This perception appears to have come from China.

South Korea is the most important marketplace for cosmetic surgery per capita on the earth. It is estimated between 1/5 and 1/3 of the ladies in Seoul have gone underneath the knife for at the very least one beauty process.

Group blind relationship in South Korea known as “Meeting” or “So-getting” and is a very fashionable means for younger college students to fulfill over dinner and drinks.

South Korea is legendary for its practice of “crime re-creation.” Citizens suspected of crimes comparable to rape or homicide are led by the police in handcuffs to the scene of the crime and ordered to publicly reenact the crime. To make the reenactment much more humiliating, the media can be invited to take footage and publish particulars in regard to the crime.

South Koreans imagine that leaving an electrical fan on in a single day will kill the individual sleeping straight beneath it.

In South Korea, scissors are an integral part of each kitchen arrangement, as they’re used to chop quite a lot of meals like noodles, meat, and even kimchi.

Gifting somebody with sneakers has a negative which means in Korea, which is one of the fun facts about South Korea.

South Korean mountains don’t have very excessive elevations.

The Shinsegae Department Store in Centum City, Busan, South Korea, is the world’s largest division retailer as of 2009.

Playing the net online game StarCraft is a professional profession in South Korea, isn’t it one of the fun facts about South Korea?

South Koreans worry about the sun, which is one of the fun facts about South Korea

Meals in South Korea have many elements.

Koreans view leg fidgeting as unhealthy luck.

Kimchi is the nationwide dish of South Korea.

Kimchi has around 170 varieties, which is one of the really interesting facts about South Korea.

Bibimbap is an iconic South Korean dish.

A person with a beard is taken into account soiled and unkempt, regardless of how groomed his beard might look

South Koreans are keen on candy potatoes.

In South Korea, it’s best to eat octopus uncooked.

The South Korean National Information Agency estimates that 14% of the folks between the ages of 9 and 12 have an Internet dependency. In 2011, South Korea handed a law referred to as the Shutdown, or Cinderella, Law that bans anybody youthful than 16 from on-line sport websites, which is essentially ignored by the youth.

Same-sex touching is widespread amongst women and men and their associates in South Korea. South Korean boys and males apply a factor referred to as no homo (skinship) the place they domesticate a bond by touching one another, often with platonic gestures comparable to handshakes. Getting touchy-feely may also lengthen to lecturers and college students so long as they’re the identical intercourse.

The Seoul Capital Area homes over half of the inhabitants of South Korea. Seoul is one of the interesting places in the country.

SoKor harvests over 90% of the seaweed consumed all over the world, which must be kept in the top 8 fun facts about South Korea.

South Korea consists of over 4,000 islands, this is one of the amazing facts about South Korea.

The Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) separates North Korea from South Korea.

The DMZ spreads as much as Four km or 2.5 miles broad, it’s really one of the interesting things about Korea.

Within the DMZ rests P’anmunjŏm, also called the ‘truce village.’

South Korea has free WiFi in all places.

Popular music from South Korea known as ‘Okay-pop.’

Koreans Are Shopping Addicts

South Korean boyband BTS was the first Okay-pop artist to succeed in #1 within the US Billboard 200 chart.

‘Hallyu’ or Korean wave has introduced a number of South Korean personalities to the worldwide limelight.

Koreans imagine that crows are unfortunate.

South Korea homes the first astronomical laboratory on the earth.

South Korea employed the first robotic jail guards on the planet.

The crane is a logo of excellent fortune in South Korea. Red-crowned cranes can stand about 5 ft (1.5 m) excessive.

Koreans have two legends about their nation’s founding. The first tells of a god-like determined referred to as Dangun, or Tangun, who established a historical state in North Korea around 2333 BC. The difference, supported by Chinese texts, states {that a} Manchu tribal chief named Kija led a band of his followers to Joseon after the autumn of the Chinese Shang Dynasty around 1100 BC.

The Korean War started in 1950 when North Korea invaded South Korea

The Korean War was the first main army battle between the United States and the Soviet Union, but it surely has by no means formally ended.

On the South Korean island of Jeju, girls historically exit to work whereas their husbands keep dwelling. These girls are referred to as haenyeo (“sea women”), and so they dive for sea urchins, abalone, and octopus, persevering with a convention that goes again 1,500 years and is handed down from mom to daughter.

The longest river in South Korea is the Naktong River.

South Korea experiences the warmest climate in August.

Around ⅔ of South Korea was coated with forests.

South Korea has 9 provinces.

The Korean War was the first main army battle between the US and the Soviet Union.

Along with Tokyo residents, Seoulites get the least quantity of sleep of any residents of main cities on the earth, simply fewer than 6 hours an evening.

