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100 Interesting Facts About Indonesia for GK

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Indonesia, the name of the country itself is quite interesting because it consists of two different words from two different languages. Interesting facts about Indonesia are awesome. Indonesia The Latin word for ‘Sind’ means Indian and the Greek word ‘Nessos’ means island. Let’s learn some more interesting information about these fantastic islands.

Interesting facts about Indonesia

Indonesia is composed of a large number of islands; Originally there are more than 17000 islands and about 6000 people live in it. This is why Indonesia is ranked as the largest island in the world. The most surprising information about these islands is that almost half of the islands are still anonymous. So, if you ever plan to disappear, you can just go to one of these unnamed islands and your address will be: One of the 8,500 unnamed islands.

The eruption led to the creation of a brand new island referred to as “Anak Krakatau” which suggests “Child of Krakatau”. This additionally erupted in 2018, killing over 400 people injuring over 7,000 displacing practically 47,000.

Critically endangered orangutans might be present in Indonesia. The two islands of Sumatra and Borneo are the one locations left on the earth the place they are often discovered within the wild.

After Papua New Guinea, Indonesia is the world’s second most linguistically diverse nation with over 700 native languages spoken.

The world’s most populous island is the Indonesian island of Java. In 2010 it had a inhabitants of 136 million. Estimates now suggest it’s over 141 million (Wikipedia).

From 1670 to 1900, the Netherlands colonised the area and introduced the whole of what’s now Indonesia beneath one colony often known as the Dutch East Indies.

Indonesia has a easy horizontally divided red and white national flag. The red represents braveness and the white represents honesty, which is one of the Interesting facts about Indonesia.

Indonesia is the world’s shortest nation based on the typical top of its male residents. However, it ought to be famous that knowledge is simply obtainable for 101 nations of the world.

Indonesia is probably the most closely forested area on earth after the Amazon. It comprises a number of of the world’s largest rainforests.

The world’s largest flower might be discovered within the Indonesian jungle. The Rafflesia tuan-mudae can develop as much as 111cm (3.64ft) throughout.

The world’s smelliest plant can be present in Indonesia. Known because the corpse flower, the Amorphophallus titanum (titan arum) supposedly smells just like the “essence of rotting fish combined with the essence of rotting onion.”

Indonesia has the world’s largest Buddhist temple. Dating from the eighth and ninth centuries, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Borobudur is residence to 72 stupas, every containing a statue of the Buddha.

Indonesia’s highest mountain is Puncak Jaya which, at 4,884m (16,024ft), can also be the best mountain in Oceania. As such, it is without doubt one of the Seven Summits – the tallest mountains on each continent, which is one of the Interesting facts about Indonesia.

Palapa is a sequence of communication satellites which was launched by the USA however operated by Indonesia in 1976. Indonesia grew to become the primary growing nation to function its indigenously made satellite tv for pc system.

Rafflesia Arnoldii, an indigenous flower to the islands of Sumatra, is the most important particular person flower weighing as much as 8kgs. It has a strong disagreeable odour and is also referred to as the corpse flower, making certain you’ll scent the flower lengthy earlier than you see it.

This is without doubt one of the information about Indonesia that originally gave it worldwide recognition. The Indonesian archipelago is an assortment of over 17000 islands, out of which solely a 3rd is inhabited. You will likely be amazed to know that almost all of them are nonetheless not named. The islands of Indonesia stretch over a mixed space of over 5000 km.

Situated on high of the place two mammoth tectonic plates meet, Indonesia is a hotbed of seismic and tectonic exercise, giving rise to one among Indonesia’s most defining geological function; volcanoes. Indonesia is residence to about 400 smouldering volcanoes, of which 127 are energetic right now.

interesting facts about indonesia

This is a type of information about Indonesia that shock most individuals. Islam is the dominant faith in Indonesia. However, religion adjustments from island to island. Bali, as an example, is generally populated with Hindus whereas some islands have Christians as the bulk.

