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70 facts about new zealand

70 Interesting Fun Cool Amazing Facts about New Zealand

(Last Updated On: October 10, 2021)

70 facts about New Zealand are picked from different areas that you must enjoy. New Zealanders are fondly referred to as “Kiwis.” The kiwi, a flightless bird unique to New Zealand, inspired the name. It also serves as a national emblem. Kiwis are known for being tough, hardworking problem solvers and innovators. Many Kiwis are international travelers, with many traveling and making an influence across the globe (sport, business, politics, etc). Younger Kiwis frequently travel to England for working holidays before returning to New Zealand, and any Kiwi may travel and work in Australia forever. This article will share interesting 70 facts about New Zealand.

In New Zealand, English is the most widely spoken language. Mori was prohibited from speaking their native language in schools and workplaces after WWII, thus it was essentially relegated to the status of a community language, 70 facts about New Zealand. It has since been revitalized and is now recognized as one of New Zealand’s official languages, with immersion in schools and university institutions. Many locations in New Zealand have both English and Mori names.

Agriculture, horticulture, fisheries, forestry, and mining are the main export industries of New Zealand’s free trade economy, which is reliant on international commerce. New Zealand’s biggest export partners are Australia, its trans-Tasman neighbor, as well as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Japan, 70 facts about New Zealand. China and other Asian markets are becoming more popular as export destinations.

Tourism also makes a substantial contribution and attracts visitors from all over the world, with Australians being the most frequent visitors, 70 facts about New Zealand. Visitors should dress in layers and be prepared for any sort of weather since the temperature can fluctuate dramatically during the day.

The climate in the North and South Islands differs significantly and is extremely complicated. The climate is generally moderate and temperate, with warm subtropical temperatures in the extreme north and much colder temperatures in the far south. In mountainous locations, alpine conditions develop 70 facts about New Zealand. A Nor’Wester in the South Island may bring heavy rain to the West Coast and a hot dry breeze to Canterbury on the East Coast, both of which are less than four hours distant.

70 facts about New Zealand

1. Baldwin Street, in Dunedin, is the world’s steepest avenue. The street has a gradient of 1 in 2.86 at its steepest part, a 38 percent grade, which is one of the interesting facts about New Zealand.

2. Two NZ rescue canines have been taught to drive an automobile around a observe, so as to show the intelligence of shelter animals.

3. The Kiwi badminton staff identify was ‘The Black Cocks’, however, after a yr, needed to change it on account of complaints.

4. In 1990, the NZ prime minister appointed a National Wizard.

5. Rugby participant Wayne Shelford obtained his scrotum ripped open mid-game in a foul sort out. He was taken off the sector with one testicle LITERALLY hanging out, obtained stitched up on the bench, and continued the sport.

6. Niue, a self-governed island of New Zealand, has Pokemon pictures on its authorized tender cash.

7. The New Zealand prime minister appointed a National Wizard in 1990.

8. The Royal New Zealand Air Force has a kiwi as its emblem. The drawback? Kiwi is a flightless chicken.

9. The world’s smallest dolphin species are indigenous to the New Zealand area.

70 Interesting Fun Cool Amazing Facts about New Zealand

10. New Zealand’s Lake Taupo is about as huge as Singapore.

11. Lake Taupo was the location of one of many largest eruptions on the planet, which occurred about 26,000 years in the past.

12. New Zealand has the longest place name on the planet. A hill in Hawkes Bay is named Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateapokaiwhenuakitanatahu.

13. New Zealand’s Gisborne airport has practice tracks working throughout the runway.

14. New Zealand’s Ninety Mile Beach is definitely 90 kilometers long, which is one of the interesting facts about New Zealand.

15. The oldest father in New Zealand was most likely Henry the tuatara, who had his offspring for the primary time at the age of 111. This occurred in 2008. A tuatara is a reptile indigenous to New Zealand.

16. About one-third of the nation is a protected national park, which is one of the interesting facts about New Zealand.

17. NZ was voted the world’s finest nation in 2007 and 2008 by the Wanderlust journal.

18. Auckland is among the most reasonably priced cities on the planet to dwell in, which is one of the interesting facts about New Zealand.

