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100 Interesting Facts about Taiwan – Past and Present

(Last Updated On: April 16, 2021)

Taiwan is an Asian country with immense possibilities and success. There are many interesting facts about Taiwan. People are very interested to know about fun facts about Taiwan. In this article, I am going to share about 100 interesting facts about Taiwan.

Interesting facts about Taiwan

Taiwan has a historical past that goes again many 1000’s years to the earliest proof of people currently on the planet.

It rains nearly every afternoon in the course of the summer season in Taiwan, which is one of the interesting facts about Taiwan.

In recorded historical past, the deadliest storm to hit Taiwan was Typhoon Morakot (Kiko), which decimated the island in 2009. The storm killed 673 individuals, left 26 missings, and caused $3.Three billion in damages.

The Taiwanese think it impolite to say “no.” Instead, they might say, “eh, maybe.”

Not solely does Taiwan have extra 7-Eleven shops per particular person than some other nation on the planet, however, the 7-Elevens additionally provide way more than junk meals, together with dry-cleaning, a spot to pay faculty tuition, and a spot to print documents.

In Taiwan, quantity 4 (just like the number 13 in America) is taken into account unfortunate. Buildings equivalent to hospitals and resorts haven’t got the 4th ground.

In August (or the seventh month of the Taiwanese lunar calendar), Taiwan celebrates the Hungry Ghost Festival. According to custom, the gates of hell open, releasing hordes of hungry ghosts that feed on cash, meals, and so on. It is taken into account unfortunate to get married, begin a business, or journey throughout the month.

7-11 comfort shops are all over the place, and they’re mainly open all evening with numerous facilities. These shops are owned by a Japanese firm. In these shops, you’ll be able to print a doc, name a taxi, ship a parcel, pay your payments, and do way more.

Despite shedding its UN seat to China in 1971, and being unable to take part within the UN efforts to fight local weather change, Taiwan makes an attempt to fight the issue by itself. Although their CO2 ranges fluctuate, Taiwan’s total ranges are declining.

Throughout Taiwan, photographs of plum blossoms seem on currency and company logos

The Prunus mei, or plum blossom, is Taiwan’s national flower. Because it flowers within the winter, it symbolizes Taiwanese perseverance and braveness.

Taiwan has about half one million aborigines or yuan zhu min (YOO-an Ju min), which means authentic individuals. Their ancestors are Austronesian, which means they arrived from Easter Island, Madagascar, and New Zealand. Consisting of about 2% of the inhabitants, they have an inclination to have darker pores and skin, larger eyes, and sharper noses.

Some of the children have humorous English names like King, Circle, or Lion. This is one of the Taiwan facts.

Crying or expressing feelings at college to one another will not be a difficulty whether or not you’re a teenager, boy, or a woman.

One of the most important and tragic occasions in Taiwanese historical past is the “February 28 Incident.” On this date in 1947, the KMT-led Republic of China authorities killed 10,000 civilians throughout an anti-government rebellion. The incident sparked the Taiwan independence motion.

In Taiwan, it’s conventional for an astrologer to find out whether or not a match between {couples} is an efficient one. The astrologer additionally chooses a positive date and time for the marriage.

By the late 17th century, a Ming Dynasty loyalist known as Koxinga misplaced mainland China. Instead, he defeated the Dutch to ascertain a base on the island. The Qing dynasty then conquered him and his efforts, and the Qing dynasty’s effect was built-in into Taiwanese tradition.

Taiwan is house to “The Modern Toilet” restaurant. All the meals, utensils, dishes, and furnishings are bathroom themed.

Taiwan was one of many first international locations on the planet to supply free Wi-Fi on a mass scale to its residents. It additionally presents free Wi-Fi for overseas guests.

A conventional Taiwanese snack is an oyster omelet and dried watermelon seeds, which is one of the interesting facts about Taiwan.

The official name of Taiwan is the “Republic of China,” though the generally used name is Taiwan.

With over 150 sizzling springs, Taiwan has the world’s second-highest focus of sizzling springs, after Japan.

Everybody works hard on a regular basis. Kids examine a lot that they have the world’s greatest math scores. Most individuals like to work, and they’re at their jobs as much as 70 hours per week. This can be a high-IQ space in the world.