As the fieriest volcanoes reside in Indonesia, the 1883 eruption of the Krakatoa volcano is the deadliest volcanic eruption in recorded historical past. Most components of the island and its neighbouring areas have been destroyed. The seismic waves are believed to be skilled even a 12 months after in 1884.

Indonesia’s small Hindu inhabitants stays primarily on the island of Bali. One of Balinese Hinduism’s superstitions that endures to today is the not letting a child’s ft contact the bottom for the primary six months of their life to stop the satan from getting into the kid and, consequently, youngsters are handed from grownup to grownup as a substitute.

Almost everybody in Bali has had their tooth filed down. This follow is rooted within the perception that the six predominant vices—anger, confusion, jealousy, drunkenness, need, and greed—all enter the body via the highest six tooth. By submitting away the tooth, the vices are thwarted, which is one of the Interesting facts about Indonesia.

In 1859, The English naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace wrote Charles Darwin that the Indonesian archipelago was inhabited by one distinct fauna within the east and one within the west. He refined his idea, drawing a boundary between the 2 areas. His delineation grew to become often known as the “Wallace Line,” dividing Sulawesi and Lombok to the east and Borneo and Bali to the west.

The well-known “Java Man” fossil, subsequently named Homo erectus, was discovered by Dutch doctor Eugene Dubois on the Indonesian island of Java in 1889. Since then, even older bones have been present in Java, and geochronologists have dated the oldest Homo erectus specimens to 1.7 million years previous.

Hold your urge for food for this peculiar truth about Indonesia. The nation is residence to a cat-like mammal often known as Asian palm civet. Coffee berries are fed to those civets whose faeces is collected to extract the well-known Kopi Luwak espresso beans. Interestingly, these are the most costly espresso beans on the earth.

No surprise you could find reasonably priced gold jewelry in Indonesia for the reason that largest gold mine – The Grasberg Mine resides right here. An enormous workforce comprising of 1000’s of labourers work each day within the mines.

Ujung Kulon National Park is the pure habitat of the endangered Javan Rhinos. They love to stay in solitary and have smaller heads than their African counterparts. The saddest half is that solely about 50 of them are left in all the world.

In 2005, the most important packet of instantaneous noodles was created by an Indonesian meals firm. The packet measured 340cm x 235.5cm x 47cm and weighed 664.94kg.

Indonesia is the world’s fourth most populous nation after China, India and the USA.

Indonesia is the world’s largest Muslim-majority nation with over 219 million Muslims residing there.

Indonesia proclaimed independence in 1945. However, it was not till 1949 that the Netherlands recognised Indonesia’s sovereignty following 4 years of guerrilla warfare between the 2 sides.

With 139 volcanoes, Indonesia has the third-highest variety of volcanoes on the earth, after the USA and Russia.

In 1883, Krakatoa – one of the catastrophic volcanic eruptions in historical past – befell in Indonesia. The island of Krakatoa and its surrounding archipelago have been largely destroyed because it collapsed right into a caldera. In all, no less than 36,000 people died from the eruption and the ensuing tsunamis.

It is within the G20 group of the world’s fastest-growing economies, however about half of Indonesia lives on 2 USD a day. It is the sixteenth largest nation when it comes to nominal GDP. The nation’s economic system primarily depends on its indigenous and overseas firms.

Indonesia is the world’s main exporters of frog legs which many European nations like France, Netherlands and Belgium being the foremost importers. The nation exported greater than 4000 tonnes of frog legs to the European Union in 2015.

An thrilling truth about Indonesia now’s that dragons do exist right here. Komodo dragon is without doubt one of the fascinating animals in Indonesia. It is the large lizard on the earth and may solely be present in Indonesia. Be cautious, although, as they’re identified to be maneaters.

The Pasola is a harvesting pageant in Sumba, Indonesia. This is without doubt one of the most extravagant celebrations as a result of it entails throwing of wood spears with blunt recommendations on the rival staff members. Earlier, the ideas have been of metallic and sharp sufficient to kill a human. It was a matter of delight to die throughout this pageant.

