October 4, 2023
beijing facts

13 Interesting Beijing Facts Everyone Must Know

(Last Updated On: April 16, 2021)

Once the capital of four dynasties in history and the People’s Republic of China today, Beijing is one of the truly stretched cities in the world with many fascinating facts.

This article will give an overview of many interesting Beijing facts.

Beijing facts

Beijing combines its glittering skyscrapers, humorous hutongs, and Mayawig in with both modern and traditional architectural architecture, a changing megacity rich in Beijing history but also politics, business and education, economics, history, culture, language, architecture, sport, fashion, art, fashion, art, fashion, art, fashion, fashion, Technology. Let’s find out some amazing and interesting Beijing facts:

1. The capital of six significant dynasties and governments

Beijing served as the capital of six notable dynasties and governments in the 20th century. It was the capital of the Yuan Dynasty in 221 BC, it was the national capital of the Yuan Dynasty in 1271, in 1402 it became the capital of the Ming Dynasty, in 1644 it became the capital of the Qing Dynasty, in 1912, it was known as the capital of the Republic of China, and finally it was inaugurated by Mao Bridge. From 1 October 1949, the People’s Republic served as China’s capital.

2. The second-largest in China

Beijing is the second-largest city in the population after Shanghai. It is home to about 21 million people, which is one of the amazing Beijing facts.

3. Never forget the forbidden city: the world’s largest palace

Forbidden City, Beijing The largest palace in the world is the forbidden city of Beijing.

The Palace Complex is a perfect example of the traditional Tihanian Chinese palatial architecture and has influenced cultural and architectural development in East Asia and elsewhere, which is one of the amazing Beijing facts.

4. Tiananmen Square: The second largest city square in the world

Tiananmen Square In the center of Beijing, there is a town square called Tiananmen Square, to the north of it, Tiananmen (“gate of heavenly peace”) is separated from the forbidden city, which is one of the amazing Beijing facts.

The Tiananmen Square has a monument to the heroes of the people, the Great Hall of the People, the National Museum of China, and the shrine of Mao Setung, who announced the establishment of People’s Republic of China on October 8.

5. First to win the Summer and Winter Olympics

The Beijing Olympics hosted the Summer Olympics in Ariel View 20 in Beijing and will be the first city to host both the Summer and Winter Olympics by 2022, which is one of the amazing Beijing facts.

6. The second busiest airport in the world

Beijing Capital International Airport is Hartfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Atlanta, Georgia’s second busiest airport after 14 lines running on the subway, which is one of the amazing Beijing facts.

7. How malicious is this?

Beijing is one of the most polluted cities in the world. Beijing’s Air Has Been Dangerous. If you breathe in Beijing for six days, this is the equivalent of smoking a cigarette, which is one of the amazing Beijing facts.

beijing facts

8. Meet Mr. and Mrs. Wang

According to the most recent census, Wang, the most popular surname in Beijing, holds an impressive 11% name, which is one of the amazing Beijing facts.

9. Have you ever been to the temple of heaven?

The Temple of Heaven is a royal complex in a religious building located in the southeast of central Beijing. Emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties went to the temple for annual prayers for good results. In 1998, the temple was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

10. 16 Names of the City

Beijing is the 16th name for this city. The city has such a rich and deep history with many people throughout the centuries.

The old names of the cities were Ji, Jichang, Yan, Yanjing, Guangyang, Fanyang, Yuang, Jixian, Nanjing, Zhongdu, etc, which is one of the amazing Beijing facts.

11. Wind down is the summer palace

If you want to relax, visit the Summer Palace. It is a group of lakes, gardens, palaces in Beijing. It is a perfect tourist park for entertaining. It greatly influenced the Chinese gardens and landscapes with its famous natural views and cultural interests, which have long been recognized as the “Museum of the Royal Garden.”

12. National Museum of China: One of the largest in the world

This museum is located on the east side of Tiananmen Square, which is one of the amazing Beijing facts.

The museum’s mission is to educate China’s history and art. It is one of the largest museums in the world. It contains one of the oldest issues related to Chinese history.

13. Get Top of China World Trade Center Tower III

The World Trade Center Tower III in China is the tallest building in Beijing, with 3 floors, 4 underground floors, and 30 elevators. It is 330 meters tall and the 33rd largest building in the world, which is one of the amazing Beijing facts.

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