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100 Venice, Italy Facts – Fun Facts about Venice

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Venice is one of the amazing cities not only in Italy but also in entire Europe with many facts. This is the capital of the Veneto region of northern Italy with more than 100 islands in a lagoon in the Adriatic Sea. Venice Italy comprises of so many fascinating facts that everyone gets surprised! In this article, I am going to talk about Venice, Italy interesting facts.

Venice Italy facts

Let’s find below the Venice Italy facts you must love!

The central square of Venice is Piazza San Marco belongs St. Mark’s Basilica, a blended tiled architecture with rich Byzantine mosaics as well as the Campanile bell tower renders views of the city’s stunning red roofs. Venice Italy facts are really awesome.

The Republic of Venice is a state in Europe that originated from the lagoon community in what is now Venice, northeast Italy. It has been in existence since the end of the Christian seventh century until 1797, even for a little more than a millennium although it has a long history of war and conquest.

There are many narrow roads in Venice. The narrow road to Venice is called ‘Calletta’ or ‘Ramo Verisco’, and is located on a side road near Campo San Cassinio: it is one of the longest roads in the world because it only extends 53 centimeters wide at the chest level.

A famous city for the canals of Venice. There are several canals around the city. The Grand Canal is one of them; It is the largest canal in the city. Mass transportation is provided by water buses and private water taxis, and many tourists explore the canal by gondolas. One end of the canal reaches the reservoir near the Santa Lucia Railway Station and the other end into the St. Mark Basin; Of these, it forms a large inverted-S-shape through the central districts of Venice, with an average length of five meters (16.5 feet), 3.8 km long and 30 to 90 meters wide.

Venice is not gondola-based, but car-based. For many centuries the gondolas have dominated the city, which connects the city with the ancient tradition of Venice. Gondolas are one of the most recognized symbols of Venice. Each gondola is made of eight types of wood. On average, the gondola is 11 meters tall and weighs about 600 kilos.

Venezuela, a South American country according to the Italian name of Venice, means ‘Venezia.’ Also, Venezuela means little Venice in Spanish. Venice Italy facts are really great.

The Campanile of Saint Mark or the tower of San Marco Bell is 98.6 meters tall. The tower was built in the twelfth century and collapsed in the 12th. The tower was rebuilt and is the fifth tallest bell tower in Italy.

The Casino de Venezia or Casino in Venice is considered the oldest casino in the world. It was opened in 1638, and the casino building is also the final resting place of German composer Richard Wagner. The current building of the casino is the 1950s.

The world’s first graduate woman was born in Venice. He was Elena Lucrezia Corner Piscopia, who received an academic degree from the University. He was born in 1446. She was also the first woman in the world to have a Ph.D. degree. Degree from the University of Padua.

Due to its entire history and architecture, the city of Venice and its lagoon became the UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 97.

City of Venice Bridges. There are 7 bridges in Venice and 722 of them are private. On the Venice Bridge, there were usually no steps for the 16th century since many people rode on horseback. The Rialto Bridge is one of the oldest bridges in the city and one of four bridges spanning the city’s Grand Canal.

There are several ancient buildings in Venice. Some of them are hundreds of years old and several thousand years old. One of these is St. Mark’s Basilica, 1094 A.D. The oldest cathedral in the city. Venice Italy facts are really encouraging.

The city of Venice experiences excessive tides on about 430 occasions a year. The city is uncovered to the ocean, thus the quantity and frequency. The water ranges change, the canals change their peak, due to this. There can also be Aqua Alta which takes place between November. This means the town is flooded attributable to the town flooding for 3 or 4 hours, making most locations impassable. It is such a standard phenomenon and the residents can predict it utilizing apps!

Venice is a city in Veneto and is within the northeast area of Italy. Venice Italy facts are really knowledgeable.

The Italian title for Venice is Venezia, Italy.