South Koreans take pleasure in displaying off their relationship statuses publically. It is widespread to see {couples} holding arms, kissing, and even carrying matching outfits.

South Korea has the world’s quickest wi-fi speeds on the planet, with a mean obtain pace of 33.5 megabits per second, practically 3 times the common pace of second-place Hong Kong. The nation additionally has a mean add pace of 17 megabits per second. One hundred % of South Koreans have broadband entry.

In South Korea, individuals who attain 60 years old should throw an extravagant get together or ‘hwangap.’

In South Korea, it’s not good to go away with an electrical fan on a single day.

In South Korea, heated flooring takes the place of air heaters.

South Korea practices crime reenactment.

The quantity Four is taken into account unfortunate in South Korea.

Red is a fortunate color in South Korea.

Eyelid surgical procedure is the most typical beauty process accomplished in Korea.

In Jeju Island, it’s conventional for girls to go to work whereas the husbands keep dwelling.

Around 14% of South Korean youths have an internet addiction.

South Korean eat canines! It’s been a part of the tradition for ages however recently, it’s changing into a more controversial and fewer well-liked possibility. As a reality, they really eat around a million dogs per year.

Makeup for Everyone, Men Too!

Dition Theoretically, in Korea, you are already one year old at birth and your age will increase with the lunar New Year in Korea, not with your birthday. So, if you were born on February 4 and the new year marks February 5; You will turn two the next day.

Imagine having soup instead of cake on your birthday? When a woman gives birth to a baby, she is given ‘Miyok-gook (1) or seaweed soup.’ This soup is a Korean birthday soup. The tradition of paying homage to one’s mother is taken as an anecdote and given to guests as a birthday celebration.

There are more than 200 known varieties of kimchi.

If you are going to a housewarming party and are thinking about what to give, you will probably come to a decision on buying sweets, flowers or wine. Well, in Korea, toilet paper and detergent powder are the best gifts. They are symbols of money and prosperity. Not amazing?

If you’re in Korea, you can have the fastest Internet experience in the world. Good for all Cybernote!

There is a dish in Korea called ‘snakaji’. It is a dish that will eat an octopus alive.

One of the most popular types of sports in South Korea is cybersports. They consider video games as part of major social activity.

Most people in Korea have tetrophobia. In Korean 4 is spoken of as “Sa” which means death as well. Number 4 is considered unlucky; That’s why most people leave the fourth floor in Korea.

There is no vent for heating in Korea that they use a heated floor system known as a handle (heated stone).

South Korea’s obesity rate ranks second in the world.

Makeup is just as common for men as it is for Korean women. They like to do makeup evenly.

The Koreans have forbidden the entry of red links. Dition Traditionally, the red link was used to type the deceased’s name.

Korea has a law for online shopping and banking but only uses Internet Explorer.

Korean is obsessed with stools, and that’s why you can see pop-shaped cookies or idols somewhere. This is because in ancient times the Koreans believed that if you were rich you would see dung in your dreams.

South Korea is also famous for re-enacting the crime scene. Imagine if you commit a crime in Korea, the police will take you to the crime scene and ask you to recreate your crime scene. Worst of all, there will be full media coverage here.

On the island of Jeju, South Korea, there is a tribe of women called Henyeo (female of the sea), who go diving inside the ocean to catch marine animals.

Plastic surgery is completely common in Korea, also known as the plastic surgery capital of the world

Chemseong Chemseongde (Chongsunde) is an ob-century observation tower located in the capital of Gyeongju (KINGZU), the capital of the ancient Korean state of the century CE, known as the world’s first astronomy lab.

There are two love days in Korea, the day of love, where a girl gives chocolates and gifts to their partners. White day, in which the boys give their partners white chocolate and gifts.

At Christmas, you will find Santa in Blue instead of Red.

Seoul’s Incheon Airport is the best airport in the world. It won the world’s best airport staff in 20 years. It is one of the busiest airports in the world.

Lost World is the largest indoor theme park in Seoul, South Korea, this is one of the interesting facts about Seoul.

Former US President Bill Clinton once described the DMZ (demilitarized zone) as “the most terrifying place on earth.”

South Korea is also known as ‘The Workadancing Capital of the World’, which is one of the interesting facts about South Korea.

South Korea is one of the world’s workaholic capitals, with an estimated share of about 22.6 percent working as long as 2018.

If you turn off your internet service in South Korea, don’t worry because free WiFi is available almost everywhere in the country; Even when you’re inside the bus, isn’t it one of the fun facts about South Korea?

One of South Korea’s most celebrated festivals, which has gained huge popularity in the world, is the “Boryong Mood Festival.” It was first held in 1998 and has attracted millions of participants worldwide each year, which is one of the interesting facts about South Korea.

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