Indonesia is the most important producer of palm oil. It overtook Malaysia as the most important palm oil producer in 2006, and it now produces 21 million tonnes of palm oil yearly.

This truth about Indonesia is for all of the ramen followers. An Indonesian firm Indomie made the Guinness Book of World Record by making the ‘Largest Packet of Instant Noodles’. It had a whopping 665 kgs of noodles. The packet was manufactured from the identical supplies as utilized in common packages. Hence it was marked fit to be eaten, which is one of the Interesting facts about Indonesia.

Papua Island belonging to the Indonesian island has probably the most numerous natural world with over 200 animals, 2300 sorts of totally different orchids, and 600 breeding birds.

The ‘Java Man’ fossil was discovered within the Dutch colonial period in 1889 by the Dutch doctor Eugene Dubois. The fossil was scientifically named as Homo Erectus, and extra such fossils have been present in the identical area.

Sosrobahu – a street building method developed by the Indonesian engineer Tjokorda Raka Sukawati is now adopted by many nations resulting from its effectivity and value financial savings. Many main nations like China, France and Germany have adopted this method.

Former U.S. President Barack Obama spent part of his childhood in Indonesia. He visited Yogyakarta on the Java island in 2017. There he lived along with his anthropologist mom, Ann Dunham. She was a professional researcher and is thought for her works on village life.

At 54,716km, Indonesia has the second-longest shoreline on the earth, after solely Canada.

In 1976, Indonesia grew to become the primary growing nation to function its personal home satellite tv for pc system when it launched the Palapa satellite.

Archaeology means that people inhabited the island of Java for about 1.3to 1.7 million years.

The archipelago is split amongst 34 provinces with Jakarta being the capital city.

Indonesia is a transcontinental nation as it’s positioned throughout the 2 continents of Oceania and Asia.

At one level, the archipelago of Indonesia was all linked by land bridges. Then, round 6,000 years in the past, a fast rise in sea degree submerged these bridges.

Indonesia is made up of over 17,000 islands. The precise quantity is unclear with one survey suggesting there are as many as 18,307. Only Canada, Norway, Sweden and Finland have extra.

As such, Indonesia is the most important archipelagic state – island nation – on the earth. An island nation is a rustic whose main territory consists of a number of islands or components of islands.

The largest species of lizard alive, the Komodo dragon, is endemic to Indonesia. The Komodo dragon can develop to over 3m (10ft) lengthy and weight 150kg.

Indonesia is one among 17 megadiverse nations on the earth. Megadiverse nations are the world’s most biodiversity-rich nations.

The 1,500 distant islands of Raja Ampat in Indonesia are thought of a organic scorching spot. It is believed that the reef methods there replenish the reef methods all through the South Pacific and Indian Oceans.

Discounting continental landmasses equivalent to Australia, Indonesia is residence to 3 of the world’s ten largest islands. After Greenland, New Guinea (shared with Papua New Guinea) is the world’s second-largest island; Borneo (shared with Brunei and Malaysia) is the world’s third-largest island; Sumatra (completely inside Indonesia) is the world’s sixth-largest island.

It was utilized by the British people and is derived from the Greek phrase ‘Nesos’ which means island and the Latin identify ‘Indus’ which suggests land beside the Indus River.

Bahasa Indonesia is the national language of Indonesia. There are over 700 totally different dialects of Bahasa Indonesia which might be heard in varied islands of the nation. The national language is much like Bahasa Malay because it was adopted by national leaders from the Malay language.

Java is probably the most populous island on the earth, with over 140 million people. Indonesia has the fourth-largest inhabitants on the earth, with over 240 million people.

This truth about Indonesia could appear to be one thing from a fairytale. The Kelimutu volcano has an thrilling phenomenon in retailer for you. If you climb up this volcano, you may see the water within the lakes altering their colors. It occurs resulting from volcanic gases reacting with water within the lake.