The streets in Venice will not be extensive; however more shocking is the actual fact that there’s an avenue that’s simply 53cm wide!!!! The Calle Varisco, an avenue within the Cannaregio district leads down a set of stairs, and coming back from it’s fairly a sport!!!!

A complete of 118 islands make up the town of Venice, in fact, Venice facts for kids are very knowledgeable.

People consider that the town was sinking at 1-2 millimeters per year.

As of January 2020, the inhabitants of Venice is 637,245. Fun facts about Venice are obviously inspiring.

Venice, Italy can also be referred to as the ‘City of Canals.’ Venice Italy facts are undoubtedly awesome.

Loads of well-known folks have their roots in this city that has a ton of historical past. Marco Polo the well-known explorer, Classical music composer Antonio Vivaldi, Giacomo Casanova was additionally born in Venice!

The city of Venice was based as early as 421 AD, which must be added to 45 facts about Venice.

The spirit of the late painter Lorenzo Luzzo who dedicated suicide within the 16th century over a depressing love affair gone incorrect is alleged to linger within the vintage palace Casino de’ Spiriti on the Canal Grande, within the coronary heart of Venice.

Venice, Italy stood because of the ‘Pleasure Capital of Europe’ again within the 1720s.

The stunning place- Ca’ Dario, constructed within the 15th Century is considered to be the scariest place in Venice!

Legend says that Giovanni Dario constructed the palace for his daughter and her husband who died untimely deaths and anybody who has lived there has died in bizarre methods. It is believed that the palace was constructed on a cemetery and that’s the reason thriller surrounds it!

The first-ever air raid in history was on August 22, 1849, and concerned Venice. In fact, Venice history facts are very surprising.

This being a canal city means lots of actions are done on the water. There are very many gondolas- rowing boats in Venice, with about 400 gondolier- rowing boatmen.

Historically, Venice was the capital of the Veneto area, which is one of the interesting facts about Venice.

Rialto Bridge and Ponte dei Sospiri are probably the most worldwide well-known bridges. Rialto crosses the Canal Grande. This must be mentioned in the 10 funny facts about Venice.

Ponte dei Sospiri (the Sighs’bridge) connects the Palazzo Ducale with the native prisons. The title of the bridge comes not from the sighs of the romantic {couples} as some suppose however from the sighs of the prisoners led to the palace’s jails.

There are much less well-known bridges whose names are humorous and value mentioning:
Ponte delle tette (Tits’ bridge): the title comes from the proximity to the “red light” district space

Ponte dei Pugni (Fists’ bridge): the title derives from the epic fists’ fights of two households, Castellotti and Nicolotti, which have been mentioned to happen there.

Venice City was initially constructed to make the lagoon match for occupancy.

How many gardens are there in Venice? Approximately 500. Yes, it’s an enormous quantity and even the locals have no idea all of them. One of probably the most stunning public backyard is the “Royal Gardens of Saint Mark” in Saint Mark, Fondamenta Giardini ex Reali constructed on the order of Napoleon.

Venice used to function sortitions in selecting who would take the workplace. Fun facts about Venice are really knowledgable.

In 2008, the inhabitants of Venice dwindled to lower than 60,000. Venice Italy facts are obviously awesome.

The principal mode of transportation in Venice is the Vaporetto boat, fun facts about Venice Italy.

The city’s inhabitants are lowering in such a speedy approach that some folks consider that by 2030, it might be a ghost city. There has been a lower of over 60, 000 people within the last 50 years! The motive is that individuals are leaving the town is overcrowded and the price of dwelling is extremely excessive!

Exactly 391 bridges are open in Venice, Italy. There are so many interesting facts about Venice Italy.

Four main bridges cross over the Grand Canal, however, one is already starting to decay.

The largest canal in Venice is the Grand Canal.

There is a fantastic for folks caught biking within the city of Venice. Skateboards and roller-skates areas are also forbidden within the city.


Before, Venice bridges have been manufactured from wooden and flat in form, this could be one of the 5 fun facts about Venice Italy.

