October 4, 2023
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100 Top Interesting Facts about Ghana for Everyone

(Last Updated On: April 16, 2021)

Ghana is a country in Africa.  With so many interesting facts about Ghana, this country has a long history of struggle, success, thrive, and encouragement. In this article, I am going to talk about some interesting facts about Ghana everyone must know.

Interesting Facts about Ghana

Knowing about a country is awesome, some interesting facts about Ghana will give you a thorough understanding of many unknown facts. Let’s find below a list of interesting facts about Ghana you must like it!

1. The total surface area of ​​the Republic of Ghana is 238,837 square kilometers, extending from the Republic of Ghana to the western Balkans of Africa. It is bounded on the west by Cote d’Ivoire, Togo on the east, the Atlantic Ocean on the south, and Burkina Faso on the north.

2. Greenwich meridian bifurcates the country, while also keeping the northern tropical zone perfectly. Ghana’s population is estimated at 20 million, of which about 20% is in the capital city of Akar and its surroundings.

3. Other major urban centers are Kumasi, Tamale, Cape Coast, and Takoradi. English is the official language, but most people also speak several languages.

4. Categorized into four linguistic groups, more than 70 major dialects and languages ​​are spoken; Mole-Dagbani, Akan, Ga, and Eau.

5. Bi is the most popular Akan language, spoken by almost half the population. Hana% is Ghanaian Christian, 5% Muslim and the rest adhere to traditional Tahitian spiritual beliefs.

6. Ghana was the first country in sub-Saharan Africa to achieve post-independence independence. It gained independence on March 6, 1957.

7. One of the interesting facts about Ghana is that this nation was initially occupied by the Akan folks between 1200 and 1600. They stay the biggest ethnic group within the nation today.

8. Motto: “Freedom and Justice”, is one of the interesting things about Ghana.

9. Most of the folks residing within the southern part of the nation are thought-about wealthy than these within the North.

10. The currency is called the Ghanaian Cedi,

11. Lake Volta in Ghana Is One of the Largest Man-made Lakes within the World, one of the positive Ghana geography facts.

12. One of the amazing facts about Ghana is that cocoa beans are Ghana’s largest export product.

13. One of the interesting facts about Ghana is that the country is the World’s seventh-largest producer of Gold

14. Kofi Annan Was Born and Raised in Ghana and Began His Career There

15. Ghanaian Athlete Ferdi Ato Abobe Holds the World Record for Walking Backwards, this must be one of the facts of Ghana.

16. Ghana Has the Oldest European Built Castle in Sub-Saharan Africa, which is one of the vital Ghana history facts.

17. The other interesting facts about Ghana is that this country produces a unique cloth called Kente

18. The Country Has Launched Its Own Space Program and Hopes to Launch a Satellite in 2015

19. One of the interesting facts about Ghana is that this country name means “Warrior King”

20. The authorities have been concerned to find measures to revive sanity within the markets with extra efforts on regulating, borrowing domestically than overseas although the efforts are characterized by uncertainty.

21. Akan is probably the most popularly used language in Ghana after English spoken by practically 67.1% of the inhabiting folks, which is one of the fun facts about Ghana.

22. In Ghana, it’s a conventional observation that seasons like harvesting should be accompanied by ceremonies. Other popularly celebrated ceremonies are just like the age ceremonies for women that happen earlier than marriage or giving delivery.

23. Ghana Houses the Largest Open Air Market in West Africa

24. In Ghana, Religious Tolerance and Fairness Is Taught to Everyone

25. The gold availability within the area created vested pursuits between the British, Portuguese ensuing to rivalry in 1482.

26. After World War II, educated Ghanaians thought it sensible that they might search for the independence of their nation and liberate themselves from oppression, one of the historical facts about Ghana.

27. The conflict veterans had been outstanding taking ahead of the battle for liberation with the notion that colonization was a type of oppression. They started combating it.

28. In the 12 months of 1945, throughout a gathering in Manchester attended by Kwame Nkrumah, critical considerations on independence had been raised giving strategy to Pan-African consciousness.

29. Ghana struggles with poverty within the area attributable to its excessive inhabitant’s price.

30. Ghana was the primary nation to achieve independence in West Africa from the British folks. (West African nations embrace – 1. Benin, 2. Burkina Faso, 3. the island nation of Cape Verde, 4. Gambia, 5. Ghana, 6. Guinea, 7. Guinea-Bissau, 8. Ivory Coast, 9. Liberia, 10. Mali, 11. Mauritania, 12. Niger, 13. Nigeria, 14. the island of Saint Helena, 15. Senegal, 16. Sierra Leone, 17. São Tomé and Príncipe, and 18. Togo.)