Mount Tambora is probably the most volcanic mountain in Indonesia. The most huge eruption befell in 1815 and was heard 1930 km away from the Sumatra island. Sadly, it took the lives of about 70000 people.

Borobudur temple has 504 Buddha statues with 2672 aid panels. The temple’s central dome is encircled with 72 Buddha stupas. Stupas are symbolic of Buddhism, and they’re current in lots of different temples in Indonesia.

An amusing truth concerning the people of Bali is that they file their tooth. The high six tooth are filed right down to cease the six evil qualities – anger, confusion, need, jealousy, greed and drunkenness.

Amorphophallus Titanium is probably the most odorous flower on the earth. You can scent it from a mile away. It can develop as much as two meters in top and has an disagreeable odour of rotten meat. It can also be native to Sumatra island.

This truth about Indonesia is for soccer followers. The first staff to qualify for the FIFA World Cup in South East Asia was from Indonesia. The staff was named as Dutch East Indies, they usually performed in France in 1938. But this staff had gamers solely of Dutch ancestry.

Indonesia is the world’s largest producer of palm oil, which might be present in roughly half of the manufactured items in any grocery store or drug retailer. Everything from peanut butter to cleaning soap to cosmetics comprises palm oil in varied types.

The Indonesian authorities acknowledges solely six religions—Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Protestantism, Catholicism, and Confucianism. Every Indonesian citizen should belong to a type of religions, no matter what they imagine, and two people of various religions could not legally marry, until one among them converts, which is one of the Interesting facts about Indonesia.

Indonesia is residence to the world’s largest volcanic lake, Danau (“Lake”) Toba, which is situated on Sumatra and is the positioning of a large super-volcano eruption that’s thought to have occurred 69,000 to 77,000 years in the past. It was the most important identified explosive eruption in Earth’s historical past within the final 25 million years.

Among the Mappurondo on the Indonesian island of Borneo, they nonetheless follow headhunting within the ritual of pangngae; nonetheless, they use coconuts as a substitute of actual heads throughout their simulated “hunts.”

The phrase “run amok” originated in Indonesia. “Amok” comes from the Indonesian phrase mengamuk, which interprets to “make a furious and desperate charge” however is linked to deeper non secular beliefs. It was believed to be brought on by hantu belian, an evil tiger spirit that entered one’s body and brought on one to do heinous acts.

Indonesia is the world’s main exporter of frog legs. During the final decade, Europe alone imported 4,600 tons yearly, with France, Belgium, and the Netherlands being the primary importers.

Indonesia is thought for being megadiverse, which means it has an unlimited variety of totally different species, many discovered nowhere else on the earth. Just 17 nations have this distinction.

The identify “Indonesia” is derived from the Latin phrase Indus which means “Indian” and the Greek phrase nesos which means “island.” Indonesia was initially referred to as Indian Archipelago or East Indies Islands.

With a inhabitants of 264 million, Indonesia is thought for being the 4th most populated nation on the earth, after China, India, and the United States.

With over 17,000 islands, Indonesia is thought for its many lovely islands, diving, and snorkeling.

The identify “Indonesia” was coined within the 1850s by James Logan, editor of the Singapore-published Journal of the Indian Archipelago and Eastern Asia, as a shorter equal for the time period “Indian Archipelago.”

Batik portray, a mix of craft and artwork, stays well-liked in Yogyakarta on Indonesia’s island of Java, the place it was invented as a pastime for unemployed youth.

In Indonesia, conventional music is performed by a gamelan orchestra. This is a percussion ensemble consisting of bronze metallophones (instrument with tuned metallic keys), led by drums, and containing a number of wind and stringed devices too. Most villagers in Bali personal no less than one set of gamelan devices for ritual events.

Papua is residence to greater than half the animal and plant species in Indonesia, together with greater than 190 mammals, 550 breeding birds, and greater than 2,000 sorts of orchids.

