October 4, 2023
interesting facts about guadalajara

30 Interesting Fun Cool Facts about Guadalajara, Mexico

(Last Updated On: October 11, 2021)

You will love to learn the interesting facts about Guadalajara. The Zona Metropolitana Guadalajara (ZMG), or Greater Guadalajara Metropolitan Region, is Mexico’s second-largest city. There are 5 million people living there, a strong economy, and a wonderful quality of life. This is one of Mexico’s most popular college cities, thanks to the various medical institutions. There is also a huge wealth discrepancy in the United States that many people are unaware of. It is unavoidable that a tiny fraction of the population will resort to criminal activity to make ends meet. However, with little forethought and organization, you may significantly reduce your exposure to those individuals. This article will share many more interesting facts about Guadalajara, Mexico like these.

When it comes to violent crime, the numbers are greater than in most other locations of the United States with similar populations. However, many of the issues, particularly for tourists, may be avoided, interesting fun facts about Guadalajara. Expensive automobiles, as well as even moderately showy conduct, are easy targets. Maintaining a low profile and maintaining a high level of awareness can help you swiftly escape situations when you are in the wrong location at the wrong time.

The statistics on violent crime have become worse in the previous decade. These types of crimes, on the other hand, are less likely to impact visitors or tourists. For example, the three film students who vanished in 2018 and sparked a wave of peace marches were abducted from an area that no visitor will see, fun, cool,  interesting facts about Guadalajara. I don’t want to minimize the gravity of three people being missing, but I do want to emphasize that passengers are not targets for kidnappings. Tourists would have to be stranded on the side of the road in Tonalá due to extremely unusual conditions.

Guadalajara, unfortunately, has a problem with individuals going missing and never being found. One spin around the Glorieta de Los Nios Heroes (traffic circle) is all it takes to grasp the scope of the problem. It’s thought that 75% of those who have vanished had a tenuous connection to organized crime, such as buying narcotics from the incorrect dealer, interesting facts about Guadalajara. Once again, it is believed that 25% of those who have vanished have no links to criminal groups and were just in the wrong location at the wrong time. When doing business, such as selling a car online or meeting individuals you don’t know, you need exercise additional caution.

The phrase “narco-violence” refers to a wide range of events that generate international headlines. Yes, there have been some very heinous atrocities committed in Mexico. Guadalajara is not plagued by narco-violence in the same way that rural Michoacan or Sinaloa are Guadalajara facts. When I consider the differences in gun violence between the United States and Mexico, I realize that mass shootings in the United States are designed to kill a huge number of innocent bystanders, Guadalajara interesting cool fun facts. In Mexico, on the other hand, gun violence is utilized to run a company, with particular individuals who threaten the firm being targeted. While innocent bystanders have been harmed, this is not the same as the assaults in Las Vegas, Columbine, or San Bernardino.

In February of 2021, a high-profile shootout occurred in Real Acueducto’s upscale commercial area. Because of the dramatic nature of a lengthy shoot-out between competing criminal groups that occurred to be recorded from high-rise buildings above, the incident garnered international news. One bystander was wounded while waiting at the table targeted by the other group, interesting facts about Guadalajara. A number of hitmen were hurt or murdered, as well as an off-duty police officer. In the case of a mass shooting at a country-western concert in Las Vegas, the chances of being an innocent bystander hurt in the crossfire of narco-violence are significantly lower.

Guadalajara has a lot of rain in the summer, something I’ve never seen before. I’m from San Diego, and we don’t get nearly as much rain as we do here in the summer. Mosquitoes are unavoidable due to the rain and humidity. Wear long sleeves, lock the door, and stay away from infected areas, interesting facts about Guadalajara.

In the summer of 2019, dengue fever was a major issue. Dengue fever has been verified in over 5,000 people in Jalisco State, with the figure likely to rise due to unreported cases, interesting fun facts about Guadalajara. Climate change, according to the governor of the state of Jalisco, is to blame for the rise. The hardest-hit areas allege that the government didn’t begin spraying until late in the season, and that they were using outdated pesticides when they did.

The water that comes out of the city water system’s pipes is not drinkable. This includes private houses, hotels, restaurants, and any other establishment that gets its water from the city or local wells and reservoirs. There may be an exception to this rule here and there, but for the most part, never drink water from a faucet! To make the water safe, boil it for a few minutes, although filtered drinking water is readily accessible, interesting facts about Guadalajara. Several firms provide clean, delicious drinking water to restaurants, your house, workplace, taco cart, mini-market, and wherever else you can think of. Also, no one makes ice using tap water at their restaurant; it’s not environmentally friendly.

Guadalajara’s public transportation is unlike that of most other big cities I’ve visited. Driving in Guadalajara is significantly more difficult than driving in San Diego. The infrastructure is quite dissimilar. Plus, in many areas, you don’t want to leave your car parked on the street. Professional vehicle parks, known as ‘viene vienes’ or ‘franileros,’ will extort money from you to park on the street, cool interesting facts about Guadalajara.

