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60 Kuala Lumpur City Malaysia Interesting Fun Facts

(Last Updated On: April 16, 2021)

Located on the peninsula of southwestern Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur city is the capital of Malaysia. It is one of the fastest-growing metropolitan cities in Southeast Asia. Being a business center, Kuala Lumpur has a mix of different varieties including Indian, Malay, and Chinese. Kuala Lumpur is fast becoming one of the most sought-after tourist destinations as the steel clay skyscrapers, historic historical monuments, green gardens, and streets surrounding the market. Let’s find some interesting information about Kuala Lumpur:

Kuala Lumpur city facts

Kuala Lumpur city Quick Facts

  1. Kuala Lumpur is 94 sq. miles in size with an average elevation of 72 feet above sea level. The city floods in periods of heavy rains.
  2. The total land space of Kuala Lumpur is 866 sq. miles (2,243 sq. kilometers), which’s barely bigger than Greater London.
  3. Kuala Lumpur’s inhabitants were 6,837,000 in 2015, that’s solely 2/three the inhabitants of Greater London, and offers it an inhabitants density of around 7,895 residents per sq. mile.
  4. Kuala Lumpur city is situated 184 ft above sea level.
  5. Kuala Lumpur city is fondly often called KL, and its residents are often called KLites.
  6. Kuala Lumpur is Malaysia’s largest city and its capital.
  7. The city was based in 1857 by Chinese tin miners.
  8. Malaysian Ringgit is the official forex right here.
  9. Residents of Kuala Lumpur are often called Malaysians, though they’re also called KLites.
  10. The Petronas Towers, inbuilt in 1996 and situated in Kuala Lumpur, are the tallest twin towers on the earth and had been initially the tallest buildings on the earth upon completion!
  11. Malaysians dwelling in Kuala Lumpur takes pleasure in a tropical rainforest local weather with usual heat and moist climate, little temperature fluctuation, and an average annual temperature of 28°C.
  12. Kuala Lumpur is the capital city of Malaysia.
  13. Wondering the right way to say the name of this excellent city? It’s pronounced Kwah-luh Loum-poor.
  14. The official language of Kuala Lumpur is Malaysian.
  15. Kuala Lumpur was established in 1859, however wasn’t really granted city standing till 1972.

16. Chinese origin

The city was really based by the Chinese with the rise of the tin mining trade started in the course of the 19th century. Chinese tin miners had been coming to the realm for mining functions and based the city out of necessity. In the early 20th century began the growth with the event of rubber plantations in Selangor.

17. The Batu Caves

One of probably the most popular Hindu shrines outdoors of India, the Batu Caves is a sequence of cave temples in a limestone hill situated Eight miles north of KL within the Gombak district. The entrance to Batu Caves features a steep flight of 272 steps. You will see a powerful gold statue when visiting this location that makes the journey to the caves even more worthwhile.

18. Districts of Kuala Lumpur city

Kuala Lumpur’s eleven parliamentary constituencies, with estimated inhabitants and share of the total, are congruent with administrative subdivisions beneath the authority of the Kuala Lumpur City Hall authority.

19. One of the three federal territories

Kuala Lumpur is among the three federal territories of Malaysia, enclaved throughout the state of Selangor, on the central west coast of Peninsular Malaysia.

20. Finished in six years

Yes, Petronas Towers, the world’s tallest two towers, was built in just six years in Kuala Lumpur city.

21. Home to the king’s abode!

The Istana Negara in Kuala Lumpur city is the official residence of King Young D-Partuan Agong, Malaysia. The magnificent Palace compound covers approximately 50,000-square meters and is a favorite among tourists.

22. Commonwealth Games and F1 Grand Prix host

It was the host of the Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur 3 It also hosted the Grand Prix of Elle and motorcycle Grand Prix at Selang’s International Circuit.

23. The highest literacy rate

Kuala Lumpur city is proud of Malaysia’s highest literacy rate

24. People from KL are known as…

Not KL People, Kualas, or Lumpurians, however KLites. Don’t ask us why, there would not appear to be proof for the coining of the time period. Apparently, different states of Malaysia have their very own phrases for his or her residents as effectively, so maybe we’ll simply have to simply accept this truth as it’s.

25. Full plastic straw ban

The ban on plastic straws within the Federal Territories of Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, and Labuan from Jan 1 next year obtained blended views from the general public. Comments from netizens confirmed that many had been for it for the higher good of the setting however some raised their considerations on comfort, value, and hygiene.

26. Designer of the Petronas

An Argentinian architect, Cesar Pelli, designed the Petronas Twin Towers. Between 1998 by means of 2004, they had been the world’s tallest buildings and are nonetheless considered the world’s tallest ‘twin’ buildings.

27. Elected monarch

The Yang di-Pertuan Agong is at the top of the state of Malaysia and is among the few elected monarchs on the earth. Sultan Abdul Halim of Kedah is the present Yang di-Pertuan Agong and lives on the palatial Istana Negara complicated -the official residence of the Malaysian monarch – protecting 13 acres in Kuala Lumpur.