In 1995, Taiwan launched the National Health Insurance Program (NHI), which offers common health care to all its residents, in each Chinese and Western-style drugs. It is taken into account probably the greatest common health care technique on the planet.

The hottest sports activities in Taiwan are baseball, basketball, and desk tennis. Other conventional sports activities embrace soar rope, shuttlecock, and diabolo spinning (which has similarities to the Western yo-yo).

In Taiwan, white (as an alternative to black) symbolizes dying and is used at funerals. At weddings, pink is a well-liked color as a result of it symbolizes good luck.

The single most vital aspect of Taiwanese values and beliefs is Confucianism. Based on the teachings of Chinese instructor and thinker, Confucius (551–479 BC), it focuses on sustaining concord on the planet.

In Taiwan, a family is a crucial unit of society. Children are taught that they have to respect their dad and mom and that their major obligation is to their household. Extended households usually dwell collectively, so a single family might have as many as ten to fifty members.

Instant noodles and bubble tea had been invented in Taiwan, which is one of the interesting facts about Taiwan.

In Taiwan, rubbish vans play music, just like an American ice cream truck.

By across the 1700s, the Dutch colonized the island. The Han Chinese and Hakka immigrants from Guangdong and Fujian provinces made it throughout the Taiwan Strait to additionally inhabit this small island nation.

Interestingly, Baseball is the national sport of Taiwan! This is one of the Taiwan facts.

The official language of Taiwan is Standard Mandarin, which is one of the interesting facts about Taiwan.

The Taipei 101 tower was the tallest construction on the planet till 2007, after which it was surpassed at the top by the Burj Khalifa. This is one of Taiwan interesting places.

Taiwan’s inhabitants were 23.78 million in 2018. This is one of the CIA factbook Taiwan.

The capital is Taipei City (to not be confused with New Taipei City which surrounds it) which covers a space of 104.9 sq. miles (271.7 sq. kilometers) and has inhabitants of two.6 million (2014).

The average life span is 80.4 years (2018). 77.2 years for males and 83.7 years for girls. This is one of the Taiwan facts and information.

In Taiwanese faculties, the lecturers transfer from class to class reasonably than the scholars to cease lingering in hallways and cut back time!

Unlike within the west, the place brides put on white and funeral-goers put on black, in Taiwan white is traditionally worn to a funeral and pink at marriage, though that is slowly altering because the nation turns into extra westernized.

The residents of Taiwan get pleasure from a tropical marine local weather, with a monsoon season from June to August.

The Spanish tried to inhabit the nation additionally by the 18th century, however, this endeavor was not profitable.

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, there was a futuristic and well-liked “UFO” village within the Wanli District of Taiwan. Most of the flying saucer homes have been deserted, creating an eerie UFO graveyard.

During the Japanese occupation of Taiwan (1895–1945), in some disgruntled communities, an individual who died was carried underneath a black umbrella to the graveyard in order that the deceased particular person wouldn’t be buried underneath a Japanese sun.

Early Portuguese sailors named Taiwan Ilha Formosa, which suggests “beautiful island”

taiwan facts fun facts about taiwan interesting facts about taiwan cia world factbook taiwan taiwan history facts cia factbook taiwan taiwan interesting places taiwan facts and information interesting facts about taiwan food world factbook taiwan taroko national park taiwan facts taiwan facts 2018 10 facts about taiwan taiwan geography facts cool facts about taiwan

The highest mountain in Taiwan is Yu Shan (or Jade Mountain) in Yu-Shan National Park, which is one of the interesting facts about Taiwan. Taroko National park Taiwan facts are also interesting.

Pirates as soon as used the pure harbors of Taiwan’s Penghu Islands as hideout spots whereas attacking China. Today the islands are one of many world’s main sources of coral.

The political, cultural, and financial heart of Taiwan, and its largest metropolis, is Taipei, which suggests “North Taiwan” in Mandarin.

In Taiwan, those that had been born between 1980 and 1991 are known as the “Strawberry Generation,” which is a disparaging technique to describe them as delicate, lazy, and “easily bruised.”This is one of the Taiwan facts 2021.

“Snake Alley” is a market in Taipei, Taiwan, that serves distinctive delicacies, equivalent to snake blood, deer penis wine, and turtle blood and meat. This is one of the interesting facts about Taiwan food.

