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20 Interesting Facts About Bandung, Indonesia

(Last Updated On: April 16, 2021)

Bandung is the capital of the Bara Java province of West Java, Indonesia. Bandung is the capital of West Java Province. Bandung is the biggest metropolitan city in West Java province, in addition to being the capital of the province.

Bandung, Indonesia

In this article, I am going to share 20 fun facts about Bandung, Indonesia.

The town is situated 140 km southeast of Jakarta and is the biggest metropolis within the southern part of Java Island. Then the realm of Bandung Raya (Metropolitan Area of Bandung) is the second-largest metropolitan in Indonesia after Jabodetabek.

It is well known for its fashion and its variety of flowers, trees, and parks. Cafes and boutiques are spread all over the street. Let’s find out some interesting information about colorful Bandung.

1. The city of flowers

Indonesia has many different types of trees and flowers in Bandung, as well as in Andir. That’s why Bandung has a nickname: Kota Kembang, which means flower town, which is one of the fun facts about Bandung, Indonesia.

Flower metropolis is one other identity for this metropolis, as a result of in historic instances, the town is taken into account very stunning with the various bushes and flowers that develop there.

As well as Bandung was previously additionally referred to as Paris van Java due to its magnificence.

To know extra fascinating info about Bandung, you may see the following paragraphs under.

2. Javier Paris

‘Paris van Java’ meaning the nation’s Paris is the nickname given in Bandung during Dutch colonial times.

According to the then Dutch, the city of Bandung is quite similar to the French capital, Paris. Even now Bandung is the most fashionable city in Indonesia.

This nickname is a source of pride for the people of Bandung, which is one of the fun facts about Bandung, Indonesia.

3. World Medical Drug Center

Bandung is often known as a spot to supply hepatitis medication and rabies medication that might be distributed to the world.

So you may think that the town of Bandung has a vital function within the subject of well being. You’ll be able to go to Pasteur space if you wish to see hepatitis and rabies vaccine manufacturing unit.

4. The town which had the primary cinema in Indonesia.

The movie business of the homeland has been so speedy that it will probably spawn the work phenomenal, however, do you know that Bandung grew to become the primary metropolis in Indonesia as a spot of cinema film screenings titled Lutung Kasarung in 1926 and the second movie titled Eulis Aceh aired one yr in the past.

Till now, Bandung can also be the primary place to ascertain Blitz Megaplex Paris Van Java which is the biggest cinema in Indonesia, which is one of the fun facts about Bandung, Indonesia.

5. Total Bandung

The climate in Bandung is very pleasant all year round.

The city is located 6868ation meters above sea level, and it enjoys an average temperature of 20.6 degrees Celsius throughout the year. Therefore, it travels in perfect shape at any time of the year.

With such a great environment in Bandung, people have to have a long vacation, which is one of the interesting facts about Bandung, Indonesia!

6. City of Mobile Network

Do you know Flower Metropolis is a Community Metropolis Mobile telecommunications operators, though not because the State Capital, Bandung Metropolis is believed to be the primary metropolis to get a community of prime?

So, this Metropolis is the primary Metropolis to really feel the standard of the mobile community, when different cities shouldn’t have it.

7. Bandung Conference

A conference immortalized Bandung’s name in the sand of history and was the 1955 Asian African Conference.

During this conference, the most significant discussions about third world freedom were held, which is one of the interesting facts about Bandung, Indonesia.

This conference laid the foundation for a neutral movement during the Cold War. Padma Hotel Bandung is popular with many people as a Bandung hotel.

8. Turned The sixth World’s Greatest World Class Finalists

Beneath the management of Mayor Ridwan Kamil, the town of Bandung succeeded in defeating tens of cities from all around the world and turning into a finalist of the World Sensible Metropolis Award 2015 held in Barcelona a while in the past.

Bandung accompanied Dubai as a consultant of Asia within the competitors.

9. It has many vacationer locations

Along with its stunning nature and engaging townscape, Bandung can also be a metropolis with many vacationer locations.

Bandung is legendary for its household tourism vacation spot is fascinating and arguably low cost however memorable.

Family excursions that may be obtained are in vacationer objects equivalent to Farmhouse, Floating Market Lembang, and way more.