Guadalajara is a worldwide city and one of Mexico’s cultural epicenters. It is home to many staples of Mexican culture, such as Mariachi, Tequila, and Birria, and it hosts a number of notable events, such as the Guadalajara International Film Festival, Latin America’s most important film festival, and the Guadalajara International Book Fair, the Americas’ largest book fair, interesting facts about Guadalajara.

interesting facts about guadalajara
Parque de los Jalicienses Ilustres

Interesting facts about Guadalajara, Mexico

1. Guadalajara is the capital of the state of Jalisco and is located in western Mexico.

2. The city has a population of 1,385,629 people, according to the 2020 census, while the Guadalajara metropolitan area has a population of 5,268,642, making it the country’s third-largest metropolitan region.

3. With almost 10,361 persons per square kilometer, Guadalajara has the second highest population density in Mexico.

4. Guadalajara is the economic hub of the Bajo area, one of Latin America’s most productive and developed regions, as well as a worldwide center of commerce, finance, arts, and culture.

5. Guadalajara is Latin America’s tenth biggest metropolis and a significant Latin American IT and financial center.

6. It is one of the world’s most productive and internationally competitive cities. Science, technology, finance, culture, innovation, education, business, and tourism are all significant in Mexico.

7. Guadalajara Cathedral, the Teatro Degollado, the Templo Expiatorio, the Hospicio Cabaas, and the San Juan de Dios Market—the biggest indoor market in Latin America—are all located here.

8. With a population of 1.5 million people, Guadalajara is Mexico’s second largest metropolis and the eighth greatest place to visit in South America. Tequila, mariachi, its rich history, and customs are all well-known.

9. The name is derived from the Arabic (wd al-ajrah), which translates to ‘Valley of the Stone’ or ‘Fortress Valley.’

10. Spanish is the native language of almost everyone in Guadalajara, and it is quite similar to Castilian Spanish, with the exception that Mexicans speak it with a distinct accent and have added some of their own terms.

11. Guadalajara, Mexico, is known for its affordable homes. This is an excellent location to live, according to our city rankings, with high scores in cost of living, leisure & culture, and tolerance.

12. The city was moved many times between its establishment by the Spanish in 1531 to the 1540s due to opposition from Indians, hundreds of whom were kidnapped by Guadalajara-based slave hunters during the early colonial period. In 1549, the city was designated as the seat of a bishopric.

13. Guadalajara may be classified as a medium safe city when considering all sorts of crimes, although there are drug-related crimes, robbery, and auto-part theft to be concerned about. Guadalajara is a large city, thus criminal activity is to be expected.

14. Guadalajara is the capital of Jalisco, which is split into 125 municipalities.

15. Guadalajara has both affluent and impoverished residents, and the disparity may be severe. As you approach the city from the airport, the highway goes past some very run-down slums on the city’s south side, which you should avoid.

16. Guadalajara is regarded the most ‘Mexican’ city since it is the home of mariachis and the gateway to tequila country. Its magnificent colonial structures, museums, folklore, friendliness, and warm temperature are only a few of the attractions for visitors.”

17. A summary of the cost of living in Guadalajara, Mexico: Without rent, a family of four would spend $1,637 per month (33,904 MXN). Without rent, a single person’s projected monthly expenditures are 451$ (9,334MXN). Guadalajara has a 65.97 percent lower cost of living than New York (without rent).

18. On February 14, 1542, Cristóbal de Oate, a Basque conqueror, established Guadalajara as the capital of the Kingdom of Nueva Galicia, which was part of the Viceroyalty of New Spain.

19. Due to the fast rising riches in the kingdom following the discovery of silver, the Royal Audiencia of Guadalajara, formerly subject to Mexico City, became the sole authority in New Spain with autonomy over Nueva Galicia after 1572.

20. Following significant colonial migrations in the 1720s and 1760s, Guadalajara had established itself as Mexico’s second biggest metropolis by the 18th century.

21. Independence leader Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla formed Mexico’s first revolutionary government in Guadalajara in 1810 during the Mexican War of Independence.

22. The city thrived during the Porfiriato, when the industrial revolution arrived, but it was severely impeded during the Mexican Revolution.

23. The Cristero War came to a conclusion in Guadalajara in 1929, when President Plutarco Elas Calles declared the Grito de Guadalajara.

24. Throughout the rest of the twentieth century, the city grew steadily, reaching a population of 1 million in the 1960s and 3 million in the 1990s.

interesting facts about guadalajara
Monument to Beatriz Hernández, one of the founders of Guadalajara

25. What amount of cash will you require for your trip to Guadalajara? You should budget M$1,557 ($78) a day for your vacation in Guadalajara, as this is the average daily price based on other tourists’ spending.

26. Guadalajara has a variety of beaches to choose from, some of which are isolated coves and others that are crowded with beachgoers. If you take a water taxi from the main beaches, you may visit other beaches that are only accessible by water.

27. While many visitors are relieved to learn that the tap water in the Guadalajara region of Spain is safe to drink, many are unaware of how safe it is. It is safe to drink since all of the city’s water treatment facilities are intended to ensure that the water is safe to drink.

28. Tourists can feel safe in Guadalajara. Although there are a few precautions to take, Guadalajara is a fantastic tourist destination. Guadalajara is, in reality, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Mexico for both leisure and business travelers.

29. Numerous universities and research institutes are located in Guadalajara, notably the University of Guadalajara and the Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara, two of Mexico’s and Latin America’s top universities.

30. In 2005, the city was designated as the American Capital of Culture, and it has hosted several international events, including the 1970 FIFA World Cup, the 1986 FIFA World Cup, the 1991 Ibero-American Summit, and the 2011 Pan American Games.

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