The twelve rays of the white solar characterize the twelve months of the yr and the twelve Chinese hours

Taiwanese are keen on chewing the betel nut. Unfortunately, as a result of it’s carcinogenic, Taiwan has one of many highest charges of mouth and throat most cancers in Asia.

There are not any rubbish cans outside. Garbage cans are normally stored inside a home or place of business. The rubbish is tossed right into a rubbish truck when it arrives. These vans play loud music to point their arrival within the streets.

The national flower is the blossom of the Chinese plum tree. This is one of the fun facts about Taiwan.

In the First Sino conflict of 1895, the Empire of Japan conquered the island. The major exports to Japan had been rice and sugar. During World War Two, Japanese imperial training techniques had been beginning in Taiwan. The Taiwanese grew to become Japanese troopers in the course of the Second World War.

After the Second World War, the ROC, led by the KMT or Kuomintang, took Taiwan. Chiang Kai Shek launched martial legislation in Taiwan and dominated Taiwan together with the islands on the Taiwan Strait known as Kinmen Wuchiu and Matsu.

It takes about eight hours to drive across the total island of Taiwan, which is one of the interesting facts about Taiwan.

Countries that want to have diplomatic relations with China should sever their formal ties with Taiwan. China considers Taiwan its personal renegade province. For this cause, Taiwan was kicked out of the UN in 1971.

The World Happiness Report ranks Taiwan as the 35th happiest nation (out of 156) on the planet. It ranks significantly more than Indonesia, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, and China.

In Taiwan, girls make up 50.46% of the labor power and 33% of the legislature, a charge greater than Japan, South Korea, and the United States.

The condominiums resemble the common Taiwanese particular person in that they’re vertical, tall, and thin. Many individuals take the steps to rise up to their flats. Each house is usually fairly small, and really costly.

The Formosan black bear is the biggest land animal in Taiwan and is an emblem of the nation. It can be the one sort of bear in Taiwan.

Taiwan has among the worst air pollutions in all of Asia, most definitely as a result of it’s a small, densely occupied island.

Taiwanese emphasizes a novel cultural attribute known as ren qing wie, which, loosely translated, means “the flavor of human feeling.” Friendliness and generosity to strangers, obligation, and proper conduct are a part of what it means to “smell or have the flavor of being human.” To not have ren qing wie is to be inhuman or immoral.

If the inhabitants of Taiwan was simply 100 individuals, 84 could be Taiwanese, 14 could be mainland Chinese, and a pair of could be indigenous, or Formosan.

Taiwan boasts the biggest assortment of Chinese artwork on the planet, which is one of the interesting facts about Taiwan.

Completed in 1882, the Eluanbi Lighthouse is among the most well-known points of interest in Taiwan. Dubbed the “Light of East Asia,” the lighthouse is the one army lighthouse on the planet and the brightest lighthouse in Taiwan.

During the final Ice Age 10,000 years in the past, scientists speculate that Taiwan was linked to mainland China by a land bridge.

The Portuguese “discovered” Taiwan in 1590 and named it “Ilha Formosa” or “Beautiful Island.” This is one of the CIA world factbook Taiwan.

Toilets can’t deal with bathroom paper in Taiwan. Signs subsequent to the potty instruct individuals to the position used tissue within the trash can as an alternative.

The present flag of Taiwan was adopted on December 17, 1928, after the unification of China. Its colors—blue, white, and pink—characterize the Three Principals of the People of Taiwan: nationalism, democracy, and social well-being.

Taiwan is also called the “butterfly kingdom,” as a result of the tiny island is house to almost 400 species of butterflies. While the nation historically exported thousands and thousands of its butterflies, now it focuses on conservation.

Taiwan will not be well known as an unbiased state.

Taiwan is an eclectic mixture of enterprises and people, together with governmental officers, farmers, small enterprise homeowners, and artisans. The working class is one-fifth of the inhabitants, and the center class makes up one other fifth.

Taiwan is taken into account by some international locations as an unbiased nation, and by others, a territory of China. Rather peculiar!