19. New Zealand is among the nations the place the biggest and most populous city shouldn’t be the capital. The greatest city in New Zealand is Auckland whereas the capital is Wellington. They are each positioned on the North Island.

20. People first inhabited New Zealand someday between the years 800 and 1300. These have been the Māori people. The first European to “discover” New Zealand was the Dutch sailor Abel Tasman, in 1642.

21. New Zealand is dwelling on the world’s smallest dolphin species.

22. There are not any land snakes, native or launched, in NZ.

23. New Zealand was the final liveable landmass to be populated.

24. Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom is the official queen of New Zealand. She is represented within the nation by a governor common.

25. New Zealand/Māori ex-prostitute Georgina Beyer turned the world’s first transsexual Member of Parliament in 1999.

26. In 2007, a New Zealand couple wished to call their youngster 4Real. They have been denied by the court, solely to choose the identify Superman.

27. The authorized restriction for names in New Zealand is 100 characters, which is one of the interesting facts about New Zealand.

28. The most essential celebrations and festivals in New Zealand embrace Waitangi Day (sixth February), the Hokitika Wildfoods Festival (held in March), and the Lakes Festival of Colour (held in April). This is one of the facts about New Zealand food.

29. New Zealand was fashioned about 23 million years in the past on account of volcanic exercise.

30. It is alleged {that a} New Zealander can repair something with a size of Number-Eight fencing wire, a testimony to the New Zealander spirit of inventiveness and do-it-yourself spirit. This refers to the truth that probably the most generally used wire for fences to maintain cows and sheep of their paddocks is named Number-Eight wire.

31. Two species of bats are New Zealand’s sole place of birth mammals.

32. New Zealand has more Scottish pipe bands per capita than Scotland itself, which is one of the interesting facts about New Zealand.

33. The Te Waikoropupū Springs (often called Pupū Springs) discharge 3,698 gallons (14,000 liters) of water per second and are the biggest recent water springs in New Zealand, are the biggest chilly water springs within the Southern Hemisphere and include the clearest water ever measured outdoors of Antarctica.

34. New Zealand-born astrophysicist Dr. William Pickering was important to the achievements of NASA’s house program. As director of the Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) at Cal Tech, Pickering turned a key determine within the Mariner II expedition to Venus in 1963 and Ranger VII to Mars in 1965; Ranger VIII, which photographed the moon’s floor, in 1966; and Apollo XI, which positioned Neil Armstrong as the primary man on the moon in 1969.

35. The glowworm, Arachnocampa luminosa is definitely the larva of the fungus gnat (a relative of the mosquito), which attaches itself to cave roofs in New Zealand. The bluish-green glow the larva emits comes from the sticky silk threads on its body, which it makes use of to lure flying bugs. The hungrier the larva is, the brighter it glows.

36. New Zealand’s staunch anti-nuclear stance has earned it the nickname “the mouse that roared.” Ironically, the particular person accountable for the nuclear age was a New Zealander. In 1917, nuclear physicist Ernest Rutherford was the primary to separate the nucleus of an atom and provide you with the orbital concept of the atom. He additionally received the Nobel Prize, and his face seems on the NZ $100 note. He has been featured on stamps in New Zealand, Russia, Sweden, and Canada.

37. Antarctica is the final nice wilderness, with near 90% of the world’s ice sprawling over a space bigger than the United States. New Zealander Alexander von Tunzelmann is believed to be the primary particular person to step ashore on Antarctica at Cape Adare in January 1895. New Zealanders additionally took half within the explorations by Englishmen Robert Falcon Scott and Anglo-Irish Ernest Shackleton between 1900 and 1917.

70 Interesting Fun Cool Amazing Facts about New Zealand

38. The tune “How Bizarre” was a large hit in Europe, the UK, the U.S., and Australia throughout 1996. The tune was by the New Zealand band OMC, an acronym for Otara Millionaire’s Club, which made mild of OMC’s poverty-stricken dwelling of Otara, which is one of the interesting facts about New Zealand.

39. There is one other group intently associated with the Māori, who settled on the Chatham Islands. This group, referred to as the Moriori has been nearly wiped by the Māori within the 19th century. Tame Horomona Rehe (Tommy Solomon), who died in 1933, is taken into account to be the final full-blooded Moriori. Modern science, nevertheless, factors out that Moriori has been genetically nearly identical to Māori, solely culturally completely different. This is one of the New Zealand culture facts.