On September 8, 1664, the Dutch beneath Pieter Stuyvesant made one of the weird actual property deals ever when he traded the rights of the island of New Amsterdam (now the island of Manhattan) for the tiny British-controlled Indonesian island of Run. This transaction was additionally an essential turning level in American historical past.

Marco Polo was the primary European to go to Indonesia, in 1292, which is one of the Interesting facts about Indonesia.

The Indonesia archipelago is unfold over the Pacific “Ring of Fire” that’s located within the Western Pacific. The nation has over 400 active volcanoes and data no less than three earthquakes a day.

Bahasa Indonesia is Indonesia’s formal language, however the nation acknowledges greater than 700 different languages as effectively.

Java has grow to be a slang time period for the phrase espresso, after the espresso beans grown on the island of Java. Coffee bushes and the behavior of espresso ingesting have been launched by the Dutch East India Company to Indonesia in 1696.

During World War II, the Japanese invaded and occupied Indonesia from 1942 to 1945.

Indonesia is the third worst emitter of greenhouse gases on the earth, which is one of the Interesting facts about Indonesia.

With its wealthy number of natural world, Indonesia is second on the earth after Brazil with the best degree of biodiversity on the earth.

Out of the 10 largest islands on the earth, three are part of Indonesia: Borneo, Papua/New Guinea, and Sumatra.

Despite being one of many G20 group of world’s main economies, roughly half of Indonesia’s inhabitants lives on lower than US$2 a day.

Indonesia is without doubt one of the world’s largest producers of nutmeg, which is native to its Banda Islands.

Indonesians are superstitious people, and one such perception is within the latah, which occurs to ladies when they’re startled by one thing like a loud noise. The latah causes ladies to react to the noise by utilizing uncharacteristically foul language or falling to the bottom in a match. Indonesians clarify that latah outcomes from the soul leaving the body via sudden fright.

The phrase “ketchup” in English comes from the Indonesian phrase kecap, which is a candy soy sauce.

Indonesians don’t overtly focus on intercourse. The normal time period in Bahasa Indonesia for each female and male sexual organs is kemaluan, which means “shame” or “embarrassment.”

Jakarta, Indonesia, is the world’s largest inhabitants heart with out a metro practice system that leads to a few of the worst site visitors jams on the earth.

Indonesia males admire virility, and the time period jago (“rooster”) characterizes a person who’s profitable with ladies. Indonesian males admire the philandering reputations of U.S. Presidents like John F. Kennedy and Bill Clinton.

Indonesian societies are typically very tolerant of alternate expressions of gender. Banci are males who gown and behave like ladies and have held particular locations in Indonesian tradition and society, equivalent to matchmakers, artisans, performers, healers, and ritual specialists.

In Indonesia, kissing known as cium (“to sniff”). Most Indonesians kiss by sniffing one another’s cheeks, by means of commonplace greeting. In some locations in Indonesia, people rub noses amongst household to indicate affection, however it might additionally grow to be foreplay as effectively.

Popular in Indonesia, Conglak (“cowrie shell”) traces again to Egypt as among the many world’s oldest recreation. Likely launched to Indonesia by Indian or Arab merchants, Conglak consists of an extended (18-inch) carved, wood board with seven cup-like indentations on both sides and one at every finish. Initially, 98 cowrie shells, stones, or beads sit evenly divided within the recessions. The object is to maneuver as many items into one’s “home” cup as potential.

The Buddhist temple of Borobudur on the Indonesian island of Java is the most important Buddhist monument on the earth, which is one of the Interesting facts about Indonesia. It resembles a nine-tiered “mountain,” rising to 113 ft (34.5 m) tall. It is claimed to have taken 75 years to finish.

Among the Dani tribe in Papua/New Guinea, Indonesia, one of the uncommon customs is to amputate one or two joints of a girl’s finger when a detailed relative dies. Many Daniwomen have fingers lacking as much as their second joint, though this follow is now prohibited.