The colors of the flag are symbolic of the three ideas of the individuals of Taiwan. This is the political coverage of creating China free, affluent, and highly effective. These ideas had been developed by Sun Yat-Sen, who’s the daddy of the nation as regarded by China and Taiwan. The blue color stands for nationalism and liberty. The pink color stands for livelihood and togetherness. The white color stands for democracy and equality.

The time period “Taiwan Miracle” refers back to the island’s transformation into one of many world’s richest international locations; a change that occurred in lower than 50 years.

Taiwan’s national sport is baseball, and it holds probably the most Little League World Series titles.

At 216th place, Taiwan has one of many lowest beginning charges on the planet. Japan, Hong Kong, and South Korea are even decreasing.

In Taiwan, 7-Eleven has its personal mascot named Open-Chan, a cartoon canine with a rainbow on its head. He is a national superstar together with his personal music album and theme park.

Politeness, honor, and respect for elders are of main concern in this tradition.

People from this nation are glad to see their visitors. This is one of the Taiwan facts.

After the Second World War, Taiwan had nice financial development and industrialization. It grew to become recognized for its financial power.

A democratic interval and reforms occurred within the nation after the Second World War.

The first presidential election was held in 1996. This was additionally the time of the Taiwan Missile Crisis.

In the yr 2000, the election ended Kuomintang’s standing as a ruling group. Democratic processes continued to develop.

Kids are usually requested to be taught math and a musical instrument at an early age.

There are about 23 million individuals who dwell in Taiwan. This is a small island nation that’s fairly densely populated.

It takes roughly eight hours to drive round the entire island.

The KMT get together flag has now grow to be the Taiwan flag, which represents a blue sky with a white solar.

The twelve rays of the solar characterize 12 Chinese hours of the time clock and the 12 months of the yr.

The pink on the Taiwanese flag symbolizes the revolutionaries and the blood they shed to create the ROC (also called Taiwan).

Taiwan had a time interval just lately of financial reform that uplifted residents to the center and higher courses.

Many college students put on faculty uniforms. They are comfy, athletic-looking, and have a fluorescent color to them.

The official language of Taiwan is Mandarin, however, most individuals choose to talk Taiwanese or Hakka.

Want to name your loved ones or mates in Taiwan? You’ll want to make use of the worldwide dialing code +886

The coordinates for Taiwan are 23.5000° N, 121.0000°

The terrain right here is usually rugged mountains within the east and heart, with flat/rolling plains within the west.

The complete land space of Taiwan is 13,974 sq. miles (36,193 sq. kilometers).

In Taiwan, the Saisiyat individuals have fun at the “Festival of the Little People.” According to legend, the Saisiyat discovered tips on how to farm from a bunch of pygmies.

This flag grew to become the official flag of Taiwan in 1928.

Taiwan has a space of 36,000 sq. kilometers, which is one of the interesting facts about Taiwan.

The distance on the primary island from north to south at its widest is 400 kilometers and from east to west 145 kilometers.

90% of all the inhabitants live on the west coast on a slim strip of fertile soil.

More than half of the nation is roofed with dense forests, which is one of the interesting facts about Taiwan.

Only Bangladesh has the next inhabitants density than Taiwan.

Taipei is a metropolis with a inhabitants density that’s 40% greater than within the Netherlands.

It was once known as Formosa after Ilha Formosa.
The name “Taiwan” is believed to imply “terraced bay,” for the energetic terrace construction that has taken place on the island.

Before the Portuguese found Taiwan in 1590, the Chinese referred to the island as “a mudball across the sea, not worthy of China.”

Taiwan is situated within the Ring of Fire, which makes the tiny island some of the earthquake-prone locations on the planet. Taiwan experiences over 1,000 perceivable earthquakes a yr and over 17,000 non-perceivable quakes.

Most Taiwanese don’t like rain. It rains usually; nonetheless, strolling in a little bit of rain is a no-no within the tradition, even when it’s only for a couple of seconds. This usually has to do with air pollution and fears of acid rain on their pores and skin.

Taiwanese ladies wish to have truthful pores and skin and subsequently steer clear of the sunshine in any respect prices.

The official language is Mandarin, which is one of the interesting facts about Taiwan.

Fort Zeelandia is in Taiwan and this fort was constructed by Dutchmen within the time of the golden age.

Taiwanese have health on a high banner and acupuncture and Chinese medicines are a vital alternative to Western drugs.