10. Sundanese Stunning Girls

Not solely the fascinating tour, Bandung additionally has an inventory of lovely and candy ladies, no marvel if Bandung is nicknamed with a lovely girl paradise.

Along with stunning and sweet girls, Bandung metropolis is pleasant and courageous, as a result of many are utilizing public transportation.

Bandung Indonesia

11. Persia

Bandung’s professional football club is called Persib, which is the nickname of Persatuan Sepak Bola Indonesia Bandung.

It is also known as Mong Bandung, which means The Bandung Tigers and Pangiran Biru which means The Blue Prince.

Since its founding in the 1930s, it has built a huge fan base. The madness over Persib is so high that its merchandise is sold all over the street!

12. Bosscha Observatory

Bosscha Observatory is among the oldest commentary stars in Indonesia situated in Bandung, which is one of the interesting facts about Bandung, Indonesia.

Bosscha was constructed by Nederlandsch-Indische Sterrenkundige Vereeniging (NISV) or the Dutch Indies Star Affiliation.

This observatory has additionally been the scene of filming considered one of Indonesian youngsters’ movie entitled “Petualangan Sherina”.

13. Heart of the Country

Bandung is often known as a metropolis in addition to vogue paradise in Indonesia contemplating there are numerous well-known vogue manufacturers in Bandung.

Name it world-class manufacturers like Giorgio Armani, Guess, and Hugo Boss produced on this metropolis.

There are additionally tons of native vogue manufacturers that might be able to compete in home and worldwide markets.

That’s why Bandung is nicknamed Paris van Java. As a result of Paris is a vogue metropolis of the world, in the meantime, Bandung is a vogue metropolis in Java.

14. Science lover

Bandung is mostly popular due to parks and fashions. So, not everyone knows that Bandung was once a major center of the world’s best scientists.

In the past, this city has been the host of several major international scientific conferences.

15. Jeans Street

In a city that is so fashionable, naming streets is obvious but obvious. Jeans Street was the nickname of Chimpellas Street where local designers opened denim stores in the ’90s which became quite popular due to the low prices.

16. A popular educational destination

With about 50 higher education institutions, Bandung is the most popular destination for higher education in Indonesia.

The town of Bandung is the one metropolis with four State Universities. They’re Bandung Institute of Know-how (ITB), Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI), Padjajaran College (Unpad), and Sunan Gunung Jati State Islamic College. It might be a pleasant consideration should you might be the scholar of college in Bandung.

Changing education from social science and technology to tourism education can be found through these institutes.

17. Architecture

The architecture of Bandung is greatly influenced by Dutch architecture. Most of the civic offices and buildings are dominated by modernist architecture.

Even the buildings that are now designed in Bandung are mostly educated from the Netherlands!

18. A variety of parks yow will discover

Bandung has many parks generally utilized by residents to take away fatigue. Thus far, it has dozens of neatly laid out gardens (some are nonetheless beneath development).

Bandung is legendary for its distinctive metropolis parks.

One in all of them is Taman Jomblo. Taman Jomblo is a particular park created for lonely singles in Bandung.

This park was initiated by the Mayor of Bandung, Ridwan Kamil.

19. Angkot

The name Angkot is derived from the word Ankutan Quota, which means city transport.

Bandung metropolis is an enormous metropolis that has the biggest fleet of public transportation named Angkot, why so?

That is associated with Bandung residents preferring to make use of public transportation for touring reasonably than utilizing non-public automobiles.

Evidenced by the variety of Angkot in Bandung be cool as a result of not a lot of air pollution.

Angkot is actually a minibus-like transport that is one of the most popular ways of transporting people. Surprisingly there are no other buses to transport to Bandung.

20. One of many historic cities of Indonesia

Bandung Lautan Api is the nickname of Bandung when the seizure of territory by the Dutch who will make the town of Bandung as their army headquarters. Residents of Bandung at the moment were incessant to defend their beloved metropolis.

The tragedy led by A.H. Nasution is because of the background with the ultimatum of the Dutch military to empty the town of Bandung, which is one of the fun facts about Bandung, Indonesia.

Due to his love, A.H. Nasution and his chief laiinnya keen mebakar personal metropolis with a motive for the town of Bandung will not be utilized by the Dutch military. This restoration came about on March 23, 1946.

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