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28. Geography

The geography of Kuala Lumpur is characterized by the large Klang Valley. The valley is bordered by the Titiwangsa Mountains within the east, a number of minor ranges within the north and the south, and the Strait of Malacca within the west. Kuala Lumpur is a Malay time period that interprets as “muddy confluence” as it’s situated on the confluence of the Klang and Gombak rivers.

29. Klang Valley Integrated Transit System

Kuala Lumpur has a complete street system supported by an intensive range of public transport networks, often called the Klang Valley Integrated Transit System.

30. Ban in opposition to extreme use of lipsticks

In 1996, the federal government of KL launched this ban, believing that extreme use of lipsticks “was a prelude to illicit sex”. Since Malaysia is an Islamic nation, it is not stunning that the federal government chooses to be slightly more conservative. It defended itself by stating that sporting lipstick defeats the aim of sporting a hijab, whereas the ladies of the state did not see why this ought to be an issue in any respect.

31. Hindu Shine

One of probably the most popular Hindu shrines outdoors of India, the Batu Caves is a sequence of cave temples in a limestone hill situated 8 miles north of KL within the Gombak district.

32. The KL Tower

It looks like KL is on a roll for constructing actually tall skyscrapers because the KL Tower has clinched the rating of the seventh tallest tower on the earth. It is a telecommunications tower constructed to enhance transmissions and provides many experiences together with viewing and eating that people can bask in. That’s one sensible approach to attracting vacationers to the city!

33. It is the most important Malaysian city

KL wins all different Malaysian states by way of inhabitants and space. It is not stunning, contemplating how a lot the capital has grown since its independence and how briskly it continues to enhance. The crowd of places of work and buying malls maybe add to the explanation why more and more people select to stay right here daily.

34. Tourist locations

The main vacationer locations in Kuala Lumpur embody the Petronas Twin Towers, the Bukit Bintang buying district, the Kuala Lumpur Tower, Petaling Street (Chinatown), the Merdeka Square, the House of Parliament, the National Palace (Istana Negara), the National Museum, Islamic Arts Museum, Central Market, KL Bird Park, Aquaria KLCC, the National Monument, and religious sites such because the Sultan Abdul Samad Jamek Mosque, Thean Hou Temple and Buddhist Maha Vihara in Brickfield.

35. Festivals

Kuala Lumpur performs host to many cultural festivals such because the Thaipusam procession on the Sri Mahamariamman Temple. Every year in the course of the Thaipusam celebration, a silver chariot carrying the statue of Lord Muruga collectively together with his consort Valli and Teivayanni can be paraded by means of the city starting on the temple all the best way to Batu Caves within the neighboring Selangor.

36. No city until 1972

Although Kuala Lumpur is one of the fastest-growing cities in the world, it only achieved the status of being a city in 1972.

37. Home of the Parliament of Malaysia

Malaysia’s parliamentary parliaments are located in the Lake Garden in Kuala Lumpur.

38. K Lights City

Kuala Lumpur is affectionately called KL and the city’s residents are known as K Lights.

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39. Flooding is common

Due to tropical rain forest weather, flash floods are a regular occurrence in Kuala Lumpur, especially in the city center and other low-lying areas during the monsoon season. So keep this in mind and check the weather conditions when planning to visit Kuala Lumpur.

40. Petronas Towers

Kuala Lumpur is home to the tallest building in the world – Petronas Towers. They were the tallest buildings in the world, from 9 to 25 until the opening of Taipei. Also, the double-decker bridge connecting the two towers on the 8th and 12th floors is the highest double bridge in the world.

41. The tower is a tilted

In order to meet the deadline, two separate companies were appointed to build the towers. The Japanese company, Hazama Corp., built a tower and another Korean company Samsung. However, Hajama Corp. made a mistake and discovered that the tower had a 25mmilt. To correct the trough, the next 16 floors were 20 mm backward. Have fun! Not so?

42. Independence

In 1957, the Federation of Malaya gained its independence from British rule. Kuala Lumpur remained the capital city after the formation of Malaysia on September 16, 1963.

43. Retail and Fashion Hub

Kuala Lumpur is the retail and trend hub of Malaysia and boasts of more than 65 buying malls, together with the world’s fourth-largest mall, 1Utama, which covers 5 million sq. feet. The Sunway Pyramid shopping center is most recognizable with its Egyptian-inspired sphinx structure.

44. Religions

Kuala Lumpur is pluralistic and religiously various. The city has many locations of worship catering to the multi-religious inhabitants. Islam is practiced primarily by the Malays, the Indian Muslim communities, and a small variety of Chinese Muslims. Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism are practiced primarily among the many Chinese. Indians historically adhere to Hinduism. Some Chinese and Indians additionally subscribe to Christianity.

45. Kuala Lumpur means “muddy confluence”

The that means behind the name of this capital city might be not probably the most glamorous, but it surely has confirmed itself to be passed just the muddy becoming a member of of two rivers (Gombak River and Klang River). Some people consider that the name derived, as an alternative, from the Cantonese phrase lam-pa to imply “flooded jungle”, however, there isn’t proof to show that that is the case. We’re simply glad that KL has reworked right into magnificence through the years.

