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facts about new zealand

30 Cool Fun Interesting Amazing Facts about New Zealand

(Last Updated On: October 10, 2021)

Fun facts about New Zealand are really crazy that you must love. New Zealand has a very diverse spectrum of flora and animals. The native animal, bird, and plant species are among the world’s most beautiful.

National parks, natural forests, walking trails, and coastal reserves are all available to visit. Aside from these, there are a lot of glaciers, lakes, mountains, beaches, and thermal reserves that visitors and travelers may enjoy, cool facts about New Zealand.

New Zealand has dominated the playing field in many areas for such a tiny country. Rugby Union is the most popular sport (more commonly known as Rugby). Netball, cricket, soccer, and rugby league are some of the other sports, fun facts about New Zealand.

In track and field, rowing, sailing, and cycling, New Zealand has also excelled. Sir Edmund Hillary, who conquered Mt Everest in 1953, is also mentioned.

Not only is New Zealand famed for its sports prowess, but it is also home to some of the world’s most famous innovations. In 1986, adventure sports pioneer AJ Hackett gave the world to the Bungy Jump, and in 1954, Sir William Hamilton invented the Hamilton jet, fun cool interesting facts about New Zealand. The waterjet is the most sophisticated and cutting-edge maritime propulsion technology currently in use. The referee’s whistle, the eggbeater, the electric fence, the disposable syringe, and the Pavlova, a fluffy meringue of bliss, are among the other inventions.

Lord Rutherford, who split the atom, is another well-known New Zealander. Sir Peter Jackson is a New Zealander who is best known for directing the Lord of the Rings films. In the 1960s, Burt Munro set numerous global land speed records, one of which still holds today interesting facts about New Zealand. These well-known New Zealanders are just a few of the many that help to put this lovely country on the map on a daily basis, New Zealand interesting fun cool facts.

facts about new zealand

Facts about New Zealand

1. Milford Sound in New Zealand was awarded the world’s top vacation destination by TripAdvisor in 2008, while Wanderlust Magazine ranked New Zealand the greatest country in 2007 and 2008.

2. Sir Edmund Hillary, a New Zealander, was the first person to climb Mount Everest.

3. Surprisingly, New Zealand has more penguin species than any other country.

4. Pākehā is the New Zealand Māori phrase for “foreigner” and is very used to check with somebody of European descent. It could also be derived from the phrase pakepakeha which suggests “pale-skinned fairies,” or it may also imply “white pig.” This is one of the New Zealand facts.

5. In 1996, a person broke right into a radio station in Wanganui and took the supervisor hostage, demanding that they play the Muppet tune “Rainbow Connection”. This is one of the fun facts about New Zealand.

6. Three-quarters of New Zealanders residing abroad are in Australia, which is one of the interesting facts about New Zealand.

7. There are not any snakes in New Zealand, native or launched. This is one of the New Zealand facts for kids.

8. The islands of New Zealand have been the final liveable landmass to be populated. This is one of the New Zealand trivia facts.

9. New Zealand’s bird kea is thought for consuming strips of rubber from home windows and pulling windscreen wipers off automobiles.

10. The nation’s authorities created a Minister for Lord of the Rings at one level to make sure the advantage of “The Lord of the Rings” movies for the native financial system.

11. There are more Scottish pipe bands per capita in New Zealand than anyplace else on the planet. This is one of the important facts about New Zealand.

12. “Star Trek: First Contact” has a scene of Earth from the house the place Australia and Papua New Guinea are clearly seen however New Zealand is nowhere to be discovered.

13. New Zealand’s nationwide sport is rugby union.

facts about new zealand

14. Out of all of the inhabitants of New Zealand, solely 5% are people. The relaxation 95% of inhabitants are animals.

15. New Zealand has developed distinctive plant and animal life on account of its isolation from different land lots.

16. If you want to use primary Māori phrases, the most well-liked are Kia ora (Hello), Tēnā koa (Please), Kia ora (with rising intonation) (Thank You) and Hei Kona rā (Goodbye). This is one of the 3 facts about New Zealand

17. The hottest meals from New Zealand embrace kiwi fruit, Hokey Pokey ice cream, and lamb chop.

18. New Zealand has more than 50 volcanoes, and plenty of them are nonetheless energetic. This is one of the interesting facts about New Zealand for kids.

19. Half of New Zealand’s animals turned extinct within the final 1000 years.

20. In Auckland, one in three households personal a ship. This is one of New Zealand facts English.

21. The mud from the volcanic eruption within Lake Taupo could possibly be seen in modern-day China. This is one of the trivia about New Zealand

22. All beer drunk on digital camera in “The Lord of the Rings” movies was a New Zealand brew referred to as “Sobering Thought”. This is one of the random facts about New Zealand.

23. Wanderlust journal voted New Zealand because of the world’s finest nation twice: in 2007 and 2008, which is one of the interesting facts about New Zealand.

24. New Zealand is among the two nations on the planet the place drug corporations are allowed to promote to the general public. The different one is the USA.

25. New Zealand’s rugby participant Wayne Shelford as soon as had his scrotum ripped open mid-game. He obtained stitched up on the bench and continued with the sport. This is one of the fun facts about New Zealand for kids.

26. New Zealand’s eels dwell to 80 years old and breed solely as soon as, on the finish of their life—and so they swim all the best way to Tonga to do it.

27. New Zealand is among the most liberal nations on the planet with same-sex marriage and prostitution (soliciting and brothel conserving) being authorized. The driving age is 15, the consensual age for intercourse is 16, and the consuming age is 18.

28. No place in New Zealand is more than 87 miles (140 km) from the ocean.

29. New Zealanders have invented the disposable syringe, the non-shortable electrical fence, the Navman GPS, and the child-proof prime for capsule bottles.

30. There are more species of penguins native to New Zealand than to every other nation, which is one of the interesting facts about New Zealand.

We hope you have enjoyed these facts about New Zealand!

facts about new zealand

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