Taiwan was the primary Asian democratic republic, which is one of the interesting facts about Taiwan.

Nearly half of Taiwan is mountainous. This is one of the Taiwan geography facts.

Puppetry is immensely well-liked in Taiwan, and puppets even play a vital function in religious worship and people festivals.

Taiwan is probably the most populous state and largest financial system that isn’t a member of the United Nations.

Most individuals in Taiwan are Buddhist or Taoist. They love to attract upon the knowledge of nature.

There are bats within the parks that fly around everywhere.

Taiwan has a complete of 41 airports, which is one of the interesting facts about Taiwan.

The Taiwanese inhabitants are extraordinarily superstitious. For instance, they keep away from number 4.

The Taiwanese flag was utilized in mainland China, in addition to by the KMT within the 1900s.

In Taiwan, individuals carry their very own rubbish out to the curb and throw it within the truck. The rubbish vans play Beethoven’s Fur Elise to announce their arrival.

Settled in 1590, T’ai-nan is the oldest metropolis in Taiwan, which is one of the interesting facts about Taiwan.

One of the most well-liked actions in Taiwan is karaoke, or, as they name it, Karaoke Television (KTV). Karaoke golf equipment offers private rooms, music movies, and lots of households have their very own karaoke system in their very own properties.

taiwan facts fun facts about taiwan interesting facts about taiwan cia world factbook taiwan taiwan history facts cia factbook taiwan taiwan interesting places taiwan facts and information interesting facts about taiwan food world factbook taiwan taroko national park taiwan facts taiwan facts 2018 10 facts about taiwan taiwan geography facts cool facts about taiwan

New Taiwan Dollar is the official currency here, be sure you take some with you to buy your Bubble Tea!

Taiwan grows rice, greens, fruit, flowers, and tea rears pigs and poultry, and catches fish.

Its trade consists of electronics, communications, and IT merchandise, chemical compounds, textiles, petroleum refining, iron and metal, automobiles, pharmaceuticals, cement, meals processing, equipment, and shopper merchandise – fairly a broad spectrum!

Taiwan additionally exports petrochemicals, ships, automotive elements, electronics, metal, plastics, computer systems, and wi-fi communication gear.

The quickest lifts on the planet are situated within the Taipei 101 tower. This is one of the Taiwan facts.

A preferred sport is Taijiquan and it is a shadow boxing method. This train is principally carried out throughout dawn.

A disgusting smelly catastrophe startled the Tainan residents in Taiwan on the morning of January 2004. Then, in the course of the road, greater than 50 tonnes of sperm whale cadaver exploded.

To pronounce the name of the flag, use these phrases: “Zhonghua Minguo Guogi”. This is one of the 10 facts about Taiwan.

As China doesn’t acknowledge Taiwan’s independence, the Taiwan flag will not be allowed for use throughout sporting occasions. The Taipei flag is changed throughout these events.

There is freedom of faith and about 50% of the inhabitants are religious. This is one of the cool facts about Taiwan.

The most vital religions are Buddhism and Taoism, which is one of the interesting facts about Taiwan.

Taiwan has been dubbed the “face mask capital of Asia” as a result of the Taiwanese usually put on surgical face masks. They put on masks to guard against sickness or announce an illness, to guard their pores and skin against the solar, or to filter out pollution. Even newscasters will put on face masks whereas they’re on the air.

There is a “Flying Fish” pageant in Taiwan during which a bunch of individuals, the Yami, commemorates the legend about speaking fish that taught their tribe tips on how to fish. The Yami males adorn their canoes and go fishing in a ceremonial gown, silver caps, and jewelry.

Ninety-six % of adults in Taiwan can learn.

The design of the Taiwan flag was created by Sun Yat-Sen and Lu Hao Tung.

The Taiwan flag is usually known as the flag of the ROC. This is one of the world factbook Taiwan.

Taiwan has just one Nobel Prize winner, Yuan T. Lee. He received the prize for chemistry in 1986.

The most internationally well-known Taiwanese superstar is Oscar-winning director Ang Lee.

The hottest surname in Taiwan is Chen, at around 12% of the inhabitants.

Taiwanese don’t present feelings in public, which is one of the interesting facts about Taiwan.

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