Venice is definitely a conglomeration of 124 small islands related by way of bridges. In the old-time, there have been fewer bridges and gondolas have been the most well-liked transports to maneuver around. Venice canals Italy facts.

The first stone bridge in Venice was constructed on June 10, 1337, subsequent to San Barnaba Square.

The oldest of the 4 bridges over the Grand Canal is the Rialto Bridge. Fun facts about Venice are really vibrant.

In 2008, the Venetians held a pretend funeral by carrying an empty casket across the city in three gondolas as an approach to protesting the drop within the inhabitants of the town. Nothing has modified a lot, although since then because the decline in inhabitants continues to be evident.

The oldest bridge nonetheless standing in Venice is a privately-owned bridge, this could be incorporated into 10 facts about Venice.

Venetian Gondolas require eight totally different species of wooden. Fun facts about Venice are really fascinating.

A gondolier takes residence with a median wage of 100,000 Euros, making them a few of the most well-paid professionals within the city. They really must go through training to get their licenses. There at the moment are solely about 400 gondoliers within the city, with solely 3or four licenses being issued per year!

Alluvial silt lies under the entire city of Venice. Truly, Venice and its information and facts are great.

The sea tides come and go twice a day although three inlets referred to as “bocche”in Venice. Each day the water is available in (excessive tide) and the water will get out (low tide) by way of the “bocche”. This mechanism occurs 730 times a year and it permits the survival of this magical city.

The Venice flag is a non-political banner.

In 1646, the primary lady to graduate- within the world- was born. Elena Lucrezia Cornaro Loredan Piscopia graduated in Venice with a Ph.D., making it to the historical past books as the primary lady to graduate. She graduated from the University of Padua with a Ph.D. in Philosophy at the age of 32! She may additionally converse seven languages fluently- Italian, Hebrew, Spanish, French, Arabic, Greek, and Latin!

The most normal model of the Venice flag exhibits the Lion of St. Mark holding an open e-book.

The largest sq. in Venice is St. Mark’s Square or Piazza San Marco.

The city is sinking at about 1-2mm per year. The city sits on the Adriatic plates that are shifting. This might be one of many pure causes and the residents, for hundreds of years have been extracting water from the town as nicely, which might be one of many man-made causes for the sinking.

The most well-known church in Venice and well-known on the planet in St. Mark’s Basilica or Basilica di San Marco.

The famed San Marco bell tower can also be in Venice, Italy. Fun facts about Venice are really great.

The Doge of Venice lives in The Doge’s Palace, one other principal landmark within the city. Venice Italy history facts are encouraging.

The world’s first public casino opened its doorways in Venice in Ridotto in 1638, opened by the Great Council of Venice. It was meant to supply managed playing through the carnival season.

Being a gondolier is an extremely desired job in Venice, Italy.

You don’t go for a cocktail and for some food fingers when in Venice. You go for “cichetti“ and “ombra de vin”. You should like Venice tourism facts.

Cichetti are small parts of meals starting from tuna tarts to small slices of polenta (boiled solidified cornmeal) with saucy fish on it.

Fish cichetti (tuna balls referred to as “polpette”, creamy white smocked mackerel on slices of bread, and so on) are the most popular ones however you’ll discover scrumptious meatballs and vegetable balls as nicely.

An “ombra de vin” is the native approach when asking for a small glass of wine.

The Venice glass business was a lethal mercantile back then, Venice history for kids.

There was a time when Gondolas might be painted any shade by the homeowners; primarily to draw clients and this gave the benefit to the wealthy folks since they might fancy up their gondolas; at a sure level, there was legislation that the one shade for use on the skin of the gondolas needs to be black and that has been the norm until now. Just a few folks have nonetheless embellished the within of their gondolas.

Did that there are 417 bridges in Venice and 72 of them are private? Since the town is made up of a whole lot of islands, it is just logical to have so perhaps bridges connecting them!

This is a canal city; right here, there are 177 canals. The largest one is the S-Shaped Grand Canal and an enjoyable truth is, it splits the town in two! This must be one of the top 5 facts about Venice.