On December 26, 2004, the world’s second largest recorded earthquake, a 9.3+ magnitude quake, struck off the coast of the Indonesian island of Sumatra. The ensuing tsunami hit greater than a dozen nations across the Indian Ocean, leaving greater than 300,000 useless or lacking and hundreds of thousands displaced. The power of the earthquake is claimed to have brought on Earth to wobble on its axis and shifted surrounding land plenty by up to 12 ft. (36 m).

After the explosion of the Indonesian volcano Krakatoa, it was recorded that a lot ash stuffed the sky that it was darkened for days and international temperatures have been reduced by 53° F (12° C) for a number of years.

Indonesian nasi Padang (“Padang cuisine”) is served with out a menu. If the dish comprises a liquid, it’s most likely a coconut-milk curry, and meaty dishes are normally beef, buffalo, often offal, and even canine. The most well-known Padang dish is rendang, during which chunks of beef or water buffalo are slowly simmered in coconut milk.

The delusion of the orang pendek (“short man”) is the Indonesian model of the Western Sasquatch. Common folk tales declare the creature has ft that face backwards so it might’t be tracked via the forests.

The passing of a so-called anti-pornography regulation in 2008 doubtlessly made many types of Indonesian habits unlawful, from carrying penis gourds on Papua to the modest gyrations of conventional Javanese dancers.

Kalimantan—which shares three-quarters of the Indonesian island of Borneo, the world’s third-largest island—has built-in prostitution to a degree maybe unmatched wherever else on the earth. Most resort spas, therapeutic massage facilities, karaoke bars, night time golf equipment, and pubs provide “the extras.” Kalimantan society as a complete turns a blind eye to the follow, however many Muslim-run inns nonetheless demand that {couples} produce a wedding license earlier than checking in.

Adult male orangutans, discovered within the wild solely on the Indonesian islands of Borneo and Sumatra, are stated to be eight occasions stronger than a human, which is one of the Interesting facts about Indonesia.

Pepper was launched to Indonesia’s Sumatra and Java from south India round 600 B.C. Black pepper is the results of selecting unripened fruits and drying them within the solar, whereas white pepper comes from bigger fruits left on the vine till ripe.

Muslims make up 87.2% of Indonesian inhabitants, which makes it the world’s largest Muslim majority nation.

The Javan rhinoceros is one species that’s discovered solely in Indonesia. In 2011, the International Rhino Federation declared the Javan rhino extinct, leaving solely an estimated 50 of those animals residing on Java’s Ujung Kulon Peninsula, the one examples left within the wild.

Jakarta, which was referred to as Batavia by the Dutch, is the capital of Indonesia and is the 13th largest city on the earth, which is one of the Interesting facts about Indonesia.

The island of Sumatra was initially often known as Swarnadwipa (“Island of Gold”). It was Marco Polo who corrupted the identify to Sumatra in his 1292 report on his journey via the Indonesian archipelago.

Indonesia is the one nation to see the Komodo dragon, the world’s largest lizard, within the wild. The first revealed description of the Komodo dragon was in 1910 from a Dutch expedition to Komodo Island, the place two of the dragons have been shot and their skins taken to Java. One idea holds that the Chinese dragon relies on the Komodo dragon.

Indonesia is the one Southeast Asian nation to have been a member of OPEC, though it left the cartel in 2008 as a result of decline in world oil costs.

Indonesia is residence to the Rafflesia arnoldii, the world’s largest flower, which will be the world’s stinkiest flower as effectively, and Amorphophallus titanium, the world’s tallest flower.

Krakatoa’s explosion is broadly believed to be the loudest sound ever heard in trendy historical past
Krakatoa, a volcano in Indonesia, is the positioning of the most important volcanic eruption ever recorded. Occurring on August 27, 1883, it had a power equal to 2,000 Hiroshima bombs and resulted within the dying of 36,000 people. A tsunami 131 ft (40 m) excessive, radiating outward at a velocity reportedly of over 311 mph (500 kph), destroyed coastal cities and villages. The explosion was heard from Sri Lanka to Perth, Australia, and the ensuing waves led to a noticeable surge within the English Channel. It was the best quantity of sound recorded in human history.

