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25 Interesting Fun Facts About Nami Island South Korea

(Last Updated On: April 16, 2021)

Nami Island is one of the fabulous place in Korea. Imagine yourself standing between the flora and fauna hitting the waves of continuous maternal nature hitting the surface so that nature works so well with all the elements on the island, and you may even lose your sensation. The beauty of being in Namise every season seems to be increasing. Let’s explore the island’s wind:

1. What is Nami Island recognized for?

While Nami Island is among the popular capturing areas for Korean dramas and selection reveals, together with My Love from the Star, Secret Garden, and Running Man, it’s most well-known for being featured within the 2002 hit drama, Winter Sonata, starred by Bae Yong-joon and Choi Ji-woo.

2. Who owns Nami Island?

Nami Island is privately owned by a local company and has been a popular vacationer spot recognized for its wealthy nature because the 1960s.

3. Cherry Blossoms at Nami Island

The island is roofed by cherry blossoms within the spring, making it a great time to go to.

4. How far is Nami Island from Seoul?

It is 54 km from Seoul to Nami Island. It is roughly 23.7 km to drive. How do I travel from Seoul to Nami Island with no automobile? The finest method to get from Seoul to Nami Island with no automobile is to line 7 subway and prepare which takes 1h 4m and prices ₩4,000 – ₩7,000.

5. What is one of the best months to go to Nami Island?

Autumn. From mid-September to November, visitors can take pleasure in spectacular fall foliage throughout Nami Island. The reed beds on the riverside are one other nature’s reward it is possible for you to to take pleasure in throughout fall. Weather: Skies are cleat and the climate is cool and dry.

6. What is there to do in Nami Island in winter?

Nami Island is a popular vacation spot from Seoul that has loads of issues to do.
The Maple Lane of True Love.
Central Korean Pine Tree Lane.
Gingko Tree Lane.
Tulip tree lane.
Riverside Lover’s Gingko Lane.
Gate to Jeonggwanru.
Hut Bridge.
Changgyeongdae Platform.

7. How do you get from Nami Island to Seoul?

The most typical method to attain Nami Island from Seoul on a DIY Trip to Nami Island is by the ITX prepare. This prepare departs Seoul from Yongsan Station and takes you to Gapyeong Station. You need to buy tickets forward of time if you need a guaranteed seat, which may be booked via the Korail website.

8. Land of floating trees

Nami Island, or Namseom, is a small half-moon-shaped island located in Chuncheon, South Korea’s Gangwon Province. It is a representative sightseeing site in South Korea that welcomes more than 3 million people every year.

9. Defiler zone which is bloomed

Nami Island was originally a barren land formed as a result of the construction of Cheongpyang Dam Fortunately, Su Jong, a supporter of Korean art and culture, came to this land and started planting and resort building.

10. Is Nami island price visiting?

We nonetheless suggest Nami Island for first-time visitors for its charms, however in case you’re a seasoned vacationer, it is time to transfer on to much less typical island treasures.

11. The island faced a crisis

In 1966, Qingchun Tourism Development Limited was established as a sprawling resort. It proved to be in the financial crisis of the late 1990s. To overcome the recession, the company was renamed Nami Island Co., Ltd.

12. If you think you can easily get there

If you think you are in South Korea and can easily visit Nami Island; You can’t Why? Because Nami Island is a micronation. You will have to pay a visa to enter there. It was announced as a self-governing body on 26th 2006. It has its own passport, currency, telephone card and stamps.

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13. How long is the ferry experience to Nami Island?

The ferry experience takes roughly 5 to six minutes.

14. Wondering how to reach Nami

If you enjoy the water you can take the ferry or you can choose to fly with zip cables. A special train was also launched from Seoul to Gangwon-do, the first stop being Nami Island.

15. Linking Nami Island with UNICEF

On December 25, Nami Island was designated as a UNICEF child-friendly park. There are only 14 parks in the world, Nami is one of them

16. One thing you’ll never get on the list

You will never find telephone poles on Nami Island. To keep the natural consciousness of the landscapes, all electric cables were built underground.

17. How a lot does it price to go to Nami Island?

The 13,000-won charge already covers each doorway charge and roundtrip ferry fare. There was a reduced fee for foreigners, ₩8000 per individual. But the speed elevated in January 2018 to ₩13,000.

18. What is the timber on Nami Island?

Also often called residing fossils, metasequoia timber have been transplanted to Nami Island from the nursery of the College of Agriculture, Seoul National University in 1977

19. Island of Love

The land of the name featured a very popular K-drama, “Winter Sonata.” You can find the ‘Winter Sonata’ everywhere with the statue. One of the popular attractions there is the Snowman, which is one of the main characters of the play. Maybe that’s why; You will most likely find a couple dating there.

20. Island-inspired Malaysia Tourism

There were two unnamed islands near Langkawi’s famous Malaysian resort island until 212. An island named after the Long Island Development Authority and Nam Island Ink is named after Korea’s Namibi Island.

21. Nami International Event

Nami has advertised itself internationally ever since it announced itself as a governing body. Even other nations are willing to host their culture show in the country. When India first celebrated in South Korea, Nam Island was one of the destinations.

22. Is Nami Island man-made?

Nami is a man-made island created in 1944 because of the inundation of the Han valley upriver of the Cheongpyeong Dam. The island is the legendary site of Nami’s burial.

23. The General will bring that misfortune

The island was named after the deceased general, who died at the age of 28 after being convicted of sedition, during the reign of King Sezo, the seventh king of the Joseon dynasty. The general’s grave was supposed to remain in this place, but a stone pile was found, but his grave was never found. It was believed that if anyone took these stones, they would bring bad luck to their family.

24. The place was thrashy till now

Nam Island CEO Kang Wu-hyun has transformed Naomi into what she is today. Garbage was used to make this place, for example, plastic bottles were pressed into tiles and plastered on the bathroom walls.

25. The charm of Nammyom

The scenic island of Nami is a trail bounded by the Metasquiao tree. They’re one of the reasons for all-season travel.

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