The international time period ‘quarantine’ originated within the Venetian phrase ‘quaranti giorni.’

Thousands of miles you’ll say. Yet a vintage Egyptian mummy lies in a clear case in Venice. Fun facts about Venice are really inspiring.

The mummy of Nehmeket is a present of the ambassador Bolos Bei Iusuf to the monastery of the Armenians on the isle of San Lazzaro: Its unbelievable good situations make it some of the admired mummy throughout Europe.

The isle of San Lazzaro, referred to as the island of San Lazzaro degli Armeni, as the unique monks got here from Armenia, is only a brief boat’s journey from the Piazza San Marco embarcadero.

An engineering challenge launched within the city aimed to forestall city floods in Venice, Italy.

A dinosaur lives in Venice. Well, the time period “live” could also be an exaggeration. Yet, your complete skeleton of a dinosaur is on exhibit at the “Museo Storia Naturale” in Venice.

The skeleton found within the desert of Niger is a 7-meter Ouranosaurus nigeriensis, an herbivorous dinosaur dwelling in Africa greater than 112 hundreds of thousands of years in the past. It is now the “pet” of each child visiting the museum.

Venice is constructed on logs from Alder bushes which have been pushed to the bottom. The bushes are identified for his or her water resistance, subsequently, was appropriate for constructions there, Venezia facts.

The Venice Carnival is an annual celebration that the town holds earlier than Ash Wednesday of Lent.

The esteemed Venice Film Festival is the oldest movie pageant in the world. Fun facts about Venice are really awesomeme.

The Metropolitan City of Venice is well-known for being constructed on water and is residence to 417 bridges, with 72 of them private. These 417 bridges together with over 170 canals and 118 islands make up this unbelievable medieval city.

There are no roads in Venice – simply canals – Bellissimo!, there are many more historical facts about Venice.

In the 10th century, Venice turned serious maritime energy. The city and lagoon cover 50,000 km² and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Giorgia Boscolo, the daughter of a gondolier is the one feminine gondolier within the largely male-dominated career. The father was not amused by her option to grow to be a gondolier! There are many other cool facts about Venice.

St Mark’s Basilica, Piazza San Marco, Venice, Italy

Can you work as a “gondolier” someplace else than in Venice? Of course, you can not! There are a few different jobs which might be typical of this dreamy city.

The “impiraresse” is considered one of these jobs. An “impiraressa” earned her life piling the glass pearls into lengthy strains to create necklaces and different bijoux. Though not very fashionable at the moment, there are a number of women in Venice who nonetheless work as “impiraresse”.

And what about “squeraroli”? The “squeraroli” have been the “masters of ax”. They have been on the head of the carpenters who minimize the wooden to construct vessels, boats, and even gondolas. They labored in “squeri” (outdated laboratories) and some “squeri” are nonetheless seen in Venice.

Venice’s strategic place on the shores of the Adriatic Sea allowed the town to grow to be an affluent and main buying and selling hub for the Silk Road.

fun facts about venice

Venice receives greater than 20 million vacationers yearly and exhibits no indicators of slowing anytime quickly. However, this enormous quantity will not be appreciated by the locals who consider it’s excess of the town can deal with.

The residential inhabitants of Venice are 261,905 (2017). There are huge fun facts about Venice.

Venice is made up of 118 islands related to 400 bridges and more than 170 canals. Venice is a world heritage site, interesting things about Venice.

Life expectancy here’s a very wholesome 83.42 years (2019) – it has to be that well-known Mediterranean diet!

Looking to e-book your self a flight right here? You’ll want to purchase tickets to reach Venice Marco Polo Airport.

The analysis is displaying that the town is definitely sinking by about 1-2mm yearly! This is defined by pure causes such because the Adriatic plates and man-made causes, such because the extraction of water constantly from the town during the last century.

