October 4, 2023
soviet union facts

30 Unbelieve Soviet Union USSR Interesting Fun Cool Facts

(Last Updated On: October 10, 2021)

Soviet Union facts are really historic. In the early 1920s, Novosibirsk was divided into two halves by the Ob River, with no road bridge connecting them. The city has two time zones since Meridian hour was held directly on the river. The time difference with Moscow was 3 hours on the left bank and 4 hours on the right. Although this arrangement did not create much trouble for Novosibirsk inhabitants, because each half of the city lived independently, and even marriages between residents of opposite beaches of the city were uncommon, it did give some inconvenience to the city’s people.

In the Chinese region of Xinjiang, the Turkic-Muslim people rose up in revolt in 1931. Both white guardsmen who had lived in Xinjiang since the Russian Civil War and those fleeing famine and collectivization in the USSR were enlisted to join the government soldiers. After two years, the Governor-General of Shen Province was able to negotiate with the Soviet Union for assistance in putting down the insurrection, Soviet Union cool, interesting, fun facts. The OGPU’s 13th Alma-ATA regiment, which was outfitted in white guard uniform, was transported to China. Furthermore, the USSR actively sponsored military groups made out of Russian immigrants. On one hand, ” red ” and ” white ” took part in the war.

The lyric “spinning, Spinning blue ball, spinning, spinning over my head” is in the classic song featured in the 1934 film “Youth of Maxim.” The explanation is easy, despite the text’s evident illogic (what type of ball can spin above your head?),Soviet Union facts. The words “ball” and “scarf” were not sung in the original version of this hymn, which was written in the middle of the nineteenth century. However, because singing the letter ” f ” at the intersection of words at a fast tempo proved problematic, it was later decreased.

The labor army was established in the early Soviet state. The military who committed crimes were referred to as the “prisoners red army,” and this term was abbreviated as “z / K” in papers, Soviet Union facts. This decrease was later translated as “prisoner kanaloarmeets” during the building of the White Sea Canal. From the words “s/to” and “Zek.”

In the Soviet Union, all males were required to serve in the army, unless they were handicapped. If the army and air force are both two years old, the military navy is three years old. The length of service in the army was counted as labor time and was added to the general pension term, Soviet Union facts.

Soviet Union Interesting facts

1. In the Soviet Union, free travel journeys were permitted.

2. It was in operation for 69 years, from 1922 until 1991. It was the first country to proclaim itself socialist and work toward achieving communism.

3. It was a federation of 14 Soviet socialist republics and one Soviet federative socialist republic that formed the Soviet Union (Russia).

4. After the Russian Revolution, the Soviet Union was formed roughly five years later.

5. Free housing for all who needed and wanted to have an apartment or house.

6. Every business, organization, or school had its own eating area or restaurant. That is, all employees and students have always had access to fresh, nutritious meals cooked by trained chefs.

7. Anyone might rise to the position of leader. (Being a member of the CPSU was not required.) It was nice to have, but it wasn’t required.

8. Wages earned as a result of contributing to the common good. A laborer, for example, may earn more than a director.

9. Its people were subjected to minimize taxes.

10. Great achievements of the Soviet Union in science and space.

11. The USSR was self-sufficient and produced all required products. It was really dependable.

12. If you need money, you may deposit it in a bank for 20 years and the bank will not charge you interest. You just return the money you were given.

13. Lottery run by the state. When you buy a government bond, it acts as a lottery ticket. So you’ve won the prize. You might sell these bonds at any time by going to the bank.

14. Any sort of deception is prohibited. You could file a police report.

15. There is no corruption. Because the youngsters were raised to appreciate and follow the rules of their nation, they did so.

16. There are no charges for child care. That is, you may leave your child unattended under the supervision of a qualified and unpaid babysitter.

17. You have the option of voting or not voting. The people’s councils and their deputies were in charge of everything. All were democratically elected. Not necessarily a member of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. People may, for example, pick a trustworthy local worker rather than the CPSU.

18. There was no charge for water or gas. That example, you may constantly switch on the water or gas at home.

soviet union facts

19. The electricity bill was not excessive. All housing and utilities, as well as electricity, cost around a dollar.

20. If there was just one parent in the family – an incomplete family with children – they were assisted and social programs and subsidies were available. If the youngster attended school, he was provided with a free school uniform as well as free meals.

21. A fantastic trade union committee. In the Soviet Union, trade unions aided and resolved family issues.

22. Nutritional security was guaranteed. All of the boxes have been checked.

23. Free property on which to build a country home. When contacting – Offer a piece of land for free. You may construct a house, as well as a garden and a farm.

24. Until 1922, a number of sovereign republics were physically linked but ruled independently. The region was referred to as ‘Eurasia’ as a whole.

25. When the USSR was formed in 1922, however, everything changed.

26. The USSR is known for being the world’s first country to be administered and based totally on Marxist Socialism.

27. If you had a problem in the house, you might get electrical, plumbing, or locksmith services for free.

28. A free emergency first aid station was available (neotlozhka). That is, if you are unwell, all you have to do is a phone and a team of physicians will come to your aid. They take your blood pressure and temperature, check you for illness symptoms, and, if required, prescribe medication.

29. Children were given free access to specific sports and interest organizations. Philately, numismatics, badge collecting, reading, archeology, and history were among the hobbies.

30. The first country to recognize the Chernobyl tragedy was Sweden, not the Soviet Union.

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