September 22, 2023
Florida Flag

25 Surprising Facts About Florida Flag

(Last Updated On: April 16, 2021)

With the state seal superimposed on the center, the Florida flag has a red costume on a white background. Returning to history, Florida has taken its flag from Spanish heritage.

However, the appearance of the flag has changed over time. When the Spanish Empire gained control of Florida in 1513, it used a number of flags to represent the state.

To find out more, let’s find out some interesting information about the Florida flag.

1. Flags made by the Spanish authorities

When Spain claimed Florida in 1513, a number of banners were used to represent the standard territory, such as the royal standard of the Castro of Castile in Pensacola and the crosses of Burgundy in St. Augustine.

2. After the flag was controlled by Britain

When Spain handed over Florida to Great Britain in 1963, through the Paris Agreement, Britain used its original Union flag to represent the state.

3. Flag of the Republic of West Florida

In 1810, the Bonnie Blue Flag was used by the Republic of West Florida and later by the Confederacy in the early days of the Civil War.

However, the Republic of West Florida was short-lived and soon after, the United States flag replaced the Bunny Blue Flag after the Civil War.

৪. The first recognized flag in Florida

On June 25, 1845, the first state flag in Florida was hoisted at the inauguration of its first governor, William D. Mosley.

It had five horizontal stripes (blue, orange, red, white and green) and a ribbon with the inscription “Let us be alone.”

florida flag

5. Flags after the Civil War

Florida did not have a state flag between 1821 and 1861, but Florida was the first southern state after the American Civil War to receive its own flag.

A state seal appeared in the center with a white background. The flag also showed the design of a woman riding a steamboat. The goal of “In God, we believe” completes the design.

6. Flag of Reconstruction

During the rebuilding of the 1860s and 1870s, a state flag was adopted that featured a seal with a white background, and a woman present at the bottom and bottom of the river wrote: “We believe in God”.

7. Flags of the previous century

A red satire was added to the background of the flag on November 6, 1900, so it would not be like a symbol of surrender.

8. The current flag

Some changes were made to the flag in 1985. A central cross was placed on the white seal, a red cross. The flag represents the land of sunshine, flowers, palm trees, rivers and lakes.

A glowing sun, a cabbage palmetto tree, a steamboat boat, and a Native American Seminole woman are spreading flowers on the sail.

9. Design of the Florida flag

The design of the state flag of Florida contains a pink saltire that symbolizes the cross on which St. Andrew was crucified.

The image on the seal contains a Seminole girl, the Sabal palmetto palm, the rays of the solar and a steamboat.

The steamboat was an especially vital methodology of transportation to the early improvement and historical past of Florida

It’s thought that this characteristic was added to the flag to commemorate the state’s contributions to the Confederacy.

The state seal of the state can also be a characteristic of the flag and is superimposed within the heart of the saltire.

10. Florida State Flag – Display Facts

It could be flown day-after-day within the 27th state when climate permits

It could be flown from dawn till sundown. Whether it is displayed open air within the “Sunshine State”, it must be flown from a flagpole

The Florida flag could also be flown at evening when correctly lighted

The flagpole has to be not less than two and one-half instances so long as the flag

11. Meaning of Florida flag

The Florida flag is the official figuring out image of the state, the design of which is established by regulation within the structure of the “Sunshine State”. What does the flag stand for? The colors, gadgets, and logos displayed on the Florida State Flag are usually not arbitrary however have a particular symbolic which means.

12. The design is described as a saltire which is a heraldic image within the type of a diagonal cross

13. The design is a Crimson cross of St. Andrew in an area of white

14. The pink diagonal cross is predicated on the Accomplice struggle flag.

15. The picture is proven on the Seal of the state

16. The color pink is an emblem of hardiness, bravery, power & valor

17. The color white is an emblem of peace and honesty

18. What’s the form and flag ratio? The ‘Hoist’ is the width and the ‘Fly’ is the size.

19. The ratio is 2:three which means it’s 2 items tall for every three items vast.

20. The well-known phrase “5 Flags over Florida” refers back to the 5 governments that exerted sovereignty overall, or a part of Florida.

21. The “Five Flags over Florida” have been the flags of Spain, France, Nice Britain, America, and the Confederacy.

22. Florida had no official flag between 1821 and 1861 when the provinces first joined America

23. When was it adopted? (Most US flags have been designed in the 19th & 20th centuries)

24. It was formally adopted in 1900 and was revised in 1985 to evolve to the corrected state seal.

25. The Florida flag is saved and used as required by the code specified within the structure of the state.

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