31. The nation was named after the medieval empire of West Africa which initially was Wagadugu.

32. Some of the folks discovered residing in Ghana right now are believed to have ancestors linked with medieval Ghana particularly folks from the Northern area.

33. Ghana earlier than 1957 was generally known as the Gold Coast as a result of the availability of gold alongside the rivers Ankobra and Volta.

34. In comparability, Ghana covers a space that’s barely smaller than Oregon.

35. Ghana is the second-largest producer of cocoa beans – it brings in earnings of around $800 million from the demanding world marketplace for chocolate! We love chocolate!

36. The tradition and custom of the Ghanaian folks of West Africa have blended particularly due to the truth that the nation boasts of a number of tribes that uphold their completely different cultural orientations in addition to their diversified methods of life. In as a lot as there’s a multiplicity of various ethnic teams, the tradition is totally unified and as such, Ghana has loved political stability within the area even after the post-Colonial period.

37. Traditionally, Ghana as a nation was divided into three completely different castes particularly, royals, commoners, and slaves. Up to this point, the normal class stratification remains to be acknowledged though slavery isn’t outstanding in right now’s Ghana.

38. Polygamy is authorized and other people shouldn’t have an issue with polygamous households as far as the breadwinner can sufficiently present for the households. However, marrying a couple of spouses is most frequently than not a reserve for the wealthier in addition to highly effective members of society.

39. Traditional practices on widow inheritance are nonetheless prominently practiced in {that a} window is anticipated to be married by a residing brother of the late husband and as such assume full duty for the youngsters left behind in addition to his new spouse.

40. Most Ghanaian folks gown in brightly colored clothes ideally manufactured from silk.

41. Ghanaians take pleasure in dancing, taking part in the drums, and as meals, must be enlisted in the top 100 facts on Ghana.

42. Generally, Ghanaian tradition lays extra emphasis on being hospitable to everybody within the society, working towards good manners in each setting in addition to respect for everybody, which is one of the mentionable life in Ghana facts.

43. In as a lot as Ghanaian tradition and conventional beliefs are discovered to range from one ethnic group to the opposite, the Akan spiritual practices laid extra emphasis on ancestral intercession coupled with beliefs in different gods, spirits, and goddesses.

44. With time and modifications going down on the earth right now, Ghana has not been left behind in that Christianity has influenced most of their historically held beliefs and many individuals right now are discovered to desert polygamy and observe monogamy which is an extensively held perception practiced by Christians.

45. The Ghanaian economic system has efficiently grown by roughly 6% annually; the principle agricultural exports embrace oil, gold, palm oil, sugar, cocoa butter, cashew, shea nuts, and rubber.

46. Ghanaian Celebrities Are Famed for Not Letting Their Wealth and Status Affect Them, which is one of the fun facts about Ghana

47. There are some 45,000 conventional healers in Ghana that assist deal with individuals who can’t afford to pay the National Health Insurance scheme.

48. Ghana is changing into well-known for its faculties as a result of it actually values and helps to school.

49. Overall poverty charges are declining in Ghana as in comparison with different nations in Sub-Saharan Africa. Thus the nation is taken into account to be the main nation in Africa pin assembly the MDGs (Millennium Development Goals).

50. Agriculture is the most important employer within the nation thus most individuals are discovered farming their lands translating to excessive poverty charges.

51. However, the nation struggles to be a center revenue incomes nation attributable to its lengthy political stability within the area.

52. Ghana had their first structure in 1946.

53. Ghana has loved intervals of each conflict and peace even after independence.

54. The terrain in Ghana is generally of low-lying plains with notable hills properly distributed all through the nation.

55. Kwame Nkrumah grew to become the first president of independent Ghana after they gained independence in 1957.

56. According to UNICEF, sadly 970,000 kids between the ages of 0-17 had misplaced one or each of their dad and mom in 2011, one of the crucial Ghana facts and information.

57. Ghanaians have a good time quite a lot of native festivals all year long, such because the Bakatue pageant in July which marks the brand new fishing season, and the spring Homowo pageant which asks for good rains, search this in the Ghana rainforest facts!

58. The capital City of Ghana is Accra which has inhabitants of roughly 2.273 million folks (2015 est.), which must be found in the World Factbook about Ghana.

59. The foremost Cash crop grown in Ghana is Cocoa, is this fun and more about Ghana?

60. Ghana has 16 nature safety areas overlaying roughly 5% of the nation, this must be added to the top five facts about Ghana.

61. The Kakum National Park is residence to round 40 species of enormous mammals, virtually 200 species of birds, and 400 of Ghana’s 1,000 butterfly species (Britain has simply 56)!