40. New Zealand’s Ninety-Mile Beach is just 56 miles (90 km) long.

41. New Zealanders get pleasure from one of many world’s highest life expectancy rates—82.3 years for females and 78.3 years for males.

42. The Māori name for New Zealand is Aotearoa, which suggests “Land of the Long White Cloud.”, which is one of the interesting facts about New Zealand

43. Popular movies made in New Zealand by New Zealand filmmakers embrace Once Were Warriors, The Whale Rider, The Piano, and the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

44. There are not any snakes in New Zealand.

45. The Pohutukawa tree is New Zealand’s Christmas tree. It blooms red-purple flowers for a number of weeks every December.

46. As was Baron Ernest Rutherford, who was the primary man to separate an atom. He additionally found (and named) the proton.

47. New Zealand is the one nation on the planet the place all the best positions have been concurrently held by girls: In 2006, the Queen, the Governor-General, the PM, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and the Chief Justice have been all girls.

48. The nationwide sport of NZ is a rugby union, which is one of the interesting facts about New Zealand.

49. There are not any nuclear energy stations in New Zealand.

50. In 2008, Henry the tuatara turned a father for the primary time at the age of 111. (A tuatara is a reptile native to New Zealand.)

51. Kiwifruit has been initially referred to as Chinese gooseberries, which is one of the interesting facts about New Zealand.

52. New Zealand is among the sole nations to have two nationwide anthems- God Save The Queen and God Defend New Zealand.

53. Ninety Mile Beach is definitely solely 90 kilometers long.

54. Moa birds have been native to NZ, however at the moment are extinct. They have been 12 feet tall and weighed about 230kg.

55. The man who pioneered cosmetic surgery, Harold Gillies, was a Kiwi.

56. The Pizza Hut restaurant chain doesn’t get its mozzarella cheese from Italy; it buys the cheese from Taranaki, New Zealand. MT Taranaki facts.

57. The Auckland City Sky Tower, at 1,076 feet (328 m) high, is the tallest freestanding construction within the Southern Hemisphere.

58. New Zealanders check with themselves as Kiwis, which most likely dates back to World War I when New Zealand troopers acquired the nickname. The New Zealand greenback can be referred to as the Kiwi in worldwide monetary markets. The greenback coin incorporates a kiwi chicken on one facet.

59. The inhabitants of New Zealand are just around Four million whereas the nation’s measurement is roughly that of the UK. Learn interesting facts about the UK. As a comparability, the UK has inhabitants of more than 60 million.

70 Interesting Fun Cool Amazing Facts about New Zealand

60. All New Zealand’s excessive faculties and universities are allowed to maintain a pound of uranium or thorium however they face a $1 million positive if it explodes.

61. One New Zealand man legally modified his name to Full Metal Havok More Sexy N Intelligent Than Spock And All The Superheroes Combined With Frostnova. He was nearly denied as a result of the name accommodates 99 characters.

62. Kiwi and Moa are probably the most well-known birds indigenous to New Zealand. Unfortunately, Moa was hunted to extinction in the late 16th century.

63. The now-extinct Moa birds have been around Three m tall when standing and weighing over 200 kg.

64. Originally, kiwi-fruit was often called Chinese gooseberries.

65. New Zealand’s Blue Lake, positioned in Nelson Lakes National Park, has the clearest water on the planet.

66. New Zealand has probably the most distinctive McDonald’s on the planet. The one in Taupo is a decommissioned DC3 plane. Taupo facts

67. New Zealand is alleged to have more helicopters per capita than every other inhabitant on Earth. They have been first used through the 1960s to cull deer, with as many as 50 copters culling as many as 200 deer every day.

68. Gisborne airport has practice tracks working throughout the center of the runway. Quite typically, trains and planes should cease till one strikes out of the best way.

69. NZ had a 58% casualty rate in World War I. This is one of the New Zealand facts.

70. New Zealand is among the world’s least populated nations with solely 4.4 million residents.

We hope you have enjoyed these 70 facts about New Zealand.

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