March 25, 2023
Glastonbury Festival

25 Interesting Facts About Glastonbury Festival

(Last Updated On: April 16, 2021)

Music, entertainment, art, and fun sparkle in the glory of the Glastonbury Festival. Festivals that make headlines bigger than ever. Even the rain and the slash double its fun.

Glastonbury Festival is a five-day-long gorgeous festival of contemporary performing arts held in Pilton, Somerset, in England for time immemorial. Apart from contemporary music, the Glastonbury Festival includes dance, comedy, theatre, circus, cabaret, and other alike arts.

Facts About Glastonbury Festival

The world knows it as the Glastonbury Festival We will discuss some information about this huge but equally acclaimed festival that past its symbols:

1. At the edge of Somerset level

The Glastonbury Festival is a five-day contemporary and performing arts festival held in a Pilton village in Somerset, England. It is held annually on the last weekend of June with approximately 175,000 attendees.

2. The title that goes by its name

The Glastonbury Festival is titled ‘The largest green-field festival’ and the world’s ‘largest music and performing arts festival’.

3. Encourage that festival to be created

At The Blue Festival of Blue and Progressive Music in the 5th, an open-air concert by Led Zeppelin created the festival, inspired by the creator of the festival, Michael Ives, who we know today as the Glastonbury Festival.

4. Star and Glasto are born Death

If you had the opportunity to open the magazine on September 19, 1970, you would find that the festival took place the day after the death of ‘Jimmy Hendrix’, the most influential musician of the 20th century.

5. ts o and the o

Michael Ewes created the festival in hopes of paying off his mortgage. However, his efforts failed when he was released to pay more debt.

6. The first sign of the festival

The first fest was a small-scale event, which was held on May 1, with only 1.5 visitors. They were charged $ 1 for a ticket that included free milk from the firm.

7. Size of 500 football pitches

The site has grown to 900 acres or about 1.4 square miles, enough to fit a 500 football pitch.

8. Glasgow’s Trouserless Year

1987 was marked as the Trouserless Year in the history of Glastonbury Fest. Thieves steal the trousers of Fest participants to steal their wallets. Men and women roam in embarrassment until their trousers sink.

9. Accident by incident

The festival was known as ‘instantaneous’ as many travelers were washed away by the Stonehenge Festival believing the festival was going on.

After discussion, they have arranged a mini-festival but with a little organization and stage are driven by an electric meter in a caravan.

10. Symbol of Glasto

The Pyramid Stage, which first rose through cattle rearing in 1971, and now its epic design based on the “Pyramid of Greatness, Egypt,” symbolizes this magical festival.

11. Stage tragedy burned

In 1994, weeks before the event, the pyramid stage burned. Thankfully, the organizers were able to create a temporary stage before the festival began.

12. You are planning to GateCrash

If you are thinking of snatching at Fest, jumping through the fence. That may not be possible. They built a strong fence called the ‘Super Fence’, especially for gatekeepers in the year 2002.

13. You will never find it on the map

Glastonbury has an underground performance space, you’ll never find Glastonbury on the map. Call it my favorite part of Michael Eavis, Glastonbury, named it ‘Underground Piano Bar’.

14. Identity that was never the same

The festival was formerly known as the ‘Pilton Festival’. The first festival was known as the ‘Worthy Farm Pop Festival’.

15. Registered in the Guinness book for something different

Glastonbury Festival is registered in the Guinness Book of World Records at Juggling. On June 2, 2016, at least 3 objects each awake 826 people were able to put 2,478 objects into the air.

Glastonbury Festival

16. Curfews take on the subtle side

Paul McCartney, 26, Icelandic musician Bjrk in 25 and Bruce Springsteen in 25, all broke the barrette curfew in Glastonbury this morning, resulting in a fine.

17. Good again! What is it?

At the Glastonbury Festival in 2016, human drainers were fined for cleaning up nearby river pollutants, killing more than 40 fish and effectively wiping out the local trout population. The festival was warned earlier in the year for their treatment of human waste.

18. Celebrities Glamping at Glasto

Do you think that all A-lister camps with the rest of the population in Glasto? The answer is no, there are tents that cost $ 8,000 for luxury items, 3 bathrooms, and even a butler.

19. If there is a shortage of electricity?

Glastonbury uses about 30 megawatts of electricity, which is similar to the city of Bath. The majority of the electricity comes from 200 dotted generators around the site, and the rest comes mainly from solar and renewable sources of wind.

20. When repeating oneself in the past

Since the inception of the Glastonbury Festival in 1970, there has been no profit year.

Despite the economic loss, Glastonbury was awarded the trophy for the Best Major Fest, Outstanding Contribution, and Most Memorable Moment at the 25th UK Festival Awards – Jay-Z’s presentation by Wonderwall of the Oasis.

21. Glastonbury was once lawless

Glastonbury was once a lawless place. Until 1990, no police officers were present on the site.

22. Year of the soil

1997 was a memorable year with sponsorships from the BBC and The Guardian, which accepted the television event.

Heavy rains have made the entire site a waste, this year the festival became known as ‘Year of the Earth’.

23. Don’t have a ticket; Don’t worry

If you do not have a ticket to Glastonbury or cannot afford it, you can take a lot of action. It is volunteering for work at Glasto.

You have free tickets and get good pay. It is estimated that more than 1,300 people volunteer for the recycling service just to get a free ticket.

24. You can even star in Glasto

Being part of Glasto’s main stage is a tough job but worth the effort. Glasto gives the general public the chance to become a star.

There is an emerging talent competition, where challengers compete for the spot in the main stage performances at the Glastonbury Festival.

25. The titles have been replaced

T-Rex was filled for The Kinks in 1970, replacing Lenny RHCP in 7, Pulp Stone replaced Rose in Ash, Ash replaced Steve Winwood in Ash, Basement Jaxx replaced Kylie Minogue in 2005, Gorillaz in 29. Who replaced Of Glasto?

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