September 22, 2023
Greatest Empires in history

List of 54 Greatest Empires in Entire History Timeline

(Last Updated On: April 16, 2021)

There are many greatest empires in the history timeline. The empire of the East, which can certainly be said to be greater than all the ancient empires, was Upper and Lower Egypt, which was ten times greater than the area of the previous largest civilization, and greatest empires in history. In this article, I am going to talk about the list of greatest empires in history:


Greatest Empires in history

Empire Land area (million km2) Year
Upper and Lower Egypt 0.1 3000 BC
Old Kingdom of Egypt 0.25 2850 BC
0.4 2400 BC
Akkadian Empire 0.65 2300 BC
0.8 2250 BC
New Kingdom of Egypt 1.0 1450 BC
Shang dynasty 1.25 1122 BC
Assyria 1.4 670 BC
Median Empire 2.8 585 BC
Achaemenid Empire 3.6 539 BC
5.5 500 BC
Xiongnu Empire 9.0 176 BC
Umayyad Caliphate 11.1 720
Mongol Empire 13.5 1227
24.0 1309
British Empire 24.5 1880
35.5 1920

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Timeline of largest empires at the time

Empire Land area during the time as the largest empire (million km2) Year
Upper Egypt 0.1 3000 BC
Old Kingdom of Egypt 0.25–0.4 2800 BC2400 BC
Akkadian Empire 0.2–0.6 2300 BC2200 BC
Indus Valley Civilisation 0.15 2100 BC
Middle Kingdom of Egypt 0.2–0.5 2000 BC1800 BC
Xia dynasty 0.4 1700 BC
Hyksos 0.65 1600 BC
New Kingdom of Egypt 0.65–1.0 1500 BC1300 BC
Shang dynasty 0.9–1.1 1250 BC1150 BC
New Kingdom of Egypt 0.5–0.6 1100 BC1050 BC
Zhou dynasty 0.35–0.45 1000 BC900 BC
Assyria 0.4–1.4 850 BC650 BC
Median Empire 3.0 600 BC
Achaemenid Empire 2.5–5.5 550 BC350 BC
Macedonian Empire 5.2 323 BC
Seleucid Empire 4.0 300 BC
Maurya Empire 3.5 250 BC
Han dynasty 2.5 200 BC
Xiongnu Empire 5.7 150 BC
Han dynasty 4.2–6.5 100 BC200
Roman Empire 4.4 250350
Sasanian Empire 3.5 400
Hunnic Empire 4.0 450[26]
Sasanian Empire 3.5 500
Göktürk Khaganate 3.0–5.2 550600
Rashidun Caliphate 5.2 650
Umayyad Caliphate 9.0–11.0 700750
Abbasid Caliphate 8.3–11.0 750800
Tibetan Empire 2.5–4.7 850950
Song dynasty 3.0 1000
Seljuk Empire 3.0–4.0 10501100
Tibetan Empire 2.5 1150
Jin dynasty (1115–1234) 2.3 1200
Mongol Empire 18.0–24.0 12501300
Yuan dynasty 11.0 1350
Timurid Empire 4.0 1400
Ming dynasty 4.7–6.5 14501500
Ottoman Empire 4.3 1550
Tsardom of Russia 6.0–12.0 16001700
Russian Empire 14.0–17.0 17501800
British Empire 23.0–34.0 18501925
Soviet Union 22.5 19501975


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