62. Ghana Is Essentially a Tropical Country, Though It Has 2 Very Distinct Split Seasons

63. Due to the tropical local weather (a mosquitoes‘ favorite), Malaria is the number one killer here.

64. English Is the Official Language of Ghana however There Are Over 200 Other Dialects Spoken

Ghana flag

65. From 1482 Portuguese after which different European nations arrange buying and selling posts to commerce the gold with the Akan, which is one of the fun facts about Ghana.

66. During the 16th and 17th centuries, slavery overtook gold as the primary export within the area like English, Dutch, Danish, and Swedish merchants arrive.

67. The Asante (Ashanti) Empire dominated over a lot of southern Ghana in the course of the 18th and 19th centuries. The Ashanti traded gold and different items with Europeans in addition to equipped slaves.

68. One of probably the most well-known websites in Ghana is the Cape Coast Castle. Here, slaves had been imprisoned earlier than transportation. The British ultimately banned slave commerce from the Gold Coast in 1807, after which throughout all its colonies in 1833.

69. Ghana was proclaimed a British crown colony in 1875. It was generally known as the Gold Coast due to the massive quantities of gold that had been discovered within the space, this is really one of the important facts about Ghana.

70. Most of the Ghanaian meals are conventional reflective of the nation’s historical past in addition to agriculture.

71. The delicacy for most individuals is boiled cassava, plantains, and yams that are rolled into balls generally known as fufu, one of the unique facts about Ghana, Africa

72. Most, if not all dishes in Ghana are spiced up primarily with chilies and pink peppers, is this one of the weird facts about Ghana, what do you think?

73. Ghana boasts of getting the biggest open-air market in West Africa situated in Kumasi the place folks go to purchase garments, material in addition to clothes.

74. Ghanaians have a good time a dancing pageant held yearly and most of their celebrities are identified globally as not permitting their wealth and even statuses to have an effect on their day by day residing.

75. Gold accounts for practically half (49%) of all of Ghana’s exports, valued at $8.35 billion.

76. The Ghanaian flag is an easy horizontal tricolor of red-white-green with a central black star. The pink signifies the battle for independence, yellow the wealth of the nation, and the green represents its forests and farms. The black five-pointed star is named the ‘lodestar of African freedom’.

77. In Ghana, the day of the week a toddler is born will compose a part of their title. For instance, a toddler born on Sunday will both have the title Kwadwo for a boy or Adzoa for a woman., which is one of the fun facts about Ghana

78. Football is Ghana’s hottest sport. The nationwide staff has received the African Cup of Nations 4 occasions. Only Egypt (7) and Cameroon (5) have received more, one of the valuable Ghana information facts.

79. Ghana means ‘Warrior King’ within the Soninke language. Soninke is primarily spoken in Mali, however, nonetheless has speakers in Ghana and in a number of West African nations.

80. In 1991, Ghanaian Ferdie Ato Adoboe set the world document for the quickest run backward. He ran 100m backward in 13.6 seconds.

81. Kofi Annan might be probably the most internationally identified Ghanaian. He was the UN Secretary-General from 1997 to 2006. Annan died in 2018 at the age of 80, this must be recorded in the top 3 facts about Ghana.

82. Kofi Annan is Ghana’s solely Nobel Prize Winner. He received the Peace Prize in 2001 for his ‘work for a better organized and more peaceful world.’

83. One of probably the most curious details about Ghana is how conventional healers play a big position in its well being system. Because of the restricted availability of healthcare, conventional drugs are utilized by as much as 70% of sufferers in Ghana.

84. Ghana is the world’s second-largest producer of cocoa beans, utilized in chocolate products. Neighbouring Côte d’Ivoire is the primary, this is one of the significant facts about cocoa in Ghana.

85. Ghana is known for its butterflies. Kakum National Park is residence to over 600 species of butterflies, this must be entitled in the 10 facts about Ghana.

86. In 1957, Ghana grew to become the primary sub-Saharan nation – and as such the primary black African nation – to achieve independence from colonial rule., which is one of the fun facts about Ghana

87. Kwame Nkrumah was Ghana’s first Prime Minister and President after main protests towards British rule in Africa. He was overthrown in a coup in 1966, one of the gravest Ghana country facts.

88. From 1964, Ghana suffered from numerous destabilizing coups and was usually underneath army rule. Ghana was predominantly a one-party state till 1992 when a multi-party system was restored.

89. Having lately overtaken South Africa, as of April 2019, Ghana is Africa’s largest and the world’s eighth-largest producer of gold.

90. Starting a business in Ghana has been made simple with the little paperwork concerned and controlled enterprise freedom.