Clove-impregnated kretek cigarette gross sales account for 90% of the cigarette gross sales in Indonesia. They have been fist marketed by Nitsemito, a person from Kudus, Java, in 1906, who stated kretek helped his bronchial asthma. His Bal Tiga (“Three Balls”) model grew into one of many greatest Indonesian-owned businesses within the Dutch East Indies.

According to the previous Javanese custom of pingit, or confinement, Indonesian women from the ages of 12 to 16 are just about imprisoned and forbidden exterior the household residence, which is one of the Interesting facts about Indonesia.

On the Indonesian island of Flores in September 2003, archaeologists found a skeleton the dimensions of a three-year-old youngster however with the worn-down tooth and bone construction of an grownup. They named the skeleton Homo floriensis, later nicknamed “Hobbit.” Experts assume that “Hobbits” have been a part of Homo erectus species that fled from Africa round two million years in the past and unfold all through Asia.

The Indonesia Pasola needs to be probably the most extravagant and bloodiest harvest festivals in Asia. Two groups of spear-wielding ikat-clad horsemen gallop at one another, hurling their spears at rival riders. Despite the blunt spears, accidents and occasional unintended deaths nonetheless happen.

Papuans, native to the world’s second largest island Papua/New Guinea, are Melanesians and really distinct from different Indonesians. The Portuguese, who initially found New Guinea and its surrounding islands within the early 16th century, initially referred to as the islands Ilhas dos Papuas, from the Malay phrase papuwah (“fuzzy-haired”).

Bird of Paradise feathers have lengthy been utilized in Papua conventional gown they usually grew to become so well-liked as European style equipment earlier than World War I that the birds got here near extinction. Trade within the feathers has been unlawful in Indonesia since 2000, though the feathers are nonetheless smuggled out of Papua.

One of Indonesia’s most fascinating critters is the tiny nocturnal primate referred to as the tarsier. These creatures, discovered on Sulawesi Island, are recognizable by their eyes, which are actually as huge as their stomachs, so huge they can not rotate them of their sockets. Luckily, their heads can rotate 360° to compensate.

In the 1650s and 1660s, Banten Island’s Sultan Ageng Tirtajasa decreed that each one males aged 16 or over should plant 500 pepper crops, which is one of the Interesting facts about Indonesia.

The Asia-Africa Conference staged in Bandung, Indonesia, in 1955 launched the Non-aligned Movement, comprising nations that needed to align with neither the USA nor USSR. It additionally gave start to the time period “Third World,” initially which means nations that belonged to neither Cold War bloc.

interesting facts about indonesia

The movie and novel titled The Year of Living Dangerously was impressed by a significant 1964 speech by Indonesian Founding Father Sukarno and was drawn from Italian chief Mussolini’s slogan “Live Dangerously,” which was initially penned by 19th-century Germany thinker Friedrich Nietzsche.

In Indonesia, rice within the subject known as padi, rice grain on the market known as beras, and cooked rice in your plate known as nasi.

Indonesia’s national dish is nasi campur, which is basically the plate of the day. Served in stalls, warungs (small outlets or cafés), and eating places, it’s at all times a mix of many dishes and flavors.

Indonesian youngsters on Bali are historically at all times given no less than 4 names, which is one of the Interesting facts about Indonesia.

Electricity and tv got here to Bali, Indonesia, solely within the final quarter of the 20th century.

Indonesia is residence to the famed Komodo dragon. The world’s largest lizard lives on simply 5 Indonesian islands: Komodo, Rinca, Flores, Gili Montag, and Padar.

Indonesia is the world’s largest nation comprised solely of islands. It consists of 17,508 islands, some 6,000 of that are inhabited.

With 238 million people, Indonesia is the fourth most populous nation on the earth, simply behind China, India, and the U.S. The island of Java, with over 140 million people, is probably the most populous island on the earth.