As a customer, you might really feel like the town is a bit on the costly aspect. However, you won’t have identified that a house there can value upwards of £900,000. These prices are largely pushed by tourism, as the homes are usually purchased and are then become eating places and resorts.

The first public casino was opened in Venice in 1638.

Venetians hate cruise ships; one as a result of they consider it brings about air pollution and displace water which damages the lagoons, and secondly as a result of they bring about 30,000 vacationers per day! Venice will get about 20 million vacationers per year and most tourists do not spend cash within the city, which makes tourism unsustainable for them.

Venice might be the oldest republic on the planet! It gained its independence between 697 and 1797. France and Austria fought over dominion of the town and have become a part of the Kingdom of Italy in 1866.

Flooding has been a serious drawback within the city of Venice. As excessive tides normally happen throughout December and January within the Adriatic Sea, together with the rising sea ranges because of local weather change, it’s an actual concern for the locals.

Bikes, skateboards, and roller-skates will not be allowed in Venice. If you’re caught using them, large fines are in place, it could be one of the 20 facts about venice Italy.

The first lady to graduate on the planet was Elena Lucrezia Cornaro Loredan Piscopia. She was born in Venice in 1646.

Built within the 12th Century and collapsed within the early 1900s, the San Marco bell tower was rebuilt to look precisely just like the earlier one. It is the fifth tallest bell tower in Italy.

Every February, Venice holds a tremendous ‘must-see’ carnival the place locals gown up in beautiful masked costume.

Visiting Venice and failing to have a journey a gondola is like visiting Paris and ignoring the Eiffel tower. Venetian gondolas are conventional black boats that have been used to move folks throughout the narrow waterways over the previous 10 centuries. Gondolas are designed to be operated by an extremely expert operative referred to as the Gondolier.

Feeling hungry? Head for one of many many Cicchetti institutions favored by the locals to take pleasure in an assortment of small dishes and a glass of wine, all for a number of euros … delizioso!

To name your folks in Venice, you’ll want to make use of the international dial code of +39 041.

The latest child on the block in Venice is the Basilica de San Marco, which was accomplished in 1902. The basilica only turned into a cathedral in 1807. Numerous well-known motion pictures have been set and filmed in Venice together with Casino Royale, From Russia With Love and Moonraker (James Bond), The Talented Mr. Ripley, Indiana Jones, and the Last Crusade, The Italian Job, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and unsurprisingly, many diversifications of Othello.

Piazza San Marcopia San Marco (English; St. Mark’s Square) is the main public square in Venice. Millions of tourists visit this beautiful place to take unforgettable pictures. It was built around 1100 AD. There are plenty of fun facts about Venice

Venice annually celebrates the ‘Carnival of Venice.’ Carnival Ash concludes with Christian celebration Lent forty days before Easter, Tuesday, Wednesday. The festival is world-renowned for its elaborate masks.

Akua Alta, literally, is higher water. This happens when the tide is 9 cm above the normal level. This is most often the result of a conflict between Sirocco and the tide (Sirocco is blowing hot air from North Africa). Acua Alta is a major problem for Venezians. Venice is sinking at a rate of 1-2 millimeters a year. There is a big engineering project called Moss that will solve this problem.

The Palace of the Palace of Doze (Italian: Palazzo Ducale) is a palace of Piazza San Marco 1 in the city of Venice. It was built in the Venetian Gothic style and is one of the main attractions of the city. The palace was the domicile of Venice, the highest authority of the former Republic of Venice, which opened in 1923 as a museum. Today it is one of six museums operated by Fondazione Music CVC de Venezia, Burano facts.

In the last 50 years, Venice’s population has dropped from more than 120,000 to 60,000. Some experts have said that Venice will become a ghost town by 2030. It will be populated only by tourists who would come in the morning and leave in the evening. The constant sinking of the city, moving people away from the city, in fact, Venice.

Venice has its own language, Venetian. The people of Venice speak it, but in Italian, the people are very fluent. The Venice language is not the Italian language dialect. There are plenty of fun facts about Venice.

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