46. Tranquil KLCC Park

Spanning 6.9 hectares under the Petronas Twin Towers is the KLCC Park with jogging and strolling paths, a fountain with an integrated light present, wading swimming pools, and a youngsters’ playground. The park was designed to showcase a heritage of tropical greenery by integrating man’s creation with nature. The park itself contrasts as a relaxed setting within the midst of the hustle and bustle of the city.

47. The Petronas Twin Towers

These towers are an enormous landmark in KL and are at the moment the tallest twin towers on the earth. They had been in truth the tallest buildings on the earth till Taipei 101 took over in 2004. The twin towers are a very popular vacationer spot within the city for people to admire the view of the magnificent skyline from.

48. It was based by Chinese tin miners

The first fascinating factor to notice is that KL was not based on a big public determine, however, your average tin miner occurred to seek out wealthy sources of tin across space. Secondly, the Malaysian city was not found by ethnic Malays however Chinese immigrants, which maybe explains how culturally various the city is tod

49. Mud confluence

This is the literal meaning of Kuala Lumpur. In Malay, Kuala means “jungle” and Lumpur means “connection between two rivers”. Kuala Lumpur has been named because it is located at the junction of the Gombak River and Klang River.

50. Language

Bahasa Malaysia is the principal language in Kuala Lumpur. Kuala Lumpur residents are usually literate in English, with a big proportion adopting it as their first language. Malaysian English is a variant broadly used.

51. The city hosted the 1998 Commonwealth Games

This is a big occasion in Malaysian and KL history because the 1998 Commonwealth Games signified the first time the video games had been held in an Asian nation. This positioned Malaysia in a vital place and confirmed to the world that it was a rustic of standard.

52. It is residence to Istana Negara

Istana Negara is the official residence of Malaysian monarch Yang di-Pertuan Agong. Don’t mistake the brand new palace for the old – the old compound has been was a royal museum that homes grand exhibitions and installations pertaining to the royal family. The palace has merely been shifted to a unique location in KL, so you possibly can nonetheless play a go-to from the skin.

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53. Shopping Malls

Kuala Lumpur is the retail and trend hub of Malaysia and boasts of more than 65 buying malls, together with the world’s fourth-largest mall, 1Utama, which covers 5 million sq. feet. The Sunway Pyramid shopping center is most recognizable with its Egyptian-inspired sphinx structure.

54. A Multiracial hub in South-East Asia

Kuala Lumpur is Malaysia’s capital and the most important city, in addition to the cultural, financial, and economic center of Malaysia. As the metropolitan city of Malaysia, it covers an area of 243 km2 and has an estimated inhabitants of 1.8 million. Kuala Lumpur is a residence of a various mixture of ethnicity together with Indian, Malay, and Chinese.

55. Architecture

The structure of Kuala Lumpur is a combination of old colonial influences, Asian traditions, Malay Islamic inspirations, modern, and postmodern architecture combine.

56. Petronas Twin Towers has a tilt of practically 10 inches

One of the Petronas Twin Towers was constructed by the Japanese Hazama Corporation; the opposite twin tower was constructed by the Korean Samsung C&T Corporation. The tower constructed by the Samsung group is level; the tower constructed by the Hazama Corporation, nevertheless, has a tilt of practically 10 inches.

57. Birthplace of Hashing

Kuala Lumpur can also be the birthplace of Hashing, which started in December 1938 when a gaggle of British colonial officers and expatriates, some from the Selangor Club, started meeting on Monday evenings to run, in a trend patterned after the normal British Paper Chase or “Hare and Hounds”.

58. Stunning city view

The name Kuala Lumpur is a Malay time period that means “muddy confluence”. The city is located on the confluence of Gombak River (earlier Lumpur River) and Klang River which ultimately gives the city a shocking view from each angle. However, when there are durations of heavy rain in Kuala Lumpur, it’s common for the city to flood, sadly.

59. It has seen huge climate fluctuations

The highest temperature ever recorded in KL was 37.2 degrees Celsius whereas the bottom recorded was 17.8 degrees Celsius. There’s fairly a stark distinction between the 2, which reveals how a lot of international warming has affected us and the way a lot the world has modified through the years.

60. Forests

There are three forest reserves throughout the city particularly the Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve within the city center, the oldest gazetted forest reserve within the nation 10.52 ha or 26.0 acres, Bukit Sungai Putih Forest Reserve (7.41 ha or 18.3 acres), and Bukit Sungai Besi Forest Reserve (42.11 ha or 104.1 acres).

61. During World War II

During World War II, Kuala Lumpur was captured by the Japanese Army on January 11th, 1942, and occupied till August 15th, 1945 when Seishiro Itagaki surrendered to the British following the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

62. Oldest university

Kuala Lumpur is home to the University of Malaya (UM). Established in 1949, it’s the oldest college in Malaysia, and one of many oldest within the area.

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