Arguably one among Indonesia’s stranger exports is Kopi Luwak (Cat Poop Coffee), which is the world’s costliest beverage, costing round US$1,000 per pound. Kopi Luwak is made by feeding small, catlike civets coffee berries. After they defecate, the berries are collected, washed, and floor into espresso, which supposedly has an unmatched richness and little bitterness.

The phrase sembako refers to Indonesia’s 9 important culinary elements: rice, sugar, egg, meat, flour, corn, gasoline, cooking oil, and salt. When any of those turns into unavailable or dearer, repercussions might be felt right via to the presidency.

About 260,563,611 people live in Indonesia’s 6000 islands, making it the fourth most populous country in the world. Indonesia is also one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the world. The country has about 300 different ethnic groups and speaks more than 740 different languages. God! How do they communicate during national events?

Names of children in the Indonesian sandy region are quite unique. Children are given names according to the rank they are born with. The first is named One, the second is born Med, the third is Naamon, and the fourth is named Ketu. If the fifth child is born, the naming begins again in Wayan. Totally unique! Not so?

Indonesia officially recognizes only six religions – Islam, Hinduism, Catholicism, Protestantism, Confucianism, and Buddhism. Under Indonesian law, every citizen of Indonesia must subscribe to one of these six religions, even if they practice any religion other than these six religions. Also, two people of two different religions cannot marry each other unless one of them is converted to another.

When people from different tribes and religions coexist in one country, their motto is to be “diverse in diversity” and this is actually Indonesia’s capital.

Indonesia, home of the Komodo Dragon. The fully mature Komodo dragon weighs a good seventy kilograms and can measure up to 3 meters, or 9.8 feet, making it the largest tick in the world. Those who are scared to look at the tiny house must check the Komodo situation while visiting Indonesia.

Indonesia ranks second in terms of biodiversity. So, it is not surprising that it is home to some of the world’s most colorful plants and animals – it is home to endangered orangutans, Sumatra tigers, and Javanese rhinoceros. Also added to this rare list is Raflecia, the world’s largest flower. Here is an interesting fact: The word rafflesia means “flower of the corpse” or “flower of flesh” smells of rotten flesh.

Indonesia is the longest snake house in the world. This snake was found on the island of Celebres in 122 and its length was ten meters. It is now found on the island of Sulawesi and is called Python reticulates.

If you’ve been thinking that Indonesia is just about the largest and longest, it’s time to change the outlook. Indonesia has one of the smallest primates, called Tarsia Pygmy or Mountain Tarsia. It is only 10 cm in length!

Indonesia is also the smallest fish habitat in the world called Pedosyspris pregenetica. Its length is only 7.9 mm, which is one of the Interesting facts about Indonesia.

To most people, the term Java is a synonym for Java in the computer programming language. But Java is the name of one of Indonesia’s most popular islands for its coffee beans, and Java has become a hot word for coffee!

An earthquake triggers fear in our hearts. Imagine the plight of people facing about 8 earthquakes a day. No, it’s not a joke. Indonesia has about 400 volcanoes across the country, of which about 150 are active and therefore they face so many earthquakes.

Indonesia is the world’s largest spice grower: nutmeg. Here nutmeg is produced in such large quantities that Indonesia supplies 75% of the world’s total nutmeg.

Borobudur Temple is the largest Buddhist temple in the world and is located in central Java, Indonesia. It was previously on the list of seven Wonders of the World.

If you look at the map of Indonesia you can see Indonesia stretching on both sides of the equator. The equatorial region cuts Indonesia in two halves. The landscape around Indonesia’s equatorial region seems to be every photographer’s delight.

When you start saving for your information, you know it’s going to be a big deal. However, no end of the world can be found with the glory of Toraja, a small town in the Indonesian Sulawesi Islands. The funeral lasts for 7 days and is therefore quite expensive. But after so much smoke, where do they put the body? Well, at home!

The Indonesian people are crazy about the frog’s legs and the soup made with it. Frog legs are in such great demand here that Indonesia has become the exporting country of frog legs in the world.

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