91. The Ghanaian authorities are dedicated to eradicating all taxes on gas amongst different subsidies in a bid to cushion advertising and marketing and different business-minded folks, which is one of the interesting facts about Ghana culture.

92. Foreigners are inspired to spend money on the nation supplied they’re legally registered with the federal government, which is one of the crucial Ghana government facts.

93. Cities alongside the coast reminiscent of Accra and Sekondi-Takoradi are trendy and energetic, with Ghanaians adopting Westernised gown and consuming habits.

94. Ghana Was the First Sub-Saharan Country in Africa to Gain Independence, this must be enlisted in Ghana facts for kids.

95. The Ghanaian Currency Known because the Cedi Is Actually a Type of Shell

96. Unfortunately, attributable to logging and the clearance of farmland, solely round a tenth of Ghana’s virgin tropical forest stays intact.

97. Ghana ranks in the Global Peace Index as Africa’s most peaceful country.

98. Lake Volta is the world’s largest man-made lake in the country’s Volta region. It is 250 miles long and 3,283 square miles, or 3.6 percent of Ghana’s field.

99. The currency unit of Ghana is called a CD. The word “CD” comes from the local word meaning cow shell.

100. Kawar shells (from sea snails) were once used as money in Ghana.

101. Ghana has a population of 26.5 million, ghana facts Wikipedia.

102. The total area of ​​Ghana is 238,533 square km (92,098 square miles)

103. The main language of Ghana is English, African languages ​​including Akan, Eo, this must be entitled in the Ghana culture facts.

104. The life expectancy of Ghana 64৪ years (male), years 66 years (female), this must be available in the CIA world factbook Ghana.

105. There are six national parks and many small nature reserves, which were set up to help preserve Ghana’s wildlife. There are more than 4 butterfly species in the Kakum National Park, including the massive Gillettel, which is about 8 inches (20 cm) wide.

106. Children in Ghana start kindergarten at the age of four. Then all children aged 6-12 take part in six years of primary education. If the family can afford it, then the kids do secondary education. Ghana’s school system is much better than its many African neighbors.

107. Ghanaians love soccer and build a big football stadium in the capital of Accra. Soccer is a national sport.
Hana is a traditional and traditional kahin cloth for the Chinese. In the north, men wear loose clothing made of thick cloth.

108. Poisonous snakes such as cobras and puff adders are endemic to snails, which can bite their victims if they are bitten.

109. One of the interesting facts about Ghana is that, apart from the national government in this country, there is a system of tribal government.

110. People from Portugal, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, and Britain came to the Gold Coast to find gold. In the 20th century, the British took control of this country and declared the Gold Coast a colony of the British Empire.

111. In 2007, oil was found off the coast of Ghana. Daily production of 200,000 barrels, which would have been achieved in about five years from the start of production, could have earned Ghana approximately US $ 6.5 billion a year.

112. The name Ghana means the warrior king and dates back to the days of the Ghana Empire from the ninth to the 13th centuries, this must be found in the CIA factbook Ghana.

113. Ghana is the largest market in West Africa. It is called Kagetia Market and is located in Kumasi, the capital of the Ashanti region. There you can find everything from local crafts – beads, fabrics, and sandals to second-hand jeans and clothing and meat, fruits, and vegetables under the hot Ghanaian sun.

114. Ghana produces the world’s second-largest cocoa beans. Ivory Coast is number 5. this must be checked in the 5 facts about Ghana.

115. In 1991, Ghana’s Ferdi Auto Adobo set the world record of running 100 meters in under 1.6 seconds.

116. The Ghana Empire was built in the salt and gold trade, which is why the British merchants later called it the Gold Coast.

117. The black star on the Ghana flag was received from the Universal Negro Improvement Association by the legendary Pan African leader Marcus Garve and the African Community League, a steamship company on the Black Star Line.

118. One of the interesting facts about Ghana is that Ghanaians speak more than 40 languages ​​in 10 regions. English is the official language, but most people also speak several languages.

119. A West African country bounded by the Gulf of Guinea, Cote d’Ivoire to the west of Ghana, Burkina Faso to the north, Togo to the east, and the Atlantic Ocean to the south. It compares to Oregon in size and its largest river is Volta, this is one of the Ghana tourism facts.

120. Most of the major civilizations are presently Ghana, which is developed in the general area. The ancient empire of Ghana (located 500 miles northwest of the tropical kingdom) ruled until the 13th century, and the Akan people established the next great civilization at the beginning of the thirteenth century, and then the Ashanti Empire expanded in the 18th and 19th centuries, let’s check in the Ghana factbook.

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